Spring departure of the Saab-friends-Saxons

Was it a spring trip or a Pentecost meeting? Ok, it was late spring, and it was at Pentecost, so we call it Pentecost. What we should remember for the end of this report.
Exit the Saab friends Saxony. Paul was there. Picture: SFS

The planning…
It was time to plan the spring trip 2017 but alone? No, that alone is no fun. So call Tobias, he has already done that, and asked if he would like to have time. Quickly an appointment was found and we met in the winter in Radeburg.
Radeburg should also be our starting point of the tour, as it is easy to reach with its motorway connection for the Saab friends with a further journey and not too far away from our stop in Coswig.

Tobias had probably already a distance in mind and and so we drove off his track and I wrote along diligently to be able to create the track later in the calculator.
Saab 96 V4. Picture: SFS
At the end the records looked like this ...

"Radeburg Lidl-to market right-Krebsmühle-left Dobra-sharp left-then right through the ponds Lang-Lötzschen direction Theindorf-left highway against A13-over bridge-Feitelsdorf-Ebersbach-Reinersdorf-straight direction Göhra-Nauleis-Hohndorf-Basslitz -links Grossdobritz-Buschhaus-Laubenhöhe-Coswig Spitzgrund- "

So we drove to Coswig and then on to Wilsdruff.

In Wilsdruff, it was already quite dark and we found the old station as an ideal destination for our exit, he offered in comparison to the market just enough space for the Saabs.

We then drove from Wilsdruff back to Radeburg where I had left my 9-5, I enjoyed the ride in Tobi's 99, just great.

In Radeburg we went to eat something, when a trucker came in, gave his order, and he somehow came to talk about the Saab 99, which stood in front of the door. And then there was a topic with a stranger trucker and it turned out that his parents drove Saab and he always loved the cars.

The tour is fixed: Radeburg-Coswig-Wilsdruff.

But why Coswig, what does Coswig have to eat there at noon and stick with 30 + Saabs?

Well, in Coswig there was a hard-working engineer Emil-Hermann-Nacke, who was the first car manufacturer in Saxony and unfortunately now more and more forgotten. It was therefore advisable to establish a link between the automobiles from Sweden and those from Coswig (SA).

It was a Pentecost meeting ....

On the 05.06. 2017, Whitsun ab 10: 15 was a meeting place in Radeburg on the Lidl car park. When I arrived there with my family and our 9-5 SC against 10: 00, almost 10 Saabs were already at the meeting point, we were really surprised to see so many Saabs so early.

Muffins by Mark and Karina. But who actually bakes them? Picture: SFS
Slowly the parking lot filled up and already the first conversations started, one knows each other meanwhile. 😉 Also some new Saab friends were with me, that makes the whole thing always so interesting. Karina and Mark had their muffins, which had become almost a tradition by now. Who of the two actually bakes? 😉

Against 11: 00 it was over 30 Saabs and we started our tour.
The weather was perfect, the column stretched like a string of pearls through the landscape around Radeburg in the direction of Coswig.
Without losses and breaks in the column we reached Coswig. It was a tour without stress and we could watch as a "broom wagon" beautifully the snake, which moved through the country.

At the city hall in Coswig we all had enough space to park our Saabs and we went to the culinary part of the exit.

And now back to Emil-Hermann-Nacke.

After the meal we had the opportunity that Mrs. Hamann (one of the authors of the book about Emil-H-Nacke) could tell us something in a presentation about the life and work of Mr. Nacke. I think that only a few knew Mr. Nacke and his cars until then. I found it a successful show, not too technical and yet very interesting.

Nack truck around 1925. Picture archive Claus Weidmüller
I would also like to thank Mrs Hamann again, for taking the time for us at Whitsun and for starting on Monday and not Sunday. Sunday had rained like crazy. If you would like further information, you can do so at the following address: www.emil-hermann-nacke.de

Then the tour continued in the direction of Wilsdruff.

On the way there Mark and Heiko even had the chance to photograph their Saabs in front of the factory gate of Mr. Nacke. On the left is Paul to see if Heiko already has his name 9-5 NG, unfortunately I do not know. Heiko?

And while we're at Paul, it was my first contact with the blog car, I was clearly curious, logically I wanted to look at the and compare one or the other part of the car with our 9-5 from the year 2002. He is really great there Paul, not only because of the very nice rims, which I had never seen before. He also lacks the rust in the typical places where the 9-5 otherwise show a tendency to rust and so he is really a fine car. He liked me anyway.

Paul and the 9-5 V6 XWD from Heiko. Two 9-5 generations. Picture: SFS
Back to the tour ....

After intermittent losses we had then captured on the other Elbe side all Saabs again. And it went closed to Wilsdruff on.

And now comes the most beautiful moment of the tour for me. We had chosen the train station as our destination in winter, but we did not know what it would look like if we set up a train on 30 Saabs.

Commemorative photo at the end of the tour. Picture: SFS
As I said, I was with my family the broom wagon and we came in Wilsdruff last on the court. And there were almost all there, lined up like here in the picture.

The place, the ambience, the whole Saabs, it was just amazing and for me the most beautiful moment of the tour, just a great feeling.

Oh, we wanted to remember "Whitsun". I agree. It looks like most of the participants think that we are having a Whitsun gathering from the spring trip, it would have the advantage of being able to plan ahead in advance. I would look forward to meeting 2018 at Pentecost.

Until then, maintain the turbos and keep the Saabs on the road.

Until 2018 Pentecost then on Monday, 21. May!

Best regards Andreas

PS autumn exit of course not forget!

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  • Drive a nice Saab convertible. Where can one learn something about the planned autumn departure?

    • Eg. here on the blog or Facebook "Saabfreunde Sachsen"

  • It was really a very nice and successful day. Unfortunately, it's always way too fast. And no, the 9-5 Ng does not have a name yet. But I'm open to suggestions.

  • Fine event, look forward to next time. Thanks again to Andreas & Tobias and the Muffinbackenden.

  • nice photos, if it turns out and have time, maybe I should also drive up from Austria.

  • Regret that we could not attend, was definitely great.
    The video is a great idea, we should also take over for Thuringia.
    Suppose Mark did it.

  • A great trip in fantastic weather. Thanks to Andreas and Tobias for the planning. The pictures immediately make you want more ...... Thanks also to the consistency of the supply of muffins from Karina and the children ...

  • The flags in the muffins are class!
    Surely many are saved as souvenirs?

    And first the panorama. A truly saabige view.

  • ... a pity that we could not ssen was certainly a nice trip and thanks for the greetings that Mark has given me. Unfortunately had other things to do after the cold deformation of my 9-7x.

    • Pity about the 9-7x. But as you can see he did his job.

  • Since I can only connect, that was once again a very successful day with the SAAB friends Saxony. And we do not need to complain about SAAB driver offspring, as the toddler group has proven

    Sincere greetings to Andreas and Tobias, many thanks for the planning

  • Thank you all for your effort; it was a wonderful day!

    Best regards
    Mother of quay

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