About rival Didi new major shareholder at NEVS?

There is a message from Trollhättan that may be too important to ignore. Because it could influence the future of the location. Sveriges Radio reported Monday on a possible entry of Didi, the Chinese version of Uber, at NEVS.

NEVS 9-3X. Picture: NEVS

25 million vehicles drive for over rival Didi

Didi is used by 20 millions of people daily in China. The Uber comparable platform is growing very dynamically and has ambitious plans. In the presence of Minister of State Stefan Löfven, both parties signed a letter of intent on Monday in Beijing. It is about the entry of Didi as a new major shareholder at NEVS and the purchase of electric vehicles.

By the end of the summer should be binding contracts. It is unclear in what amount Didi will acquire shares and what sums are involved. According to the information policy so far, NEVS is silent about details. Also an official press release on this topic is missing.

Didi's entry would change many things. NEVS could be involved in the product development of the carrier service provider that dominates the Chinese market. According to CEO Bergman, so far only one percent of the 25 million vehicles driving for the Chinese Uber version are electric cars. The company could benefit from the planned further electrification of the fleet.

However, the existing shareholders should remain in the company. Heavyweight Didi should be major, but not a major shareholder. A daring decision, because even now the development of the Chinese startup based in Trollhättan between many stakeholders is wiped out.

New jobs in the old Saab factory

NEVS continues to be dominated by China. Nevertheless, the entry for the location Trollhättan could be beneficial. The Uber rival has long had international ambitions. China is no longer enough, global market leadership is the goal. Sweden could become the springboard to Europe, the hardware will be produced locally in the future. The heavyweight Didi could create jobs on a larger scale at the former Saab location.

Much is still extremely speculative and just an outlook on what could be. Specifically, NEVS creates a few more Jos in the old Saab factory. There is still no series production, but 25 car workers are now to go on board. They are supposed to produce bodies for electric cars, and additional jobs are to be created in the foreseeable future.

9 thoughts on "About rival Didi new major shareholder at NEVS?"

  • Didi ?? are those where Apple got involved because Uber annoyed them? ... I'll get my iSAAB 😉 at some point

    • That's exactly what they are. Hope dies last

    • If Didi & Dödel build cars in the future, it will certainly not make a SAAB.

      With an app and advertising budget you switch between the service provider (taxi) and end customer (passenger) and cashes stupid and stupid. Why does all the world do this nonsense?

      Didi is one of the many new online parasites. A mix of digital gold digging and http://www.Wegelagerei.

      20 million passengers use 25 millions of Uber vehicles daily? That's not even a ride per vehicle!

  • A letter of intent. Nice. NEVS dreams may or may not have been.
    I wait for facts to be communicated.
    But: when jobs arise in THT, it is always pleasing first!

  • Sounds very good - but why wasn't a NEVS press release published? Stefan Löfven, who is present in China, is after all the incumbent Swedish Prime Minister (not, as erroneously stated, only Minister of State).

    The entry should be a big plus for NEVS.

    • In Sweden, the Prime Minister is also referred to as Minister of State. Both are true.

  • NEVS should communicate in more detail. These half-facts are not very meaningful, let's see how long Tom will still feel like it.

  • As long as there is a future there is a future. It was always clear that NEVS alone can not realize anything.
    But your development department and good experience is what matters.
    Also, I see bnur only a participation of the THT; Development. The vehicles are built in China.
    THT had to find other brands that want to build cars there, sunn is this huge production hall there for nothing.

  • Good News and now we are just waiting for you to start in Europe!

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