NEVS electric car pre-production in the Frickeboa?

Sweden is the summer break sacred. At least it was so old Saab times. This summer is different and there seems to be something happening in the former Saab factory. While the work still stands still, there is a lot of activity in the Frickeboa.

NEVS electric car pre-production in the Frickeboa?

The Frickeboa was used as a small production facility away from the large production line in Saab times. Among other things, it served as a training opportunity and to prepare for production. The legendary 9-5 NG pre-series sports suits were handcrafted there. Most recently, the electric cars for the 9-3 ePower fleet were assembled there in 2011.

Pre-production in Trollhättan?

The present, current photo from the Frickeboa shows the assembly of a NEVS 9-3 sedan, which could be an electric car. Has NEVS already started production of the pre-series of the 9-3 EV? There is no official news. But the likelihood that Trollhättan will be used for the production of the pre-production vehicles is high. The Tianjin plant is still unfinished, and the former Saab plant has a lot of expertise and facilities to build a small series.

Underpinning the thesis that NEVS could use the summer break to begin preparations for pre-series production is further news. The Be-Ge Stece AB in Oskarshamn reported on the site the supply of tools for production before the Swedish summer holidays.

Next year, series production of the brand's first electric car in China will begin. At the start parts of the body could come from Sweden. In the Stallbacka, 25 will now be creating additional jobs in the press shop, later possibly more. The NEVS 9-3 electric car is essentially based on the Saab 9-3. However, it was fundamentally revised for electrification.

The design is still reminiscent of different elements of the Saab origin. Pictures from the presentation showed an Asian taste adapted front and a modified rear.

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  • NEVS should communicate. Volvo has made it very recent; why does it stay so quiet at the NEVS?

  • Let us hope so.

  • Is there really something moving? Is almost unbelievable. I thought they stay stuck in theory mode until 2040.

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