PhoeniX concept lives. News from a Saab legend.

In March 2011 saw the Saab PhoeniX Concept for international attention. At the last public appearance of the Saab Automobile AB, the small, charismatic manufacturer was able to steal the show from all other providers once again. For the last time.

Saab Phoenix Photo Exent. In a hall of innovation 2011. Image: Saab Automobile AB

The PhoeniX Concept was groundbreaking and anticipated many innovations with an electric rear-wheel drive and the Android-based IQon. At the same time, the work of Jason Castriota polarized. He based his vision on the Saab sonnet, mixing tradition with modernity, and putting something exciting on the wheels.

The response from the press was enormous, there was a lot of recognition and design awards. Maybe because the story behind it was just too good to ignore. A small manufacturer escapes a large corporation, is given the chance to restart, and presents a provocative study right at the start. These are the stories that legends are woven from and that we want to believe.

PhoeniX concept lives. In good condition and at NEVS.

After the premiere at the Geneva Motor Show Saab then caught up with the harsh reality. The interest shifted to the economic topics and the daily dramas. The then still young blog put the development to the test, because I would not have expected in this form. It became quiet around the PhoeniX Concept.

Phoenix lives. Current image from the former Saab Design Studios.

Unconfirmed reports said it had been damaged in transit. In addition, Jason Castriota is said to never have received any payment for his work. For a while, the whereabouts of the vehicle was also unclear. There were the wildest theories, and I hoped the study would show up at the Saab Museum at some point.

At the latest 2013 was clear that NEVS had come into possession of the PhoeniX concept. The study remained, with a number of other concepts, in the environment of the design studios. A few days ago we received a current picture from Trollhättan. It shows the vehicle in a familiar environment and, if an assessment is possible, in good condition. Maybe, and that would be desirable, NEVS will eventually give fans access to the latest Saab design study. Or transfer it to the Saab Museum.

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  • The front end was probably actually model for the two NEVS vehicles from the CES. Hopefully the PhoeniX will eventually come to the museum.

  • A successful design and pure SAAB - unfortunately it felt like an eternity ago.

    Thinking outside the box - for example current events at Borgward - would be nice again. Is it true that the SUV will be offered there in the coming year with both a purely electric drive and a hybrid version? A well-made hybrid version would still be of more interest to me than a pure electric drive - unfortunately I have been missing this option at NEVS so far.

    Incidentally, I think the design of the Borgward SUV is not bad.

    • The looks come too. Borgward is on the watch list, as is Qoros. The article probably comes after the holidays = blog break

  • So at least the damage was indeed documented in a reliable source:
    and otherwise: the PhoeniX Concept for me is still and more than ever pure Saab virtues: polarizing design and an ingenious space economy with high variability!

    • Thank you! I had searched for this link!

      • Documentation on the link:
        It is unbelievable (but true) how “new vehicles” / car studies were handled.
        A badly put together transport group has probably done the "mischief" ...
        Are all damages repaired ???

        • It seems so. Unfortunately, we do not have any personal insights. By the way, congratulations: That was comment 500 from you on the blog!

          • THANK YOU ! 🙂
            Didn't even know that I'm so hardworking ... 😉
            Is also because of the interesting and exciting articles!
            Although I've been "foreign" for about a year, the SAAB blog is a steady source. 🙂

  • Hope this vehicle is transferred to the Saab Museum so that everyone can see how well and innovatively the development department at Saab has fonktioniert and always has done so before.

  • Oh ... I just see that the video is now embedded directly. 🙁
    Actually, I just wanted to link it! Sorry ....

    • Fits. All good

  • In connection with PhoeniX / Castriota I always remember this video….

  • The study model was a bang in 2011! SAAB was under discussion. That was a good thing "back then". 🙂
    Today, almost 6 1 / 2 years later, SAAB is history.
    NEVS is planning (!) A comeback with the e-model 9-3 ...
    I believe that the 2011 model is already “out of date” in the faster-moving “digital age”.
    So a good opportunity to positively surprise the SAAB Museum ... 😉
    NEVS, only courage!

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