Mattias Bergman leaves NEVS

New bang at the electric car startup in the Stallbacka. NEVS CEO Bergman leaves the company. According to press officer Östlund, it is the second prominent departure in a short time. Bergman is regarded as the study friend of NEVS founder Kai Johan Jiang and has been a leader in 2013's business since September.

NEVS CEO Bergman 2013

NEVS does not calm down, the staff carousel continues to turn. Officially, health reasons and upcoming rehabilitation measures are mentioned as background for the departure. Behind the scenes, however, there is also talk of dissatisfaction with the style of leadership. A press release from the company does not exist so far, but a message in the local press and a reference to the Homepage, Also a statement from Bergman is pending.

Mattias Bergman remains connected to the company. He leaves the stablebacka to the 1. August. There is no successor for the vacancy. NEVS President Stefan Tilk and COO Morgan Fransson temporarily take over the tasks of Bergman. But they retain their previous positions in the company.

Bergman leaves NEVS. Further, drastic changes.

In addition to the departure of Bergman, there seem to be more drastic changes in the former Saab factory. The contracts of most NEVS consultants and temporary workers should not have been renewed. Around 20% of the approx. 1.000 employees work with project contracts, especially in the area of ​​research and development. If the information comes from what can be expected, this would be drastic changes in the Swedish location of the company.

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    • You can not rule anything out right now. There seem to be major upheavals.

  • On the website - - is not informed that M. Bergman leaves NEVS! - Wg. Illness u. Rehabilitation he falls out for a long time.
    He should continue to be available to the company in another position after successful recovery.

    But not more than CEO. - Here someone is searched for this position.

    • He remains connected to the company, it is the usual phrases when leaving.

  • First and foremost, it's always the consultants and contract workers who do not do well. The core workforce follows next. Hopefully the whole thing will not come true. From the outside, that does not make a solid impression.
    Have decisions been made in the background that are negative for the stablebacka?

    • In R & D, the future of a company is planned. If there is saved, there are inevitably no! That would be very questionable!

  • Hopefully they want to spead up the production with a new CEO?

  • Maybe Bergman will vacate his post because Didi (Uber) takes over?

  • Since we are curious to see who will succeed Mattias Bergman - maybe even a woman occupied this post (see Citroen and other car manufacturers).

    Regarding the personnel decisions for the location Trollhättan we as outsiders have hardly any insights - a tight staffing is in most cases even useful.

    Really interesting would be if the vaguely announced small pre-production in Trollhättan now actually takes place.

  • I was hoping for the first electric car from NEVS and that it will become reality. And then the departure ... Does not speak for a secure future.

  • ... .. the carousel revolves ... ..
    Well then at least something turns ;-(

    • ... in a nutshell!
      The main thing, the centrifugal forces remain under control!

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