Saab 9-3 Turbo Edition concept from NEVS

For visitors to the festival in Trollhättan, there was a surprise to discover at the Saab Museum. A Saab, previously known only to a few initiates, was unveiled on Friday. He's a gift from NEVS, and he's a piece of Saab history.

Presentation at the Saab Museum. Saab 9-3 Turbo Edition.

To reduce it only to the status of a study would probably not be enough. The Saab 9-3 Turbo Edition also carries the genes from the 2015 model year and shows how Saab Design would have evolved and has continued to develop at NEVS.

Saab 9-3 model year 2015

In the first few months of 2015, we heard rumors from some German Saab suppliers that NEVS would restart production of the Saab 9-3 after the summer break. Whether it was more than just inquiries about the availability of the parts, is today no longer understandable. At the time, it was also clear that the 2014er Aero models would not have allowed a major-style reboot. NEVS, as a new manufacturer, would have had to bring both the 9-3 sedan and the station wagon through the homologation again, which would have required changes to the body design.

The modified, higher bonnet, it serves the pedestrian protection, is an indication of the series plans. Although it destroys the perfect, elegant momentum, with all 9-3 generations, the hood went into the A-pillar. It lies like a kind of foreign body on the body, but would have made the NEVS Saab 9-3 admissible.

At the front of the Saab 9-3 Turbo Edition, we can see what model year 2015 could have looked like. The Saab logo, embedded in the wing design, from the 2002er 9-3 to the 9-3 Griffin constantly evolving, would have come in a whole new way. A pinch of 9-5 NG, a bit of Castriota design. The 9-3 would have been immediately recognizable as Saab. Not quite as stylish are other elements. The silver bar at the rear is too thick, and the generously distributed color accents in the interior are one serving too much. The design of the seats is not measurable by old Saab qualities.

Saab 9-3 Turbo Edition. Shrill and loud.

The Turbo Edition is always a bit too shrill and a little too loud, but with which it would have been right. Because the Saab 99 Turbo before 40 years was the same. Too much make-up, too much spoiler, demanding too much attention for something. And since exactly that was wanted, then and now, the concept is in order. Because even the centrally located boost pressure gauge has a cult character, and we would have loved it.

The performance would have been adequate. The well-known 2.0 liter turbocharged direct injection engine, which was already used in the 9-5 NG and 9-3 Griffin, would have fueled the Saab with 260 PS. The sound of the turbo, of which the visitors were able to convince last Friday, would also have fit.

1.000 piece of the Saab 9-3 Turbo Edition would have wanted to build NEVS, at a symbolic price of 407.000 Sweden crowns. Where the 40 after current interpretation for 40 years turbo, the 70 would have stood for the now celebrated birthday of Saab.

NEVS would have been well on its way. Limited editions playing with emotions and the big turbo heritage would have delighted the dying kind of people for whom a car is also emotion. Porsche shows how it works. In Trollhättan they could have copied it. Some would have plundered his account or dissolved his share deposit. Whether NEVS electric cars will trigger an excess of emotions in the future?

It's over, and it's a shame that the big Saab brand is gone. What the future will bring, we were able to CES Asia see. And also how the products from Trollhättan have developed. Unfortunately, NEVS design is not of one piece. The high standards that once made Saab, apparently no longer apply.

The Turbo Edition was an intermediate step, and you do not even have to look very closely to recognize elements of the concept from the spring 2014 in the 2017er studies. How many times since then the design has been watered down, presumably by different parties, is hard to pin down. It was not an advantage, anyway.

Even so, maybe just for that reason, it's a great move that NEVS has handed over the Saab 9-3 Turbo Edition to the museum. He may be the last sign of life of the brand, the attempt to come back with a new model year on the market.

But maybe it's also that Saab will never resign. The Trollhättan estimates speak from 15.000 to 20.000 visitors during the festival last weekend. That would be a new record. And an enormously strong sign of life.

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  • That would have been awesome if they had built that. Even as NEVS 9-3 Turbo would have arrived safely.

  • Dear Tom, I have been waiting for your report on the presentation of the Saab 9-3 Turbo Edition at the festival in Trollhättan. Thanks for that and also for your detailed explanations. Personally, I find the Turbo Edition regardless of a quality rating, especially the Saab wing design quite well and after the first consideration immediately had the desire to immediately enter, test and probably order. The boost pressure indicator would have pleased me, the spoiler would be no problem for me. In summary: For me, the report triggered violent desires and at the same time disappointment. Pity!!!!!

    • Apart from the weaknesses in the design, it is the drive that counts. The 2 liter turbo is already good in the 9-5, in the lighter 9-3 it would have been great fun. I would probably have become weak, too

      • Hmm - so I'm pretty sure that these "weaknesses" in the design make this Saab interesting and desirable in the long run. Just this slightly fitted hood and the slightly too much chrome would always have the question of the fit? thrown up - and always kept fresh. The last 9-3 is in my opinion a bit too complacent but will be boring in the long term. Especially because in the long term at Saab owners just always referred to an unusually long for car buyers period of life.
        Awesome would be an upgrade kit from NEVS or Orio or the Saab Museum? Maybe at least an analog clock in turbo design? Why does the bicycle chain come to mind again and again ...
        No matter: very brave from NEVS something like that - at least for your own business model - certainly business-damaging to the public. GM would certainly have shredded it and granted all witnesses life-long speech and writing prohibition.

  • The things NEVS did not do are more exciting than the things the NEVS does. You can build self-propelled huts, that's okay. If it has to be. Whether you will succeed with it is unclear.
    Obvious would be the Turbo Edition, because that would have been really for sale. But the reality does not interest.

  • Actually, I only see the Xte-facelift of a 14 year old car in which a compulsive attempt was made to make a mark on the brand's history. It just affects me. Good, that's all over now.

  • So I have to say the turbo edition does not look so bad.

    And finally, I know what happened with the dashboard cover and the leather handles we delivered to Nevs.

    Best regards

  • Wow! What a car! …wants…!!!

  • Thank you for this report. One thing I became aware of at the festival. New cars with Saab Spirit will never happen again. At least not for the normal mortals, because there were rumors that Saab wants to build a military vehicle. And what Nevs would like to produce is not for sale. It's not surprising that NEVS does not aim at that, they would fail just like Qoros. The Chinese want to drive a European premium brand. Therefore, it is understandable that Nevs addresses companies and not the private user. And if you want to please a broad audience as a car sharing company, that certainly does not benefit your own design.

    One of the highlights of this year's festival was Peter Backstrom's talk about where Trollhättan currently stands and which models Saab Technik has in the world. The most disappointing was the NEVS lecture. Actually only an autonomous car sharing Blabla and that in a country like Sweden. A car driving relaxed country where due to the distances car sharing is unthinkable. I was surprised that the Swedes stayed so calm. No questions were asked, if I remember correctly there was no applause, rightly so. Time will tell if a company today can afford not to sell to private individuals.

    On the way back I stopped at the Volvo Museum. I tried, but a spark did not jump over.

    At the end, it remains clear to say Tom "Saab is what is in our garages".

  • Thank you for this report from the former heart of SAAB.
    From the front, the elegance of the 9-3-he has fallen by the wayside ..., too bad. The stern pleases. The play of colors in the interior is provocative, a red SAAB would never have become (!). But other colors would have been an option. The motorization seems to me timely even in the present time, if the consumption would be on average at 5 Ltr. / 100 Km. (My 9-3 Ex-Aero Bj. 2000 was at 8 Ltr. on average !!!
    Great that so many SAABians were there! This shows a keen interest in the brand with heart and soul!
    Without a blog no information from Trollcity!
    So: SAAB is interested in further!

  • The rims are pretty, ORIO take over !?
    The rest is, sorry, nothing but "hardware store tuning".

  • Those who have experienced this presentation in the museum have certainly been astonished again because this vehicle would be built without a budget and in a very short time.
    This has again shown what motivation, creativity and pure Enthousiasmen there are at this former Saab employees. And a very great gift which not only Peter can be very happy with. Everyone has to go and discover this Saab 9-3 Turbo. Only then can one formulate one's own thoughts.

    • That's exactly how it is: you have to have seen it yourself.
      I found it a pretty nice idea for this date of the 99 and its colors.

      I can not use a limousine, but as a sports bike he would have been nice

  • Totally stupid that no investor wants to revive SAAB ...

  • INCREDIBLE, there is still something to discover posthumously ...

    And of all NEVS that you (I) do not quite understand as part of the SAAB story or even-present, add something to the SAAB story. Maybe you (have I) underestimated the NEVS awareness for SAAB?

    Maybe not? Shit, the retro-lettering and the impossible color are evidence of a certain historical awareness and the box is so impossible that it is cool again. And hey, it would not have been the first latently cranky SAAB, right?

    The rims? Well, you can change!

    As a limousine? Kombi I would find practical and beautiful, but the top presenter would have been to present the SAAB Fastback for the anniversary in a new form. Trollhätte, would have had bicycle chain. Anyway, what you see in the photos is x times cooler than nothing!

    This is also a great gift and a worthy exhibit in the SAAB Museum, you have to leave NEVS.

    • And exactly with this enthusiasm should it go on in Trollhättan - then it may still be something with new vehicles for former SAAB enthusiasts. At least cool bodies (with the hatchback if possible) and the continuation of a successful Scandinavian design are part of it - then it also works with the worldwide clientele, who attaches great importance to such things and hates any uniformity.

      I believe that NEVS is well against all fears and am looking forward to future developments. But please do not just offer vehicles as part of so-called mobility solutions - such a one-lane development would then not be in the interests of a large part of the clientele and thus a serious restriction of the possibilities actually available.

  • Fine train from NEVS! Really a cool car. I would like to have seen that on the streets. Yes-he wears a lot on. But that does not make M models, S-Line and AMG otherwise in this league.

    • Only this car does not play in a league with AMG or M models. He lacks 150-200PS. But the 260PS should also be enough.

      • With identical motorization, an 9-5 NG 265 machine is running. The lighter and more compact 9-3 should be similar on the way. That's really enough.

      • Yes, different league. Probably also with or without deer ...

        But they already have 2014 PS (instead of 275) and 220 Nm (instead of 420) for MY350 and promise 5,9 from zero to 100. Could be enough!

        And since the big headline to SAAB would have been, HATTY, BICYCLE CHAIN ​​would be: Who knows what Hirsch would have made of this SAAB that already comes with 260 PS?

        315 PS and 450 Nm? In 5,0 on 100? Had, could have been enough ...

  • NEVS is a completely crazy shop. There they have something that awakens desires. And then they drive the thing directly into the museum. Can you understand that?

    • With the future model it was made clear:
      NEVS wants to offer mobility solutions without ownership. This is, I think, the big sticking point.
      There is no room for individual models with "nice" motorization.
      It's a tough cut (for "old" owners).
      The future will tell if NEVS can make money with its model.
      You can be curious / stay.

  • Include me, a bit of make-up and folklore, but that would still be better than what we currently have - nothing.

  • Cool part, I would have taken. Price fit, still deer, finished.
    If you look back at the pictures and see how much was going on at the party, I wonder why none of the manufacturers took in Saab. Potential underestimated or insufficient?

  • Hi Tom,

    are there any more photos of the 99?

    I find it amazing how the uniform color of the two underlines the relationship.
    For example, the headlight frame of the 99 is similar to the headlight of the 9-3.

    Intention? A quote? Suddenly such similarities catch the eye.

    Could be exciting to subject the two to a closer comparison / contrast pictures ...

    Maybe it's too saabisch-nerdig?

  • However, color is equal to 100% because you still have something left over from that time. With great concern, Man has used these last drops of paint to paint the hood. So that was prezentiert when passing to the museum.

  • The thing with the pedestrian protection is already so outrageous, that it can easily keep up with the "cucumber curvature" or the banana size ... Then the unfortunate pedestrian must still be lucky and with the right height (aAttention: women and children are disadvantaged) at the right angle to land on the right car and not to run in front of a truck. For a non-measurable effect aerodynamics and fuel consumption is deteriorated - probably a madhouse there in Brussels ... Nevertheless, the nose of the SAAB I think is good - I would probably have bought the station wagon. Had, bike chain would have ...

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