Fancy Saab. New blog supporters from Austria.

There is good news for our blog project and its future! With the car dealership Himberg we have for the first time a blog supporters from Austria on board. The story behind Mario Milincic and his team is unusual and typical of Saab.

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Since its start in January 2015, the Himberg dealership has been writing a unique success story. The Saab market in Austria has been on the upswing since then, and a small Saab boom is starting. After years of stagnation, the country was considered difficult for the brand. That is past. Saab sales in the Alpine republic are increasing continuously, reports Orio Germany, our supplier for original spare parts. We can find out in Austria how it is possible for a brand that has not produced vehicles for a long time to write success stories.

Car dealership Himberg. We live Saab.

Mario Milincic comes from a typical Saab family. His father worked for Saab Oberlaa for many years, and he too started in 1999 in the service area of ​​the Saab agency in Vienna. The legendary Saab virus was anchored in the genes and the step into independence was inevitable. After the sad end of Saab Oberlaa in April 2014, the opportunity had come: the Himberg dealership opened 2015 in January his goals.

It has been around 2 years and 6 months since then and a meteoric rise has taken place. The start-up quickly became one of the most important Saab partners in Austria. The Himberg dealership is one of Orio's top 3 partners today. Saab is actively lived, the coordination with the team in Eschborn is close, the loyalty to the brand is infinite. Customers feel that, and they reward it. Saab is absolutely at the center of this.

Saab vehicles are purchased, rebuilt or serviced, and further marketed. The choice for customers and friends is great, almost every wish is fulfilled. Mario Milincic himself is said to own a collection of around 25 vehicles of the cult brand from Trollhättan.

Support for the blog project

For some weeks this supports Car dealership Himberg active the blog and thus secure the future of the project with other companies. After the departure of some supporters in the previous months, this is a hopeful ray of hope. In addition, and we have always wanted that, Himberg is the first supporter from Austria. We would like to see even more commitment from the Saab dealerships, and thank Mario Milincic very much that he is interested in Saab and the blog!

Fancy Saab is international. Not only in Germany and in Austria there is a desire for Saab. Saab has also been discovered as a business model in other countries and is pursuing new, not quite ordinary paths. More on the blog soon.

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  • I can only recommend Himberg and Mario's team. There is nothing better! Everything else around and in Vienna is unfortunately really just so-so (tried it out myself). In Himberg you are really well looked after and our Saabs are well looked after. Please keep it up and thank you in Himberg for taking care of our Saabs so caringly and devotedly!

  • blank

    I know a part of the team of SAAB-Himberg still from SAAB-Oberlaa. She is a godsend for our brand. The SAAB density in my district of Baden is high, seeing at least two almost every day. When Mario our SAAB's are well looked after.

  • blank

    Already exciting to see that in the neighboring country is doing something. In any case, a contact person for the upcoming holiday. If there should be problems

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    Himberg is really great, very customer friendly, has the best Saab knowledge. The other companies have had an impression as a customer, they bother them there, if you drive up with a Saab, there was no desire to work on a Saab there.
    I'm glad that Himberg is there and not far from home. With such top companies and the Saab blog, we will all be able to drive Saab for a long time. Now only the few “random Saab drivers” are missing, they have to be informed and made clear to them that they drive something special and point them to the right workshops.

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    Very positive! Himberg kisses the Saab Snow White in Austria!

  • A very friendly, down to earth and reliable SAAB partner. No comparison to all the other workshops in Vienna where SAAB is now only a marginal phenomenon. And thank you to Mr. Lafrentz from Kiel for this insider tip!

  • That's good news. Anyway, I'll drop by, especially since I was a customer for years at Saab-Oberlaa. Maybe they know my 9.3 in Himberg, which I still drive.

    • blank

      We are with our 5 Saabs happy and best supervised customers of Mario! And yes, he knows all the Saabs that are in circulation.
      So before making a purchase, it is highly advisable to call Himberg.

    • blank

      It is definitely worthwhile stopping by in Himberg

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