Market check. Saab 9-5 I used car prices.

In the shadow of the 9-5 NG, which is considered the last Saab, the small speculations bloom in 9-5 I. While used car prices tend to be low, they are rising strongly in exceptional items.

Saab 9-5 I production in the stablebacka. Image: Saab Automobile AB

The question would be whether the 9-5 I is good as an object for speculation. There are fans who invest a lot of money in preserving their Saabs, beyond any market prices. You decide correctly, because the 9-5 is a long-term car par excellence. Reasonable care provided by expert hands, the mechanics are indestructible, the robust electronics repairable at any time. The body is relatively resistant to rust, the comfort of the long haul comparable to much younger and more expensive cars.

Nevertheless, the purchase is difficult. The choice is limited, the price development is not uniform. A late chrome goggles can cost as much as an 2001er model. Diesel record surprisingly stable. The 3 liter Isuzu Diesel, which has become a questionable legend due to engine damage, is more robust than its reputation. If you move it restrained, it has the qualities of a farm engine. Only hectic highway driving hit him on the mind and shorten the life sustainably.

Nevertheless, it is not recommended to buy a diesel. First, because of the well-known environmental discussion. On the other hand because of the questionable running culture, which affects all diesel engines beyond the 6 cylinder.

Saab 9-5 I as speculation object

The entry into export models starts with ridiculously few 100 €. There are reasonable vehicles between 4- to 5.000 €. An early 1998 9 5 can be as expensive as an 2003er or 2006er model. It only decides the care condition. Again and again come seniors vehicles on the market. Low mileage, complete checkbook, history at the Saab dealer. They come as Linear, Vector or Aero on the market. However, those who are looking for must be fast. Because at the pensioner gang starts the small speculation.

The vehicles are bought up by traders or enterprising individuals who are looking for a quick profit at a substantial premium. One can doubt the success of the speculation. Overpriced vehicles, often in barely coveted colors and equipment, have long service lives.

Finding really nice vehicles is difficult, you have to look beyond the country's borders. A kind of Saab 9-5 paradise has formed in Switzerland. Good, exciting Saab 9-5, reasonable prices. Since the Swiss customer and the workshops are much more meticulous with the preservation of vehicles than we Germans, one or the other pearl can be there.

The 9-5 Anniversary models are particularly attractive. Although the chrome frame is not considered the most beautiful model in the series, but it has inner values. With the facelift there were many savings on small things, but in return the best suspension of all 9-5 I. In addition, there was the last expansion stage of the legendary Trionic engines. You can not overstate that in the downsizing drama of current vehicles.

Where in a Saab feudal 2.0, 2.3 or 3.0 liter cubic capacity work, current offers 3 cylinder deliver on a liter distributed. Do you really want to drive like that? There are still alternatives, and fortunately they are not expensive at all. Three examples, all from Switzerland.

Great BioPower Anniversary in harmonious equipment. Photo: Garage Melillo
Saab 9-5 BioPower Vector Anniversary 2007. 119.000 kilometers.

Had I a place somewhere in the hangar, I would buy it immediately. In detail, the 9-5 Anniversary is exactly the model I ordered and never got due to the slowness of a former Saab dealer. Great features, consistent and rare colors with matching accents in the interior. A lover or collector's item. Is in Oberentfelden/Switzerland. Price: 7.200,00 € approx.

Saab 9 5 Vector 2005 first-hand. Image: Wilengarage
Saab 9 5 2.3t Vector 2005, 112.000 kilometers

A fabulous firsthand copy in rare color and very good equipment is in Niederglatt / Switzerland. The Wilen Garage Saab lives, the station wagon is worth more than just a temptation. Price: 7.300,00 € approx.

Saab 9-5 BioPower 2007. Picture: Garage Rais SA
Saab 9 5 2.0t BioPower Anniversary 2007. 119.00 kilometers

Another, very well-equipped copy stands in Delémont / Switzerland for sale. Our neighbors obviously prefer automatic versions, as you can see. The 5-gear automaton works very well with turbo engines and will convince even notorious manual switches. The price: 8.200,00 € approx.

The import from Switzerland is relatively easy. Of the ADAC gives important hints, and agencies Upon request, customs clearance at the border crossings prepares the customs clearance for a manageable commission.

A Saab is a Saab. A Saab is tough, safe, fast. And always a bit extravagant. That's why an 9-5 I needs a knowledgeable hand. Maintenance bottlenecks and defects are caused by incorrect economy and workshops with little Saab specific expertise. And that Saabs always took the role of the exotic, the proportion of really good workshops is low.

For the 9-5 with its robust technology care by a knowledgeable operation is important if you want to have fun with it for years. Although the used car prices are relatively low, the selection is scarce. And that will hardly change.

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  • 18. July 2017 at 12: 52 PM

    The attribute "senior" or "retiree vehicle" has always been the reason for me not to shortlist a vehicle. They did not run very often, but who ever saw how these people know how to drive a car.

    • 18. July 2017 at 1: 08 PM

      @ Daniel

      You can see how you like it. My experience says that this age group is paying attention to things. A car has a high status because paid cash and not leased.

      • 18. July 2017 at 2: 45 PM

        Sure, let's do any inspection at the dealer. But that does not help if the take every second wall when parking, or drive 80km / h in second gear. Old people also drive a lot of short-haul, which Saab engines in 9-3I and 9-5I like even less than others. If you still keep to the much too long oil change intervals on the part of Saab, you should not be surprised if, despite the "checkweighed" at 150tkm, you have an engine failure due to carbon. I prefer to buy a 9-5 with 250000 long-distance kilometers, which was always kept warm and cold and got all 10000km fresh oil.

  • 18. July 2017 at 1: 05 PM

    Tasty what the Swiss have on offer. You can be jealous. I like the chrome glasses better and better!

  • 18. July 2017 at 1: 57 PM

    Please do not take away all the good used! There is also a loyal Saabfahrer community in Switzerland.

    • 18. July 2017 at 2: 54 PM

      This is not intended! The Swiss have always been the largest readers after the Germans on the blog.

  • 18. July 2017 at 3: 02 PM

    Really damn nice cars in Switzerland. I like chrome glasses more and more

  • 18. July 2017 at 4: 10 PM

    In Sweden, stable prices for the 9-5 are out of the question - the cars lose more value than the 9-3. This was explained to me at least in the workshop in Växjo the other day, and I can understand it from numerous Blocket searches. My 9-5 TiD Griffin was recently rated 79.000 kr - quite realistic (Blocket comparisons and other sources). In February 2016 (and less with 25.000 km) I paid 114.000 kr for it. However, I also have the impression that vehicles in top condition are quickly gone - but even for those are just not the same prices demanded as even before 1-2 years.

  • 18. July 2017 at 8: 25 PM

    The first pictures of the 9-5SC were for me then the reason to quickly buy the last 9000CSE. The patch tail is not design-technically mine, synonymous with the 9-5NG not.
    But the 9-5 limos are really nice and saabypically timeless. The red at the top of the blog page is just awesome.
    The limos are certainly not as down used as many Combi, which is similar to the oblique rear.

  • 18. July 2017 at 8: 29 PM

    Very nice vehicles and that comes through perhaps soon family growth also very in my booty scheme
    But currently finding a good 9³ SportCombi as a gasoline Vector or Aero is also more than difficult. What should become in a few years only from the whole beautiful TiD or TTiD, if the government in my opinion, the currently still no-alternative diesel continues to demonize.
    Saabige greetings, Marco

  • 19. July 2017 at 10: 45 PM

    Yes, the 9-5 is already a special car (for me).
    I've been driving my 2,3l-Vector for several years now. Always reliable and economical. Sounds almost like a boring. On the contrary: super driving fun guaranteed.
    All three used-car concepts in this report had something of their own, but I do not manage to separate myself from the "old man" anyway. Why: Is still a nice plane!
    To anyone who can drive a 9-5: Congratulations.

  • 20. July 2017 at 11: 25 AM

    I say so long! In Switzerland there are very, very good Saab offers and if I did not already have 5 Saab, then I would have bought the ice-blue 95er Kombi already!
    (would have, bicycle chain ...

  • 20. July 2017 at 11: 32 AM

    Automatic in Switzerland, yes what else? 80 km / h out of town and all felt 500 meters a village with speed 50, then 120 km / h on the highway with the notorious left-hand driver with 115 km / h !! Since I can really save the Rieglerei in manual transmission but right?

  • 20. July 2017 at 11: 55 AM

    9-5I Diesel automatic, would be a great long-haul car, and indeed the 2,3 gasoline vehicles create long ranges. There are currently no interesting 9-5I offers in Austria

  • 25. July 2017 at 12: 58 PM

    Hi all,

    only a small restriction regarding an automatic transmission:

    The manufacturers claim that the oil for these machines does not have to be changed during the entire life of the vehicle. Pure marketing blah!

    For every machine, a gear oil flushing should be carried out after approx. 80.000 km (for city traffic at even shorter intervals). Cost about 420 Euro. If this is not adhered to, then the wear-related impurities set this - appropriately. Filter installed within the automatic transmission, whereby the oil pressure gradually decreases and the shift jerks are very noticeable, especially between the 3 and 4 range or when switching from N to D.
    If you want to clean the filter of the Aisin-Warner gearbox, then this means removing and disassembling the gearbox. Absolute faulty design, which can also be found in ZF transmissions.

    Other, typical for automatic disadvantages are:
    - It is not possible to start the engine via clutch on road gradient
    - no way about starter and inserted 1. or 2. Gear to remove the car from a danger zone when the engine should stop running.

    I definitely prefer a manual gearbox! Since I own a 2,2 TiD, one with manual gearshift, the other with automatic, where the original oil after 150.000 km still sloshed in the gearbox (I bought this car with this km power needed), I can unfortunately only by automatic advise against.

    Greetings, Uli

    • 25. July 2017 at 6: 38 PM

      Good topic. In the meantime, I have gradually given all of my switches a gearbox oil change.
      The result is noticeably better shifting, with the 9000 almost new car equals. They are just now in an age that exceeds a normal car life, as is then next to hoses, etc. sometimes the gear turn.

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