Saab 900 II. Sweden Promo 1993.

24 years ago, the world was still in order at Saab. Almost at least! After all, it was a time of hope and pride. A completely newly developed Saab 900 II rolled off the assembly lines, the ambitions were high.

Saab 900 II V6. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Saab 900 II. A V6 engine should ensure reputation.

The genesis of the 900 II, the challenges, backgrounds and the little dramas, they were exciting. For weeks I have been writing a multi-divisor, which revives the situation at that time. Some time will pass before the series is ready.

As a little teaser, a new Saab 900 II is driving through Sweden today. In the green color of the press and first delivery vehicles - and of course with a V6 under the hood. The Swedes expected a lot of renown from the first 6-cylinder in a compact Saab. Indeed, it was initially sold well, and Saab gained a new clientele. Traditional customers ignored the strong and pleasant engine with English roots. They preferred still to use the turbo, which provided 185 hp for proper acceleration.

Unfortunately, quality problems quickly caught up with the big plans. Saab urgently needed to make improvements, and the 900 II matured in customer hands. It turned out to be a really good car over the course of its construction period, but by then its reputation was already severely damaged.

The film comes from the extensive pool of Saab Germany. It was released in September 1993, is about 3 minutes long and pure relaxation. He leads us through typical Swedish landscapes. Unfortunately, where it was filmed is not documented. It is striking how timelessly beautiful a Saab 900 II is. It continues the classic line and was the last big hit with the traditional hatchback. He would have deserved more attention from the fan base than he is currently getting.

Of course we continue to digitize. Saab history must be preserved and kept alive. It's exciting to discover how the brand ticked 20 or 30 years ago and what luxury Saab Germany could afford. We owe it to Saab Service Frankfurt that we can experience this time again. Gerard Ratzmann had kept the testimonies, we are allowed to digitize them for our readers.

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  • Over the years it will become increasingly difficult to maintain a good workshop network. It is important that we support the workshops that deliver good work. I would imagine that Community recommendation reports would be very helpful.

  • The biggest weakness I share: the authorized repair shops .. Now I would have always thought that the Cologne-Bonn area would be well supplied, but at least further in the province, the problem of authorized repairers is sometimes blatantly longer: Opel dealers who (and only it may have been like that) under the threat of violence Saab was forced. Inability to move an 902 (after 7-times stalling I was allowed to drive it on stage), 20 min with last 3 man, to switch alone the kinked antenna (self-experiment with brother, no 10min), etc .. pp., Me was also at a free, pure Saab workshop for a long time when Saab ceased operations.

    And here is the main problem: I think it's great that the spare parts supply is better organized today than it was before 10 years ago, thank ORIO, even the season's actions fit, alone, the next known ORIO partner, who was not forced is far away. From the blog I know Kiel, Frankfurt, Bamberg, personally Dortmund, everything is great, furthermore Heuschmid should be an address, but for me all mentioned are too far for the service.

    It remains the free Saab specialist who knows someone who in turn knows someone who can source parts from ORIO. As much as I appreciate Tom and his support for ORIO, for me the local ORIO partner is the surest way to put my Saabs into recovery.

    “Everything has its time”, and twenty years with one and the same “family car” are very proud these days! I hope you enjoy the (presumed) Zuffenhausen resident ...

  • I will now part with my 902 after 20 years. It was a comfortable family vehicle with great seats and a trunk the size of which you would not expect from the outside. I found the shape timelessly beautiful and would definitely buy a modified vehicle in this design again. However, the 902 has sloppy or cheap workmanship in some areas. I looked at a Saab sports suit a few years ago and had the feeling that the use of cheap plastic there was in some cases increased, which simply did not fit the pricing in comparison to local high-priced vehicles. But somehow they didn't take these weak points angry with Saab, including me ... However, I felt the biggest weak point in the Saab world was sales and the authorized workshops, especially in the Bonn-Cologne area. Test drives with vehicles with the desired engines were sometimes not possible because the corresponding Saabs were not available and such a dealer will not be able to come in "in the near future" either ... or the car is only available for the showroom ...
    I was anything but satisfied with the services of these workshops, I was happy to have a small workshop in my area whose owner was very familiar with Saabs. Regardless of the unsuccessful attempts to switch off the passenger airbag, a recall campaign due to problems in the area of ​​the steering indicated that one would not have an appointment in the long term if no other services such as an inspection were to be used ... Now it goes to a vehicle where the supply of spare parts has never been a problem, no matter how old the vehicles were or are.
    Conclusion to the 902: Everything has its time

  • I do not know but the 902 always seems to me like a prototype of the 9-3I. Visually a catastrophe and barbarism hardly to be outdone. Only through the redesign of the sills, bumpers and the tailgate of the 9-3I SE, the model has finally become really nice. I already drove in from Saab, I would not have had the 902 for free. But fortunately, tastes are different and I do not have to quarrel with the 902 owners for good 901, 9000 and other offerings

  • My car, my color! For every day of the week. In October he turns 24 and drives us reliably and without major problems. With automatic, air conditioning, seat heating etc. pp. - Unfamiliar passengers are regularly enthusiastic about the price-performance ratio ... we installed a gas system 3 years ago - it works perfectly.
    As you may notice: I love him!

  • And something else: At 1:28, 1:37 and 2:27 minutes, the right headlight wiper hangs a bit at an angle ...
    So it is not a defective Bosch motor! It's standard quirkiness with which Saab has openly advertised ... Thanks for that alone!

  • Very nice movie, thanks Tom!
    My “everyday car” 902 (MY96, Le Mans blue, 299tkm) received a lot of attention today, and moose shovels that were as good as new were installed for the first time: a real dream of a timeless car.
    The whole thing was planned for a long time, your movie this morning was an appetizer and confirmation at the same time ..!
    In addition, I agree: 902 and 931 are visually a litter, the 931 a bit more modern (especially with Viggen trim), the 902 in the long run timeless beautiful, and I have them both.
    I am looking forward to your multi-part !!!

  • Thanks also from my side.
    The 900 II or the 9-3 are also intense memories in my life. I was fortunate to be able to call both planes my own. Technically, they were not convincing, but the emotions have remained to this day. In particular, the mature form of the 9-3 (last run of the first series) I find beautiful. Anyone can tell what he wants, that's just a great chassis. Einar Hareide has done a great job here.
    I am also looking forward to the sequel.
    Thanks in advance and a nice weekend.

  • Very nice movie. The end is probably in Fjällbacka, northwest of THN, the rest could also be in the area.

  • "That would have earned him more attention from the fan base than he is currently getting."

    Of course I'm not as close as THE SAAB blog at all, but that's exactly where I read along ...
    And I have the impression that the fan base the importance of 900 II and 9-3 I - so of SAABs last hatchback - quasi estimated daily a bit higher than the day before.

    The car seems to me on the right track!

  • Thanks for this film. The place where the 900 passes at the end can only be Fjaellbacka. I was there a week ago after the Trollhaettan meeting.

  • Hello Tom, I'm really looking forward to your series.
    After the nice movie, I also played mine again today,
    was fun

  • 900 II and 9-3 I are in my opinion a draft. The design has been changed only slightly and is slightly cleaner on the 9-3 I. I really like the 9-3 I, I'm a fan of the series!

  • ... even if many do not particularly like the 900II ... I always liked it optically and still do today. 🙂

    It just came out of my driver's license and would of course have been a (priceless and unrealistic) dream of mine back then. The little dealer here had a few nice ones standing in the yard. 🙂

    Instead, I “had” first with an ancient “scruffy” 3'er BMW with automatic from my grandfather (with “senior taxi obligation”) and then with a Fiesta with 46PS and stepless automatic.
    Well, as a youngster and a pupil / student you are happy about every car ... then it didn't necessarily have to be your own Saab (luckily there was a father). 😉

  • Very nice! Thank you! No doubt this was shot on the Swedish west coast, not far from Trollhättan. Maybe on Orust / Tjörn.

    In one point I would like to contradict you, Tom, but: The 9-3 I was / has been successful as a hatchback!

    I'm looking forward to the sequels

  • This is exactly what my first Saab looked like back then. I never had quality problems with this vehicle. Unfortunately, the engine didn't meet my expectations, it ran quite rough for a six-cylinder. A good 20 years later - the 2,8 l in the 9-3 was a dream. Gripped by Saab fever, however, the four-cylinder in the first 9-5, with deer tuning and 230 PS, which followed the 900, convinced me. Unfortunately, GM's entry was the beginning of the end.

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