Saab blog sticker and Saab license plate holder

In the meantime, we have received more than 200 letters from readers who have requested our Saab Blog stickers. 400 stickers have been shipped and there are more daily. Our campaign is still running, and with great success.

Saab post to the blog

Saab blog sticker as a permanent action.

Because the demand is high, Mark and I decided to make it a permanent establishment. The Blog Stickers are and will remain free of charge, we only need a franked and pre-addressed return envelope in DIN long. Unless otherwise requested, we will send you a sticker in the light and dark version.

In the coming days there will be a notice about the auction in the menu bar, because we think it is more important than ever to fly the flag for Saab. We saw that we were right from the many letters we received. In almost every second envelope we found a personal letter, mostly with long or short Saab stories. And now and then a small donation for a coffee or an after-work beer. We say thank you for that!

Because there are so many letters, the blog now has its own mailbox. After 7 years it was time, because the postmen could not always assign the flood of Saab letters. That is now over and is proceeding in a regular manner.

The Saab license plate holder come again!

A second thing concerns us, and apparently also our readers. With the end of the fan shop and the Saab license plate holder disappeared. We had offered them in different versions, and they were very popular. Since then almost daily mails come from Saab drivers who have seen somewhere else Saab with appropriate license plate holders.

Everything troll or what? Saab license plate holder.

After being asked again and again so persistently, we have decided to react. Although there will not be a fan shop anymore, we simply do not have the resources. But the missing Saab license plate holders are coming back. That's a promise !

After the summer break, we'll have Saab license plate holders produced again. It will then be very easy to order using a form that can be called up in the menu bar. Some things just have to go on, if only because it is important to show the flag for the brand.

7 thoughts on "Saab blog sticker and Saab license plate holder"

  • In what lengths will there be the license plate holder?

  • I also ordered 2 in stock at Skandix.
    Thank you for the action. I will also send you a letter

  • Skandix has taken over part of our inventory and can deliver. We do not currently plan a new production.

  • Will there be a chance to get the Made in Trollhättan stickers? If even a third Trollhättaner to the two 9-3s driving around with the stickers should bump it?

  • Very cool idea! So the blog is fun!

  • Tom and Mark keep the Saab name high !!! What a success. Congratulations with your eerie efforts.

  • Oh yes! SAAB license plate holder would be really great! I always scratch the advertising other brands down with my owners!

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