Better late than never! - A Saab round table in the Markgräflerland

Better late than never - this applies to my wish to set up a Saab get-together for the regions of Freiburg - Markgräflerland - Southern Black Forest - Lörrach / Basel, as well as to myself, because I came across the Saab fan base relatively late.

Saab Stammtisch! Fans wanted!

From my first experience as a passenger in the Saab 9000 of a friend, on tours across Europe, the rental of a Saab 9-3 convertible in the middle of the northern German rainy summer, to my first own Saab, it took almost two decades. The sympathy for the Saab brand was always there, yet it needed the reports on the imminent demise of the brand in 2009, that I seriously for the first time engaged in the purchase of a Saabs. Company cars predominantly German makes had previously successfully prevented this.

The first Saab polarized right away. It was a 9-5 3.0 TiD! - No, I had no problems with the bushings, but felt with pretty much everything else. Reliability was a big issue. On the other hand, the 9-5 was our Lapland car and the regular trips on and off road in the far north were pure pleasure. Something I miss a lot today. Another new company car and a defective gearbox suddenly ended chapter 9-5. It was ok for the moment, but something was missing in the long term.

The step into self-employment then enabled me to choose my car brand from now on. The result was an 9-3 Griffin Aero twin-turbo, which I enjoy incredibly, even if it eats too many miles. We are currently approaching the 300.000km. So that it does not get too much, since last summer has been supporting an 9-3X with the same engine. However, with Hirsch upgrade, which is not to be despised on tours through the Black Forest.

When I came to the brand Saab late, the same applies to this region. Again, as a native of Bremen, I'm still new. What I miss about Saab are like-minded people, who hopefully will be there, because here in the area the Saab share is still relatively high, at least on the roads.
When reading the monthly events on the Saabblog, I eventually came up with the idea of ​​starting something on my own. The extreme southwest is currently clearly underrepresented.

A monthly Stammtisch would be nice, occasional shared exits as well. Are there enough Saab enthusiasts for this?

As a first suggestion for the location of the Stammtisch I would see a restaurant in Müllheim. Müllheim is located in the middle of the catchment area and is easily accessible from the north from Freiburg as well as from the south from Lörrach or Weil am Rhein. The same applies to the journey from the Black Forest. Since we are here in the border triangle, the location Müllheim is also for interested parties from the northwest of Switzerland or Alsace accordingly easy to reach. It could become such an international regulars' table, which would certainly have its charm. As a first appointment I imagine the 23.06. in front of 19.30 clock.

All these are just suggestions. If anyone has any ideas, they are welcome. Currently, I can only talk about Saab with my little daughter, who I've infected with the soft spot for these cars. I'm looking forward to meeting other Saab enthusiasts.

Marco Friedrich

3 thoughts on "Better late than never! - A Saab round table in the Markgräflerland"

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    Hello Marco Friedrich,

    finally something from the southwest.
    I've lived here for about 3 years and once had a sticker from “SAAB-Freunde Südbaden” on my car in Müllheim
    but otherwise you hardly see Saab vehicles here.
    I am happy and participate with my 4. SAAB I've just wheel-arched (rear).

    Greetings Klaus

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      Hello Klaus,

      Thank you for taking part!
      My suggestion for the restaurant is the Bombastic in the Eisenbahnstr. 3 in Müllheim.
      I'm looking forward to the meeting (23.06 at 19.30 o'clock) and hope we get some people together.


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        Hello Marco,

        I am happy and will be there.
        See you.


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