Saab COC certificate. Sources and prices.

Since more than a year ago we started the German Saab COC archive saved we are confronted with more and more inquiries. We can not always help with the search. Therefore, here are the facts, the specifics, and the contact persons in a short summary.

COC Saab Archive

Saab COC certificate from 1995

Saab Automobile issued COC certificates from 1995. The archive for all vehicles registered in the EU, including the UK market, is owned by Orio AB. An exception is the German archive from 1995 to 2004, which is under our administration. In principle, requests for availability are to be made via Saab Partner who have to confirm their presence in Sweden.

Costs: The price for a COC certificate is 154,70 €, the purchase is possible through the Saab partner.

German Saab COC Certificates 1995 to 2004

One exception is the German COC papers. The stock of Saab Germany GmbH was outsourced during the time in Rüsselsheim to Car Service Erkens as a service provider. The folders of the model year 2004 wear for this reason the Opel logo. Saab vehicles with German first registration are in our archive. The request can online The form should be filled in completely.

Costs: The price for a COC certificate is 119,00 €. The revenue supports the blog.

COC certificate for Saab 9-7x

The 9-7x is not listed in the official archives. The import was handled in Switzerland via Hirsch in St. Gallen. In Germany, Auto Haas in Augsburg and the Saab center Frankfurt took care of the vehicles. Datasheets and COC information should be obtained from these companies, as well as possible costs. As a contact in Germany we recommend Saab Service Frankfurt.

Older vehicles, imports and Saab 9-2x

For vehicles before 1995, which have been newly imported, or for vehicles without papers, there is only a single purchase path. The same applies to the Saab 9-2x. It was never officially offered in Germany, so there are no documents in the COC archives. For the 9-2x, the road to traffic only leads to a full expert opinion. As a contact person for this Saab we recommend that Car dealership Lafrentz in Kiel, who has the corresponding experience with the 9-2x.

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    COC documents help you to get beautiful toys from abroad….

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      For my COC in Switzerland, I do not have to pay anything at the time. I needed this for the export, I asked Hirsch and they made that available to me free of charge. Ultimately, you need the paper but only to avoid the loss. Even without a COC, I can usually allow a Saab from abroad without problems here

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    Is that only valid for imports to Germany?

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    A stupid question. What do you need these papers for? Mine is Bj: 2003 9-3 2,2TID

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      Export as an example and new registration in another EU country.

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      Also, instead of a full approval for approval after a prolonged shutdown. The archive will become more and more valuable and more important the older the coffins are.

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    Why did not Orio take over the COC archive? No space, too expensive storage costs?

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      Unfortunately, 2 tons of paper require a lot of space, they want to be stored accordingly, and the COC documents are not a business model either. Why should Orio have taken over?

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