Audi makes Saab and Sweden makes job wonders

It's time. Audi drives the new A8. The surprised with a tribute to the rear of the 9-5. A continuous Lightbar now adorns the big Audi. The new flagship from Ingolstadt symbolizes a new design start for the brand.

Comparison: Heck Saab 9-5 vs Audi A8 2018

Designer Marc Lichte followed in the footsteps of the great Walter de Silva, who left Audi for retirement. He already showed 2014 with the Prologue study Saab-affine tail, Now it comes with the model year 2018 in series. However, the 4 rings are not integrated into the Lightbar, which allows a continuous LED bar.

Saab also originally planned the continuous version, but was slowed down by the registration authorities at the time. The debut of the last big Saab was 8 years ago. There is probably less danger that the Audi A8 will be mistaken for a Saab in the dark.

More but the possibility that you will place a nocturnal 9-5 in the Audi category.

The big Audi is the first production vehicle that enables level 3 autonomous driving. The driver could read or watch movies while driving, but should be ready to intervene in an emergency. Level 3 is not yet allowed in Germany. Legalization is expected in the coming year.

Job miracle in Sweden

At the Saab Festival 2017, Peter Backström, curator of the Saab Museum, commented on where the former Saab employees work today. NEVS, as suspected, is not the first address. The majority of former Saab employees work for CEVT and Lynk & Co.

With Mats Fägerhag a longtime Saab manager controls the company. Sovereign, purposeful with ever increasing budgets. Geely has created a stable, reliable environment for growth and investment in Sweden. Together with Volvo, we are the job engine for the Gothenburg region. The job market for developers and engineers is overheated, housing market demand is so high that Geely is building temporary housing for employees in the port area.

With the announcement by Geely and Volvo owner Li Shufu that a new development center with more than 3.500 jobs for CEVT will be built at the entrance to Hisingen, another 1.500 skilled jobs will be created. Volvo Cars is also looking for 500 additional engineers.

No job miracle in the stablebacka

The job miracle in the Gothenburg region also has an impact on Trollhättan. The city is growing and many new jobs are being created in the area around the Innovatum. Unfortunately, the boom does not take place in the Stallbacka. As reported yesterday, jobs seem to be canceled on a larger scale in the former Saab plant. In the meantime, we also know of service providers who have already left the electric car startup. The future seems uncertain, major changes are possible. We will keep an eye on further developments.

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  • Funny, the AUDI has the license plate number zero 8 fifteen ...

    The digits are just a bit mixed up. Besides, he still has an edge here and a bead there. Just like every VW, SEAT or Skoda in the current model range. So the license plate fits perfectly.

  • The Light Bar has to work, only then does the car come to its full validity. On Tuesday saw a diesel 9-5NG without working Light Bar, the car went under in the rest of the traffic.

    • Well, with his 5,08 m1 he is not quite under traffic. And certainly not with its unique, cool form.
      The bar has not been on for a long time, it's a pity, but I can live well with it. Greetings from the CH

      • Hans, they can probably help you with Steffen, call me. Best regards from ZH

        • Thanks Martin, I'll try. Greetings Hans

  • No matter how great Audi vehicles can be spruced up - the manufacturer is still part of the highly dishonest VW group and is therefore out of the question. As is well known, there are also negative examples of Audi model series with refined exhaust gas values ​​and, due to antiquated technology, certain engines have unusually high oil consumption. Several hundred thousand vehicles are affected.

    Consumers in Germany who have fallen for the slogan “Vorsprung duch Technik” can then also be annoyed with the German judiciary - how long does it have to be before these groups of buyers wake up?

    • Well said.
      A friend of mine is affected by the high oil consumption. The engine is supposedly not antiquated, but a "modern" direct injection gasoline engine. This consumes twice as much oil over 1.000 km as my SAAB over 10.000. So factor 20! ! !

      A consumption that even old cars of the 1940er and 50er can hardly reach. And that, even though a controlled oil loss even outside even in factory-fresh cars still belonged to the good sound and stood the technology was.

      According to VW Group that was alright. Regulation? Rectification? Repair cost sharing? Everything is flatly rejected. It's amazing what AUDI and VW can afford and can afford without being adequately punished by consumers.

      • A very good friend has switched from Saab to Audi. He accepts the oil consumption. For a Saab that would have been a problem for him, I'm sure. Why is that? Strong brands, and Audi was objectively regarded as a strong label so far, can afford it. Small brands not.

        • With a Saab, however, such a high oil consumption would also be a sure sign that something is wrong and so in similar cases they have always tried to find a solution - even under GM, for example, with the 6-end diesel 9-5. With an Audi or VW you hit a mud flats with full force. In case of doubt, this is even presented as a feature that speaks for the "longevity". The VW group obviously has the best relationships in all directions: I can hardly imagine that two-stroke oil consumption has no negative effects on exhaust emissions. Although the Internet is full of similar complaints, no ADAC jumps on the bandwagon - and even the otherwise business-minded DUH remains silent here.

        • Yes, Tom is like that. Audi did that which Saab and Lancia unfortunately did not manage, even though they are far from the worse cars! If only I think of all the rally achievements!
          Audi is in the Scheiz like a plague, wherever you look, you only see Audis, preferably in black!

      • Hello!
        The so-called “premium brands” can afford a lot. A lot is forgiven here. Why is that? Very easily. Much is kept secret, ignored or marketed as "state of the art". And the (stupid) people accept that. B. around the long rust problem and material problems with sprockets at Mercedes. But people want to drive a “status symbol” and keep buying these overpriced cars. Lots of people want to be tough and think if they drive a 15 year old “German premium car” they are the money nobility. It doesn't matter that the air conditioning has stopped working for a long time, the cart is rusting, the air suspension is on the knees. But if you have a little perspective you can see that these cars are driven by people who cannot afford the repairs. But they think they can blind us. How ever. Let them do it. Is also a good thing. Imagine from tomorrow these people all want to drive Saab. That would be terrible.
        All Sabbfahrer a nice vacation time

  • The original is nicer, but at least Lichte has replaced the ugly kink from the study with three horizontal hooks.
    Why is consistently better at the bar? I find the solution with the Saab logo in the middle more stylish, it avoids the clumsy temple impression that the A8 now has.

  • Didn't Opel (eg “Cascada”) do it?

    • No, Opel did not fake it.

  • Maybe I'm "biased", but I like the original better ...

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