In the wrong place at the wrong time ...

The events of the G20 summit in Hamburg are still fresh in our memories. In the chaos of these days also automotive cultural property was destroyed. Destruction that makes us sad and perplexed. And to become a warning symbol against senseless violence.

Automobile cultural heritage, meaningless destroyed.

This was also what our friends Dirk and Markus saw. Both lovers of Sweden have been active for years in the Volvo regulars' table and for some time now self-confessed Saab lovers.

The idea: An automobile memorial against senseless violence.

Angry about the destruction of a now rather rare and "culturally valuable" Saab - a black 16S with good equipment (Vollturbo, ABS, airbag, sunroof, ...) - was born a crazy idea: The car must not have died in vain! It should become an automobile memorial against the senseless violence during the G20 summit.

Since Dirk and Markus work in the automotive sector as master car and body builders, the technical implementation should not be a problem. Without further ado they drove to Hamburg in the evening and attached a note to the burned-out wreck in the hope that the owner would contact them.

Sometimes good things take a surprisingly little time: soon they got a call from the owner. They told her her unusual idea. The Saab lover was immediately impressed!
Then everything went very fast. Markus and Dirk were given the burnt-out Saab and permission to recover the wreckage. It had to be done quickly to do this as gently as possible - before it would be completely turned into a junk by a waste management company.

So they drove a little later with trailer and various tools to the Hamburg Elbchaussee, where the black 16S victim of the flames ...

Enthusiasm in Hamburg and a lot of sympathy.

In the meantime, the daily newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt also became aware of the action. In one article, an editor "complained" that the city of Hamburg had not eliminated the wrecks even days after the G20 mess. Dirk contacted the editors and told them that at least one wreck would be removed there shortly, hinting at what they were doing with the Saab.

The editorial team reacted enthusiastically and wanted to report about it. A first short article appeared online - which was obviously read by many Hamburgers. More on that later ...

The recovery turned out to be difficult. The car was completely burned out. The four rims partially melted, the springs collapsed from the immense heat. The idea of ​​screwing a set of intact wheels onto the cart so that it could be moved was basically a good one - but not without complications.

Contrary to first fears, the Saab could be lifted quite easily by the jack. Even the wheel bolts came off fairly easily. But it was already there on the fact that the axles rattled rather baseless on the body. Because all rubber bushes were completely melted away. And in the sum of all these missing sockets, the front and rear axles had a lot of play, so the wheels were tilted.

We had to compensate for the sagging springs with wooden spacers. The applied handbrake could be released with a little force. But what was a problem - you park a Saab in reverse gear ... The gear lever and reverse gear lock had more or less dissolved in the fire. So we had to move the shift rod directly on the gearbox - which after a while took a lot of effort ...

Now the wreck was ready to be hitched. That too was anything but easy. The metal lump reluctantly moved using the winch. Again and again he sat up, it hooked here and there. In the end, it took more than an hour to finally get it on the loading platform.

Solidarity, helpfulness.

During the action kept on the Elbchaussee (it was Feierabendzeit) again and again pedestrians, joggers, cyclists and cars. From the brand new Audi A6 RS with elegant suit straps to old carrots. There were hamburgers who had read about the action in the Abendblatt and found the action great. In honoring always appreciative honk and thumbs up.

A passer-by eyed our active work with particular interest and said "You actually need a tow truck". "Yes, but where to get it from" replied Markus. Sebastian - so here the young man: "I have one ... But it's in Pinneberg - I'll get it."

Incredible, this helpfulness!

We stayed so that we would first try to load the car like this - and if it doesn't work, we would of course be grateful for its help. Charging actually worked on its own. Sebastian did not miss the chance, however, to "drop in" as a precaution with his yellow tow truck.

The burned Saab was then spent by Dirk and Markus in a hall to Seth (at Bad Segeberg, north of HH). Here he will get a rollable and trailerable frame, freed from loose fire and preserved. In addition, a commemorative plaque will be made.

How the rescue will continue and what the "second life" of the G20-Saab will look like, we'll reveal soon ...

10 thoughts on "In the wrong place at the wrong time ..."

  • Left-alternative hooligans with politics as a pretext, destructive rage as a motive - what a shame about the beautiful car - for some people even a 30 year old car is a “symbol of capitalism”. At the Porsche Center it must look like on the battlefield!

  • Something like this is only available at SAAB ......
    But a great action! And a dignified end for such a classic!

  • I had tears in my eyes when I saw a beloved 900 Saab burning brightly. I can not believe that one is capable of such a thing. I have nothing against protesters, but I also demonstrate something like that has to go peacefully on the stage.

  • Super action but the Left Chaot must also be held accountable!

  • Also, I was at least eyewitness through the video of the trapped on the bus and was angry about the destruction by the chaotic (and I'm still imner). That the Saab is a memorial against the destructiveness, I think great.

  • Great! ... and just typical SAAB spirit!
    I saw the SAAB vandalism pictures in the then current news ...
    The shock was particularly deep.
    Dirk and Markus, thumbs up for your commitment!

  • A really good idea and great action!
    On the Friday evening of the G20 summit I was informed about this video: Brown-black shirts would have set a nice 901 on fire ... until this blog post I didn't want to watch it.

    Good luck and success to Dirk and Markus, so that the old Saab from the ashes to the memorial rise !!!

  • Thanks for saving the remains. Let us be a memorial of this senseless destruction.

  • Sad story and a commendable initiative! Thumbs up!

  • Congratulations to those who had this idea to fix the Saab as a memorial and thus to show these cars as a witness senseless actions.

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