Still fancy Saab?

In the last few days I have been traveling more often with one of these modern compact cars. Of course, with start / stop automatic, a turbo charged three-cylinder engine, and an automatic climate control, which always wants to take a break when the engine at the traffic light goes into hibernation.

Still fancy Saab?

Sure, you can put the start / stop automatic out of operation. Then the weakly dimensioned air conditioning system continues to cool. Or at least pretend. What cannot be changed is the turbo engine. Even 40 years after the introduction and cultivation of the turbo in Trollhättan, not every company is able to build a good turbo. Is it fun? Not really.

Switching from the small car that comes from a German premium supplier to the older 9-3 is always a welcome-to-home feeling. Starting with the 2 liter turbo, which cultivates its job very intensely and emphatically, to the air conditioning, which keeps its promise. And to the sovereign matter of course with which a Saab 9-3 does its job.

Does Saab drive addictive?

I had significant concerns about the blog at the start of the year. Would the project survive 2017, would the sharp drop in readership that I feared take place? At some point, every story is completely told, and Saab has not produced fat headlines for years. What happens at NEVS is still good for the periphery. The last concept studies serve the Asian taste, Saab design can only be recognized fragmentarily.

Anyone who has some insight into the development of the NEVS 9-3 and 9-3X can understand how much the Chinese financiers influenced the development. Originally, what NEVS wanted to present at CES Asia was clearly based on Saab design. The resolutions from summer 2016 still applied. That was probably too much Saab, too little mainstream for the financiers. The appearance was adapted to Chinese tastes at the request of the shareholders. The design of the 9-3 concept vehicles does not come from the studios in Sweden, which says a lot.

Let's forget about NEVS. The company has moved away from the last minimal goal, the continuation of the Saab design language. “China first” is the current slogan. What remains is what we have.

That would be vehicles that continue to age; a stock that is declining. A community that is getting smaller - nowhere near as fast as I expected. The number of readers on the blog is falling. Very gently, but by a good 5% this year. That is little. Especially when you consider that Saab last delivered quantities around 10 years ago with the 2008 model year. Is Saab addicting driving?

Saab drivers are loyal. The Saab culture lives on. Trips are elaborately planned, and the number of participants is still increasing. Those who drive Saab usually do so out of conviction. Because it's fun, because the vehicles are so wonderfully relaxed and honest. Maybe because they're analog.

Once Saab, always Saab?

I got some interesting emails over the weekend. Two readers are considering investing heavily in their Saab 9-5. A project similar to our Paul project. Only that the Saab already has 600.000 kilometers on the counter. Another reader has added to his fleet. Saab number 3 has moved in and plays the role of the classic alongside two modern vehicles. The Saab Virus is still active, in a very individual way. One person restores a Saab 9000 CC on his own. A project that will go on for years. Another has it restored and invests the amount of a compact car for it. A third person imports a beautiful 9-3 I Aero with a Viggen Body Kit from Sweden. And everyone is living their dream. And Saab makes you happy.

I'm not worried about the Saab scene. She is well placed, very colorful, and extremely lively. As a half-year balance 2017, after worries in January, I am more relaxed. There are countless ways in which the brand can continue to live. Restorations are also an expression of sustainability. To make an old Saab 9-5, with a high mileage, fit for the next few years as well.

Saab upgrade. Something fun.

There is no magic formula for keeping the brand alive. But Mark and I already have ideas on how to keep the desire for Saab. We indulge ourselves, and maybe our readers like it too. An upgrade, something for all Saab hearts who are not only into restorations and classics. It's something modern, cool, affordable. There is still desire for Saab. And specifically in the next few days as a suggestion on the blog.

There is also more desire for Saab. Not only from us, but also internationally and from many people. This too will soon be available on our pages in loose order.

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  • Fancy Saab? What a question. Today I was on the road again with my 93er Aero Coupe with Maptun Stage 1. Just amazing how the car pulls away. And the 140000km cannot be seen in the slightest. Nothing rattles, everything works! Fancy Saab, yes of course, tomorrow I'll take the Viggen from the stable ...

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    Degree again 800 km highway behind us with a 9-5 2,3 turbo deer (220ps) and only 350.000 km, with a 1.500 kg caravan on the hook, he ran like a new car.
    For me it is clear there is no alternative to SAAB, when the time comes, the car has just been restored

  • In what you write and the misery on the streets, the desire for SAAB tends to be greater.
    Professionally, I have to drive a lot of taxi, as the most different models come before. You sit there only as a passenger, but can see everything in peace. Sometimes I wonder what has actually developed positively in the last 30 years.
    I only think the LED light is really good, but otherwise…. In any case, don't sit!
    With the 9000, we made about 5000 Km holiday trips through half of Europe in the first half of the year. He is a completely trouble-free pleasant travel companion with 8,4 liter consumption on long distances.
    His 20. he was on Lake Garda and at the festival he was also with

  • In 10 days you will go on holiday to South Tyrol, it is not the question of SUV or 900 convertible, but Timmelsjoch or Reschenpass.
    The desire for Saab is getting bigger and bigger.

  • Still in the mood for SAAB? No question at all - but YES !!!
    Even after the swan song and the end of production, the brand continues to fascinate. It is the many small peculiarities, the sense of style, even the quirkiness and the attention to detail. SAAB has always sought and found its own solutions. That makes me the brand so sympathetic!
    When I try to explain to friends who do not SAAB what I mean by that, I usually come to the example with the ignition key in the center console. This is not a gimmick! That's where he belongs! It is the mechanical immobilizer and freeze protection for the handbrake. Because you simply do not need a handbrake. This is so ingenious that it is incredible that no other manufacturer has done something (at least I know of none). That goes without saying for a SAAB driver. And so there are many well thought-out details that are simply beautiful and functional, from the foldable cup holder, to passive safety, to the long-lasting turbo.
    In times when individuality is very important in the automotive industry, SAAB has a chance. With a strong partner at the right time, everything could have worked out well. Pity!
    Maybe someday someone will have the courage and the necessary money to revive the brand. A reissue of a new sonnet in small numbers would be a great start.

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    I have been driving Saab since 1985 and have been Saabfan since day one. The Saab 900 Turbo is for me still the Saab par excellence. After over 500000 driven
    Km he does not have his fascination until today
    Lost, although a Saab ll Turbo convertible and a Saab 9-3 ttdi sports car is in operation. Nevertheless, room remains around too
    To be a fan of another car, the
    VW T3 Westfalia Joker, year of construction 1983.
    But this is another story!


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    Of course there are other cars, faster and or more luxurious.
    And also people who are emotionally enthusiastic about them ...

    What is unique about SAAB is that it is just the unagitated and sophisticated everyday life that generates so much emotion and such a strong bond between driver and vehicle. Who else would rave about a cup holder? That can only be a SAAB driver!

  • ..SAAB 9-3 Aero on the way back from the Hallig with seat heating simply unbeaten ...

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    Good that we Saab drivers start / stop automatic and the three-cylinder has been spared.
    On my 2001 9-5 2,3 t, the sills and wheel arches will be sealed against rust next week. I've already completely finished the sub-floor. Then my 9-5 will probably last for a few more years ... 196000 km is not a lot either. Otherwise, I still have my 2007 9-3 SC Diesel, which is already sealed from below and has only run 152000 km ... so, I'll be driving SAAB for a very long time!

  • Since 1983 I drive a Saab. That started with an 900 Turbo Sedan, continuing with an 9000 Turbo followed by an 9000 CS. This was replaced by a 9-5 V6 year 1999. I swapped this with my Saab dealer in March 2010 for a 9-5 Sportcombi. At the time, my order was only accepted with the proviso that Saab can still deliver vehicles. Luck! And this car will now accompany me until I lose the pleasure of driving for reasons of age.
    At the beginning of my “Saab time”, I saw Saab drivers greeting each other on the way, and that got lost over the years. But now I experience it again and again, no matter where I am, that there are blinking and waving. And you shouldn't remain a fan, especially since I can't think of a better car.

  • The problem is simple, no other brand arouses such emotions. There is no alternative to Saab. So we will ride our 2 for a long time. One will get a complete refurbishment in the next 3 years.

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      That's what I think Saab just has that certain something that no brand can do. You do not need to talk about the mainstream brands, but even other exotics do not make it to the extent that Saab manages to do.

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    I drove from the Saab meeting in Trollhättan with my 9-5 limousine in one go over the two bridges direction home to Dortmund. For me it is always a very special feeling when the 2,3t pulls me and my 2007 chrome glasses over the streets. The special Saab feeling starts when I put the ignition key in the ignition lock in the center console and the engine dull grudging starts its operation, if I then the selector lever of the automatic D position and the pointer of the boost pressure indicator moves, then the World alright for me. Shall all drive what they want, I drive Saab

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    Still fancy Saab? Now all the more !!!

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    Very well written…
    SAAB is addictive. Even ladies have to go north this year.

  • What were the reasons why NEVS did not get the rights to the SAAB brand? Or. What are the conditions of SAAB to an automaker who wants to acquire the rights? Could not business people who are SAAB fans return the brand someday?

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    To compare a Saab with 2 liter cubic capacity against a small car is unfair.
    I have already driven some new cars from Mazda (without Turbo), Nissan and Fiat (with turbo).
    Since the engine turns off at the traffic light, but not the light or air conditioning. After some time
    the engine just starts up again.
    Also Saab would have to offer start-stop nowadays, because you do not need to do anything nice.

    Especially the Nissan 1,6L turbo gasoline engine is good on the gas, because I can not complain.
    Saab will continue as a hobby for me and many others, as a sole vehicle rather rare.
    Above all, it is the lack of workshops that Saab “lives” that will reduce the Saab's stock.

    • Of course, today every Saab would have a start / stop automatic and it is also, depending on the manufacturer, sometimes good or less well solved. The main thing is that you have fun with it. It does not matter if the Saab is a first car or a hobby.

  • I am really interested in what is in preparation again. So my daily Saab literature is getting better and is fun to read. So you can see the Saab drive fun but Saab blog lessen gehoert also added. Congratulations to both of you.

  • Saab still "pulls"! 🙂

    The son of my deposed Nachabrin was here for a short time this weekend.
    He's seen my car in my yard several times before and - since he thought it was so chic and didn't know it - made a little “wise” about it on the Internet.

    On Saturday I let him drive a little bit…. and he was thrilled!
    (of rest, traction and sprinting power, interior fittings, seats, ventilation ... and the typical small Saab details such as the ventilation grille, for example).

    My friend can now fully understand my "quirk".
    Even today Saab can still inspire.

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    The scene is changing. In addition to a SAAB, more and more vehicles have a second-brand vehicle. Nevertheless, the brand has a future! More and more young people like my SÄÄBe great, we are often addressed. The blog is more important than ever, it is the best source of information for anyone interested in SAAB. So fancy SAAB is here, carry on!

  • Saab is definitely addictive. Physically and mentally. The fine seats that caress your back, that you can get in and out without a wimp, the driver ergonomics, the steep windshield on the 900 I that doesn't make you sweat, even more mentally: the sonorous roar of the Turbo 16S, the fragrant coloradored leather seats , the large rear door, the non-slip leather steering wheel, the flat bonnet hinged at the front, the bony gearshift, the conscience of driving a really rare car and not just standing anxiously in the garage and, last but not least, a community of similarly “crazy” enthusiastic colleagues and workshop learners to know .... all this is addictive ... and then the next Saab (Saab 9000 CC from 1991) runs to you, which you build on your own and if you have to, with blood, sweat and tears. And then you still have a “child” to look after…

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    Of course, fancy SAAB. Everything else would be boring

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    Our 9-5 SportKombi gets a rust cure today and the bumpers are painted. He now has 15 years on his back, he likes to stick to 10 or longer.

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