NEVS 9-3 electric car. First pictures before the premiere.

NEVS has already released first pictures of the NEVS 9-3X and the 9-3 electric car Premiere on a Chinese website. They show for the first time in detail the changes in the design, even if they are not high resolution.

Pictures before the premiere, 9-3 and 9-3 from NEVS. Picture: NEVS

Saab design language is updated. It can be seen at the rear of the 9-3X, which reinterprets the traditional theme of the rear fascia. Rear lights were on the Saab 900 and 9000 CC in accessories, the 9000 CS they were firmly on the design. The 9-5 NG resumed the feature, the NEVS 9-3X continues it.

The tailgate of the 9-3X quotes Saab Design

However, in the rear panel no continuous LED light strip as the 9-5 NG integrated. Now visible in detail are the cameras, which provide instead of conventional mirrors for the view to the rear. They are complemented by LED turn signals. In the current trend is the grill, which is very dominant. The LED headlamps are narrow and also correspond to the current design language.

Pictures of the interior have not yet been published. They are unlikely to cause any big surprises, as the dashboards are still made in Tidaholm. The creative freedom of the designers is limited by this.

First picture of the interior. Source: Video NEVS

High resolution press pictures will follow in the coming days. The vehicles shown are concept cars. Not all details will be found later in the series.

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  • NEVS took over the former supplier. Please refer Article on the blog. Please also do not compare the study with what could come in series. That could look a bit more modest.

  • I also think the design is quite successful. Although I currently like the sedan better than this jacked up station wagon. But what is a little unclear to me - do the cars really come >>> exactly << >> structurally the same <<< dashboards as the 9-3 are made from in Tidaholm? Because just because it is the same supplier as before, the new and old interior does not have to be nearly identical. The supplier can - despite production in Tidaholm - put in completely new tools.

    Best regards,

  • It's kind of bleak. You are absolutely right with the roof. But I can continue this at will, in my eyes. Whenever I omit something that I do not like, I can get closer to the previous 9-3. Cf. also outside mirrors eg. All changes have worsened the design, with the possible exception of the front headlights.

    who is responsible for the design?

  • Notice the screens above the vents, side mirrors?

  • Beautiful exterior mirrors would fit in more homogeneously - that would also be my wish for series production. I would also like to have the seat surfaces of the front seats in a conventional version - multicolored is not for everyone.

  • The real photos look better than the computer images. The dominant fad what the 9-3X had there on the roof, it has apparently not made the premiere of coke cars. OK then! That actually makes curious and also a little courage.

    Let's see what else changes about the series. Conventional exterior mirrors are on my wish list and that is not unlikely ...

  • YES, you can see that the vehicles have certain Saab genes. What SAAB actually made was the individual, the unique and that is clearly missing here. The whole Schnick-Schnack, the taillights, the front, the Camera etc, that's what today's vehicles have. Take, for example, the Tesla S, which is so unique that DB, BMW and Audi got the big flutter. You will see how the vehicles will compete in the market.

  • Now the SAAB emblem on it and everything perfect. Yes, and please also offer in Germany love NEVS people. Thank you!

  • No matter how others think about it, I find the vehicles and the design quite successful. Everything that is currently up to date can be found again and that saabgene are available is a nice sign, even for the next generation, which will certainly be available for the European market. Interesting information, thank you.

  • Too bad that would become a great Saab

  • the 9-3 looks ok
    but I don't like front off the 9-3x, it looks like a cut with LED lights inside, hope they will change that to old Saab design

  • This is interesting news because it concerns the future; in any case more interesting than memorable reports about experiences with Saab cars years ago.

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