History. Saab Aero vs. Boxing.

Here comes no image film in the glossy format. If you expect that, you could be disappointed. It's about a Saab Germany press event in January 2000. The occasion was the launch of the Saab 9-5 Aero.

Saab 9 5. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Before 20 years ago. Analog media dominate.

The movie is almost 20 years old, and it tells us how far back 2000 is. At the time, press kits are still a pile of paper-based information. Journalists use pens and pads for their notes. Everything is still very analog, and motor journalists were then little kings with power of opinion. It was also the big time of trade journals like the Auto Motor Sport. And the normal driver had to hurry to get the current issue at the kiosk.

That is - purely emotional - almost 1000 years ago. Blogs did not exist yet, the internet had not reached its current status. The press event reflects the time and the power relations in the reporting. The film looks antiquated, and I was not sure if it should ever be published. But it is a testimony to the past, history of Saab Germany, and not the only film in the archive that seems to be out of time.

It's about the new Saab 9-5 Aero, which tops the 9-5 series. Together with the 9-3 Aero, he is to convey the advantages of Turbo technology to the assembled journalists in a multi-day event. After a seminar in Bad Mergentheim, there is a practical test by bus to the test track boxing.

On various routes, the whopping passage of the turbo engines is "experienced". Cultivated turbos were not a matter of course in the year 2000. Saab already built it to perfection, long experience paid off. An 99 Turbo, as the beginning of a great idea, can therefore be seen briefly in the picture for traditional care.

Saab Aero is still enjoying it today.

Films like the one shown here would be unthinkable today. We conjure the best pictures with drones, and if the weather does not provide the perfect light, it will be improved. But perhaps the lack of perfection is the actual charm of the strip. "Saab Aero Vs. Boxing ".

In a strange contrast to this are the cars. An 9-3 I Aero is still cool, albeit unfortunately on the way to rarity. An 9-5 Aero, no matter in which expansion stage, is still today a relaxed, sovereign sedan or station wagon with long-range ambitions. With more power than the values ​​on paper suggest. And, as before, what was already true in the year 2000 applies. It's best to experience a Saab yourself. Get in, drive off. Have fun.

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  • Antiqiert I would not look at the movie. Compared to "Telemotor" in the 80 years with Paul Frère or "Sportpiegel" with Rainer Günzler, the film is ultra-modern. only the fashion in the 2000 years is partly a bit funny for us today, almost 20 years later .. ;-)

    • That's the fashion in any case

  • Hi Tom,
    this is for some time once again a report / film, which I liked very well, especially where I drive once again a 9 5 from the year 1999. Keep it up!

    • Thanks for the feedback! That pleases me!

  • SAAB fed!
    "It's best to get in and drive off ..." There is (almost) nothing more to say. 😉
    Thanks Tom, for the pleasing movies to Wo.-end!
    So this Wo.-end is saabig ...

  • You do a good job! So the SAAB feeling stays alive!

  • Interesting action at that time and on the circular path it has a hint of Talladega
    The title picture is really great. It's hard to believe that these are the first 9-5 in the Youngtimer age.

  • Best weather condition, because the loader gets full power. Think that the people really had fun and enthusiastically cleared the field. Nice report.

  • SAAB, Turbo, Viggen ....
    Get in, drive off Have fun, as Tom wrote! Every day anew

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