NEVS Concepte at CES Asia 2017

It is the first big appearance of NEVS. Today, CES Asia opened its doors in Shanghai. NEVS shows 3 Concepte for the future of mobility. Two of them could go into production next year.

NEVS 9-3X CES Asia. Picture: NEVS

NEVS 9-3 and 9-3X from 2018 in series

The NEVS 9-3 electric car sedan and the 9-3X SUV are already known from previously published pictures. What is new for us is the view of the interior. A first impression: the dashboard will continue to be produced in its basic form in Tidaholm; the ability to create something completely new was limited for the designers.

In contrast to Saab times, the concept cars now have a fully digital cockpit. Judging by the first pictures, it remains in the traditional division with two round instruments and a navigation or multifunction part in the middle. Whether it is a high-resolution, virtual cockpit, as at Audi, for example, is unknown.

In the center console, the screen is larger than what you know from Saab times. The display now uses the maximum possible space, which is indispensable for acceptance in China. Underneath are the controls for the air conditioning and the start button. It remains, and that's a surprise, with a conventional handbrake. At least in the study is the familiar handle. And that's a real surprise with an electric car.

The steering wheel, with multi-function buttons, is a common, fashionable design. A manual intervention in the gear selection (?) Seems possible via the steering wheel. That would not be the norm for an electric car if it went into mass production. The seats could pass through some elements as Saab design, the cladding of the doors is no surprise.

Unfortunately, they have abandoned the legendary Saab air vents in the interior. They have been with us since the days of a Saab 900, and have been developed over and over again. Most recently, we saw them in the Saab 9-5 NG, and they were a sign of continuity there. Whether one discovers elements in the interior of Saab, feels addressed, every viewer has to decide for himself.

NEVS InMotion Concept at CES Asia 2017

While the NEVS 9-3 electric cars are to be produced starting with 2018, the InMotion Concept will probably remain a futuristic study. It's more like a self-driving lounge than a car. A mobility concept for the not so distant future, for the big cities of the world. Autonomous transportation, like NEVS with the InMotion Concept to realize, will take place. Probably faster than we think. In Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing. But not in Tidaholm.

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  • The longer I look at the 9-3X the better I like it. I'm not really on pimped station wagon come along in the SUV look. But side and rear are well done with the 9-3X. Funny, I still find the front. It works arbitrarily, has too much LED on it and the nose is too high.

  • Electric vehicle is apparently the solution, but how the things behave in trailer or Caravanbetreib has not yet said.

    • Since you can still cram the whole caravan with batteries. That can not be the future.

  • blank


  • blank

    I find it interesting how you can not overlook a design element with a design element in the "new" front 9-3, but really try to solve everything in the "in motion concept". Be it in the back, in the front ... at the top of the sides, anywhere.
    In principle, this “guidance” of the curve allows it, it doesn't look bad either, it is the curve that everyone knows from the Griffin Edition Saab 9-3.

    Is it too banal? Or very clever ... we will find out “soon”.

    • blank

      I meant this "curve" we know from the Saab logo in the grille of the Griffin Edition.

  • blank

    Both the 9-3 and the 9-3 X do very well at the trade fair - keep it up!

  • blank

    Swedish designers should talk about the “grille” again before the 9-3 (hopefully) comes to Europe, otherwise it would be interesting to find out where the start button is.

    • In front of the gear shift lever ...

  • "... Air vents ... We last saw them in the Saab 9-5 NG ..."

    Nanana ... 😉 😉
    In the “Swedish Mexican” afterwards they were still there!

    The seats, side panels and the “selector lever” of the new 9-3 are not necessarily that bad. Not necessarily the rest of the inside pictures.
    (What I, however, never really understand - also with the aforementioned “Mexikaner” and other cars - is why people like to make two-tone seats with stripes !?)

    With the “InMotion Concept” I can't really warm up at the moment.
    (And will something like this really be used as a “conference room” in the future ??? I can still imagine it as a taxi, family or holiday coach.)

    • Yes of course. The 9-4x had them as well. Excuse me

      • Well… .. “accepted”. 😉 😉 😉

        These nozzles are - at least for me - just part of a Saab (just like the turbo) !!!
        Of these were also always div. Fellow travelers excited!

        And this was best implemented to my liking with the 9-5 NG, where the grille in the dashboard trim was optically continued - simply beautiful!

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