Fiction Saab. A look into the future.


Impatient I stand at the window, look at the entrance and wait for the things that come. In my right hand is the key of my 9-3 Hirsch Convertible. In the background my daughter - she tries to communicate with me, which is not possible because of the lack of concentration on my part.

Saab 9-x Air Concept. Image: Saab Automobile AB

My first Saab I bought 2009 shortly after it first became known that Saab is broke. In defiance, so to speak. And maybe a little because of the fact that I finally could afford a deer because of the fallen prices. From then on it was ups and downs for Saab.

The low point was when Trollhättan announced that it was establishing a new brand, NEVS. Although it is only a car brand has disappeared, but it was also a sign to me that individuality was no longer wanted. You already saw yourself as an individualist when you drove an Audi, had an iPhone and lived in an IKEA furniture store copy.

I remember exactly two moments that brought light into the causeway Saab. The first moment was when Saab AB reported to form a division that sees itself as a supplier to the automotive sector; the second moment was when I saw on Swedish TV that the Wallenberg family was using an NG Saab 9-5 SC on official occasions.

Even then I was sure that sooner or later a supplier will also build a car. As it turned out later, one waited only for a sign, where the drive technology will develop and one wanted to let grass grow over the various bankruptcies and the GM past.

Saab 9-x Air Concept. Image: Saab Automobile AB

It was the time when diesel was discredited and the electric car was booming. It was then that I realized why Saab was never really involved in diesel. It was simply not possible to get this technique clean within a reasonable framework. And actually WE were naive and blind. Nobody noticed that - while the gasoline engine had a probe inserted into the exhaust (in order to obtain absolute values) - the test for the diesel consisted only in reading the fault memory.

There had to be something wrong.

And electromobility? Well, the boom also took some time - until you started asking the right questions. What about the ecological balance of electricity for these vehicles? Where do the precious metals for the battery come from? Where to put the old battery technology? It quickly became clear that pure electromobility is not the last word of wisdom and "only" a blessing for urban cleanliness.

In its entirety, however, means a mean disaster for the environment.

However, the economy offered you a growth spurt, because it must (in our finite world) always grow infinitely. And NEVS? It turned out that their two hobbyhorses, electromobility and the model of "not owning," worked in China, but found very few friends in Europe. Even in Germany, "car sharing" (which is similar to the NEVS model) was a losing business and only worked badly in 4 cities.

And contrary to the opinions of various market researchers, people now want to "own things". Thus, it was not long before NEVS withdrew its production to its home market of China and the factory was for sale again. The rest is history.

In my driveway a truck turns, the tailboard opens and drives out my new Saab. Finally. On the way out, I give my daughter the key of my old 9-3 Convertible in my hand.

Your comment? "What a blessing that I'm allowed to experience this in my life."

In my mind I say "Dito".

Thanks to Martin for looking into the Saab future! This is one of our exclusive Saab boarding files on the journey. Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday, a restoration or any other event in life with the cult brand from Trollhättan?
Whatever it is, write us. We are looking forward to it!

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    I would not mind if it came like that.

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    Fiction for the weekend, thank you!
    A new SAAB in front of the door, always a smile on the face!
    The SAAB story is not over yet ...

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    Great story! Thank you! It would be too nice if this fiction became a reality - but without the disasters suggested.

    I've been able to admire the Saab 9-x Air Concept several times live and in color in the Saab Museum and I think it's a tragedy that this car never went into series production - at least not yet ...

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    Exciting, but, what's that Saab for unloading from the truck? Have I skipped something or not understood? The deer is probably the daughter now or?
    Anyway, driving Saab is a good decision anyway!

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