Paul visits Orio Deutschland GmbH

His inaugural visit was completed by our blog Project Paul in Eschborn. Because Orio Germany is responsible for the spare parts supply of our vehicles, the road inevitably led us in the direction of Eschborn.

Jan Philipp Schumacher and Projektaab Paul in front of the Taunus Tower

The route could almost be called historical, because Saab Germany was at home in the Taunus at a time when Paul was still a new car. Who knows, maybe the path to search for clues will lead us in this direction again soon? The journey to Eschborn is relaxed. The Saab 9-5 is a pleasant long-distance glider, its comfort is high. The noise level on the motorway is pleasingly low. It is hard to believe that the Saab could have been a case for the recycler not too long ago.

I am warmly welcomed in Eschborn. A visit to Orio is always a journey of discovery. What is there to tell, what are the plans? The “Saab Original” booth had its premiere a few weeks ago at the inauguration of Ralf Muckelbauer's new car dealership in Bamberg, Then followed the company anniversary of Saab Service Frankfurt, now the Orio team showed the Saab flag at a meeting in Austria. The next date is the big, international Saab meeting in Dinslaken in August.

Orio revises the European workshop directory

Orio lives Saab. The commitment is not limited to spare parts supply, whose statistics show the highest availability rate in years. Apart from actions, the customer magazine, the sponsoring of events and the presence on site, you also take care of the little things of everyday life. Summer time is vacation time. Saab drivers are traveling in Europe, and if it comes to a breakdown, then you are looking for the nearest workshop, which should have Saab competence if possible. For this reason, the European workshop directory is currently under revision at Orio Germany.

The update is coming soon and will continue to be free Download to disposal. Expressed, the directory fits into any glove box and is a useful companion during the vacation trip.

What always interests me is the future. Orio is Saab, but the Saab market is limited. Consistently one expands further branches of business. Spare parts for vehicles of other brands are offered under the Orio logo with 3 years warranty. A unique selling point that pulls. The distribution of Saab Original and Orio products is strictly separated. Saab partners, of course, have full access to the full portfolio, but Orio Partners does not have Saab Genuine Parts. This protects the service network and keeps Saab attractive as a brand.

Of course there was still time for an entry in the logbook and a souvenir photo. Orio CEO Jan Philipp Schuhmacher, former Saab Germany boss, signed with a personal dedication. Our visit is thus documented for all time. The logbook will continue to fill, it goes with Paul 2018 to a new owner.

16 thoughts on "Paul visits Orio Deutschland GmbH"

  • But I think it's also important for us Saab drivers, ALWAYS to go to an Orio service partner, so we can get Saab parts in the future as well.

    • 100%! Only if we support the Saab / Orio partners will we be able to drive Saab for a long time!

  • It's really important that Orio is there. I am also looking forward to getting to know you in Dinslaken!

  • Orio is really doing a good job. When I see what goes on in the circle of colleagues in terms of spare parts in almost brand new cars, then we are good with SAAB.

  • Nice that there is Orio.

    I feel more connected to Orio than to NEVS. The Saab workshops certainly too.

    What would the current SAAB world look like without Orio?

    • Definitely! Orio is committed to Saab, NEVS has less and less to do with it.

  • Thankfully, our Saab specialist is only 15 minutes away from home. Top workshop, top expertise

    • So I have to schedule an hour if there is no tourist traffic.
      The workshop is great

      • Of course, that's not optimal, but at Saab it always pays to drive straight to the Saab specialist, as to a mechanic who just knows Saab by name, even if you have to drive there for an hour.

  • As long as one does not get ranked as an end customer at orio but only through a dealer (the next one is almost 100km away), this is only half-hearted because there are no more support points
    Even in Berlin Saab is except one small incidentally incidental to one exception.
    So, there are 2 opportunities for junkyard and slaughtering or auto parts supplies when it's urgent. Otherwise skandix and co.
    But that takes time too.

    • I think that in the selected circle of the remaining and still disappearing SAAB, it is difficult to take big steps - if at all still economically justifiable.
      Are not Weber and Bredlow both Orio addresses? As - at least the latter are also given as a service address, then you should be able to obtain parts from Orio.
      In my experience, if there is good contact with the retailer, shipping is also home, which saves time and resources. If necessary, get in touch with an Orio partner you trust and ask about alternatives to picking up on site - communication and mutual respect are the most important things.

      • Saab partners have the possibility to deliver directly to the end customer. Then the parts of Orio are there the next morning. Works very well, of course, is a decision of the Saab partner if he wants to offer the service.

        In Berlin Weber always comes up with very good feedback. It will do a good job there, if it were my first Saab address in the capital right now.

        • Was not offered to me unfortunately.

          So it's a bit further to Berlin and was just an example of the easing.
          Whom. I and the hamburg area it looks much easier and friendlier.
          The problem is currently that my saab 900ll does not drive.
          Of course, I know that a fachwerkstatt is better but certain things you can do yourself. Especially as a mechanic.
          There are also a few things that you just want to renew because of the optics.

  • Paul has such a great "ram" protection on the front of the car, it seems to me wider than the original. Does anyone know if you can do something like this on the newer model (mine is 2009)?

    • Is so series for the former SE level. I do not think it will be compatible for an 2009er.

  • I am also happy that my dealer in Belgium has now confirmed that he signed a contract with ORIO for L: suffrage of spare parts ..
    Thus, the successor of Beherman is also secured again.
    @ ORIO; now also advertise in Belgium !!

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