Orio for Opel. Saab meeting Vienna. Gripen E is flying.

Time for Saab news in the last few days. The Gripen E takes off, Saab drivers meet in Vienna. Opel says goodbye to GM and becomes part of the PSA group. The final sale should be sealed in summer. This also has an impact on future logistics in Scandinavia.

Saab meeting Vienna. Impression. Picture: Roland

Orio Logistics for Opel / PSA

Opel and PSA have decided to collaborate with Orio. The former Saab Automobile Parts AB has a modern logistics center in Nyköping and experience in the automotive sector. For at least 5 years, the company becomes a hub for PSA in the Baltic and Scandinavia. That's what the company said in one press report With. Orio, the supplier of Saab Genuine Parts and Logistics Specialist, puts its business activities on a broader footing.

Saab Gripen E maiden flight

Does Saab live or does Saab not live? Of course, Saab lives! Although cars are no longer being built, the technology and defense group Saab is successful and active. On the 15. June lifted in Linköping from the first Gripen E for maiden flight.

The Gripen E is another milestone in the history of Saab. Several states have shown interest in the latest Swedish technology, the hope for export success is high and justified.

With the new Gripen, Saab is also introducing a completely new, revolutionary system architecture. It is divided into a flight-critical and a non-critical area. Like apps, new tactical features can be installed at incredible speed, but remain separate from the flight-critical operating system area. The operation is now intuitive, Saab has taken the iPhone as a role model. Skills that previously took weeks or months, pilots learn now within a few hours. Promises the Saab AB.

Linköping is an old Saab location, not just with an airplane background. The Saab 95 was built in the aircraft factory from 1959 to 1962. Trollhättan had no free capacity, so planes and cars were built in the same plant. The airplane genes at Saab, they are a reality and not an invention of a marketing department.

Addendum: Saab meeting Vienna

Another message came from Austria from our reader Gerald. In Austria the Saab scene is very agile, and pictures from the 3rd Saab meeting of Saab Friends Vienna, which took place on May 06th, 2017. Saab drivers from Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Austria met in sunny weather.

Gerald reports: “From the Sterngasse we went in the convoy to the Karlwirt, in the sunny garden was lunch. Afterwards the tour went comfortably to the parking lot at the castle Liechtenstein. Afterwards, a short walk was taken to the Seegrotte Hinterbrühl, where a guided tour and a boat trip took place.

In the end, the journey together led through the wine route to Gumpoldskirchen, where a glass of wine was drunk while being together. A total of 24 Saab vehicles were at the meeting. ”

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  • Gripen E would be something for our Bundesuschi - cheap, flies, instruments don't dazzle ... I'm sure the money is better invested than with the (subsidy) euro fighter, for which you only have 120 guided missiles ...

  • What's good for Orio is good for us SAAB riders as well. Nice new acquisition in Nyköping!

  • Hope that the European countries now show more interest for European fighter jets to replace the F16. There are now three European planes that are just as good but much cheaper than the American F35 and so it is our hope that, certainly now in these times, Europeisch will be invested. Maybe the book by David Archibald; American Flu offer to read at all involved :).
    Hope Saab flu E will benefit here.

  • And unfortunately the news about this meeting didn't reach me ... So there is a Saab club in Vienna? Contact possibility? Next time I want to be there!

    • We passed on the question to the Viennese Saab friends and asked for contact.

    • Hello Helga!

      As written below, there is the Saab Club Austria. if you have further questions, feel free to contact me directly (gerald.niederpold ÄT saab-club.at)

      The Saab Friends Vienna are a loose association and represented on Facebook and the Austrian Saab Forum.

      Gerald (other than the one who sent the report ;-)))

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