Market check. Saab 9-5 NG used car prices.

More than 6 years ago, the last Saab 9-5 in Trollhättan ran off the tapes. And with the cessation of production began a story that no one had expected.

Saab 9-5 production in Trollhattan 2010. Image: Saab Automobile AB

I still remember the following months. Saab dealers had fresh leasing vehicles on the streets and looked with fear to the residual values. What would happen if, in 2 - 3 years, the Saabs would come back to the dealer yards? Few saw the prices in the basement and drew a gloomy picture.

It came differently, as we know. The 9-5 NG was suddenly the last Saab to grow in desires, and suddenly a residual king from Trollhättan came. The market was upside down.

In the course of the first market hysteria it came to excesses. Fans bought pre-production 2012 vehicles without knowing what they were doing. The sudden awakening followed months later, when the supposed production car was not serviceable. The excesses are history, the market has stabilized at a high level.

And he serves almost all customer requirements. If you are looking for a 9-5 NG with low mileage in the year-old car status, you can find it. But will be asked accordingly to the cash. Here come 3 exception offers from Germany and Switzerland.

Saab offer in Kiel. Image: Autohaus Lafrentz
Saab 9-5 Turbo 4 Aero 2011. 32.700 kilometers.

A very harmonious 9-5 Aero is for sale in Kiel. A few kilometers and good facilities. It only lacks the HUD, but that would be retrofittable. The price: 31.999,00 €

Saab 9-5 Car Service Erkens. Image: Car Service Erkens
Saab 9-5 Turbo4 XWD. 2012. 35.115 kilometers.

Car Service Erkens has a long tradition of Saab. For many years managed the COC archive and drove among others - of course - Saab. From the private collection of the owners comes a very exclusive 9-5, almost fully equipped. The Saab is for sale in Wachtendonk. Its price 38.910,00 €

Saab 9-5 Aero Turbo 4 in Sion. Image: Garage du Stade
Saab 9-5 Turbo4 XWD. 2011. 12.500 kilometers.

A demonstration car mileage has the Saab 9-5 Turbo4, which is for sale in Sion. Especially 12.500 kilometers should almost spark new car emotions. Accordingly, the Saab is also priced in. It costs 48.900,00 CHF, around 44.500,00 €.

Saab 9-5 Diesel. The cheap entry.

Beyond these 3 offers, there is Saab 9-5 from previous ownership for less money. The cheapest way to move the last Saab is the diesel fraction. The discussion around the diesel engine also works in the Saab camp, never was the entry so cheap.

The prices have decreased noticeably in recent months, the entry lures around the 10.000,00 €. The offer is not great, but there are beautiful, well-maintained vehicles from lovers hand underneath. Depending on the place of residence and driving profile, one can weigh the risk of impending entry bans.

While the prices of gasoline remain at the usual level, here is a buyer's market was created, which could be used.

Important after the purchase: The check in a Saab workshop. Rarely are offered vehicles on the current software level. This is mainly because only authorized Saab partners can perform the updates via the paid access. The subject is neglected, often the cars are old Firmware versions on road. An update protects against costly defects, such as the navigation device.

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  • Great coffins! The dealer of my confidence has been a diesel for months. No one dares to get it right, that's no wonder. Politics plays with the uncertainty of how long you can still move the cars. A tragedy

  • Again a very useful contribution. Thank you very much! Please something for the various 9-3.

  • Just beautiful ! ! !

    If the 9-5 NG and the station wagon were on the market today, they would still be up to date and up to date ...

    SAAB has always somehow managed to create cars that are raised above the ever-faster swinging pendulum of hasty changes to the design. The 96 looked old and bizarre at some point, with its 70er safety bumpers and huge safety flashers on a 50er-era body. But since the 900 at the latest, SAAB design has been timeless and durable, model maintenance has been consistent and has brought many visual improvements. Some models have actually become more and more beautiful from year to year.

    Mercedes, VW or who else. It's crazy how cars are getting more and more edged by the second-rate, just to revoke this approach immediately. Bah, ätsch, your car looks old again, because here is the new (now again rounder) E-Class, here is the new (even edgier) Passat or whatever ...

    SAAB has never expected such a thing from its customers. NEVER! ! !

    Oh how I would like to have a nice 9-5 NG ...

  • What a dream car! As a station wagon he would have been perfect for me. Unfortunately, he never went to the series. How much SAAB 95NG is actually in the Opel Insignia? I read at some point in the blog that in the first year, the 95NG bodies were even built in Rüsselsheim.
    The basic body is almost the same. I just do not like the "flourish" at Opel.

    • The basic body is not equal. Opel, Buick and Saab are based on the same system architecture, but have different wheelbases. In particular, the Pre-facelift Insignia differs significantly in terms of technology from the 9-5. Components come with all 3 brands from the GM shelf and are partly interchangeable. This is not always an advantage, as an article that will be published soon will tell.

      • Thank you for your prompt reply. That means after the facelift of the Isignia I he is technically closer to the 9-5 NG. Interesting! I'm looking forward to the article

  • For us at the Austrian car market, it is the other way round. Here the diesel engines are very much in demand. There is even a promotion for the purchase of a new diesel vehicle. The current price per liter is 0,967 € today.
    I own a 9-5 NG TID and am more than satisfied.
    Greetings to all Saab friends.

    • Well, first and foremost it is in Austria but the car tax after PS. 160PS cost 721,44 € and 220PS cost 1117,44 €. That's why you are looking for more diesel, but you could already read that Graz and Vienna also think about diesel driving bans.

  • Well, the prices called do not always want to be paid. Especially when the diesel. Here is partly the
    "Have-Will-Nix-Number-Will" mentality on the way.

  • 18 long months I have my 9-5 NG TiD, 2.2012, 180 HP, Vector equipment, Automatic, 36000km, in Switzerland for
    CHF 23900.- offered! Result; One of them looked at the vehicle and in the end he was too big for him! And otherwise, dead pants. When I received a dubious phone call about a month ago; "I give you 5000.- for the car" I have cleared the ad. (But if someone is looking for a well maintained and maintained 95 TiD, here he would be!)
    Now I will keep the last big Saab, even if I do not need it too much (you do not just have a Saab in the stable). But I'm looking forward to the round 600km to the Int.Saab meeting in Dinslaken!
    In general, I do not think that the last big Saab will ever play a significant role in the classic / youngtimer sector. The crowd is simply on German "premium" products and that will not change.
    I'm on Saab and that will not change

  • Diesel are only sold on the price, no matter what brand. The Drops is sucked for private buyers, I'm curious if the SUFF market breaks now really. I think the 9-5 NG is still quite stable in the "correct" configuration. My desired configuration would be a 9-5NG Aero WITHOUT XWD, 260 Hirsch PS, with DriveSense, H / K audio system with sat nav, memory seats, panoramic roof, +/- 100TKM. Basically not to get. Or just for 35 TE ...

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