Saab 9-5 NG. Collectible or everyday car?

The Saab 9-5 NG scene is on the move. Some fans separate from their vehicles, others search and buy. The blog has been in constant contact with both groups in recent days. Mark and I often know both buyers and sellers, and sometimes even the history of the vehicles.

Saab 9-5 NG. Everyday Car or Collectible?

Collectible or everyday car?

The Saab scene is manageable, the circle of lovers of the last Saab is the same. That's why the vehicles are often shared in the community. What strikes, these are different attitudes to the last 9-5 generation. One group wants to keep the big Saab for all eternity, pack it in cotton wool and preserve it. Dangers only in summer and only when there is no rainfall guaranteed in sight.

The second group sees the matter much more robust. Cars are built to drive. The 9-5 is of course moved all year round, but well maintained. Service at the Saab dealer is mandatory, and the car will possibly be kept on the road for a long time. But he is not coddled and spared.

Who is right? Is the very last Saab, with only 11.280 built copies, automotive heritage? Or is it misunderstood care? And is not there any danger that sooner or later politics will get all the burners out of the street, which would speak for the enjoyment here and now? In addition, one may wonder if such a modern and internally highly networked vehicle like the 9-5 will ever make it into the age group of the classics.

Move the 9-5 all year? What is the opinion of the community?

I changed my Saab 9-5 to season licensees last year. At that time, I thought I was doing the right thing. No snow, no ice and the risk of unwanted cold deformation minimized. OK then ! Meanwhile, I have first doubts. 5 months of stoppage, my feeling says, are not good for the modern technology. An 2011 9-5 is not an 89er Saab 9000 with robust, hardly destructible technology. I'm seriously considering signing up for the Saab again for the full year and moving in the winter as well.

How do our readers see this? Is the last Saab more of a cultural asset and a collector's item? Or is he a case for everyday life? A car that you care for but move all year round?

We are looking forward to opinions, an exciting discussion and are looking forward to the voting.

Saab 9-5 NG. Collectible or everyday car?

  • Built to drive. An everyday car. (79% 240 Votes)
  • Clearly collector's item. Too bad for everyday life. (21% 64 Votes)

Total Voters: 304

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29 thoughts too "Saab 9-5 NG. Collectible or everyday car?"

  • 26. July 2017 at 10: 43 AM

    So ... it's very clear:
    All sorts of new Saabs are "unconditional" to move daily / regularly !!! 😉
    After all, cars are just there - and especially such beauties have to be run regularly!

  • 26. July 2017 at 10: 49 AM

    Not enough of the model has been built to be burned, it should be left to survive.
    That does not mean driving does not mean you should have a second car for all days and for special occasions
    take nice.
    Greetings Thomas

  • 26. July 2017 at 11: 31 AM

    Difficult question ... But in case of doubt I would say: To the road with it and have fun!

  • 26. July 2017 at 11: 47 AM

    The SAAB 9-5 NG for enjoyable occasions.
    Otherwise an "everyday car" for the div. Km.
    A speed pedelec for commuting.
    Fun and joy must be there!

    • 26. July 2017 at 12: 48 PM

      Nice if you can afford two or more cars (no matter if for money, space or other reasons)!

      I would like synonymous ... But with me "unfortunately" is enough for only one ... ;-(
      Therefore, my 2011'er Saab is also "ruthlessly" driven every day quite normal (even if it - as happened yesterday - suddenly in a parking garage minimal "touch scratches" identifies).

  • 26. July 2017 at 11: 48 AM

    I would have liked a third answer: Everyday car with a view of cult / collector's object.

  • 26. July 2017 at 12: 06 PM

    Mine is moved all year round and gets what he needs and what is good for him. But mostly if there are long distances or it requires the occasion. The workhorses remain the 9-3 and the 9-7x. For "enjoyable occasions" a beautiful formulation!

  • 26. July 2017 at 1: 08 PM

    I think if a car is no longer moving, then it does not fulfill its purpose - after Dieselgate and car cartel is probably the electric cart, car sharing and possibly the car train (with charging function) - that will be spanned and then it is certainly good to have a youngtimer in the garage, which was also waiting to run ...

  • 26. July 2017 at 1: 32 PM

    If he is well preserved, there is nothing wrong with using it all year round. After all, there are also spare parts for it. So mine was initially intended only for fair weather rides. Meanwhile I need my daily 9-5 NG dose. In addition, a car with all-wheel drive off in winter would be total nonsense.

  • 26. July 2017 at 1: 46 PM

    Everyday car and collector's item that is not a fundamental contradiction for me. Currently driving a 2006 9-5 Aero in everyday use (about 80% of which long-distance and properly maintained) and am always happy about the good long-distance qualities. An 9-5 NG as petrol certainly has good or even better everyday and long-distance qualities. That would be an interesting addition for me. The offer (possibly 4 cylinder with automatic) is however already quite scarce, so that I am not sure, there still something acceptable to find. So I continue to look around and perhaps hit again, if a ausmeiner view offers a favorable Occasion. The 9-5 NG is a real "eye-catcher" for me, especially when compared to the current products of the "cartel fraction".

  • 26. July 2017 at 2: 07 PM

    My 9-5 is, and wants to be, driven everyday. When there is a bigger issue the car wants to put it in a barn and left there too slowly vanish.
    To bad. Love the car, but the price for selling it (now a 100% error free car) is so low that I rather want it red than giving it away.
    But, as long as it works and no big fail shows up, the car wants to be used as an everyday car.

    In a one or two years, it wants to be replaced and the 9-5 wants to be hidden away unless the pricing goes up.

  • 26. July 2017 at 2: 29 PM

    I think the 95NG is neither. As an everyday car he is just too big for me and that's why I do not drive him that often.
    (38000km in 5 1 / 2 years ago)
    As a collector's item? Yes, but ..., what is 10 years? Can I even venture on the road with a diesel? What is 20 years? Saab, there was something ....? So everyone has to know for themselves. As a speculative object, the 95NG is definitely not!
    How did Tom write in one of the last reports? Driving and having fun!

  • 26. July 2017 at 2: 34 PM

    Each owner must decide for himself how / how often such a rare car is moved. However, fewer and fewer people will use it as an everyday car. Also due to the spare parts availability, which will probably deteriorate over time (more than for other Saab models).

    • 27. July 2017 at 10: 50 PM

      That's why I see driving on all saab models as the better solution
      The more that is driven, the more parts are needed and so it is still worthwhile or faster again to produce a batch

  • 26. July 2017 at 3: 29 PM

    Everything in life is transient and the last shirt has no pockets. Philosophical greetings and have fun driving

    • 26. July 2017 at 6: 27 PM

      It is exactly like that. For whom to collect? And added value is also rather doubtful.
      For the right winter is the working 9000, which is well conserved and often washed, because without SAAB I do not want.
      The others are also occasionally moved in winter when it is salt-free. It's not just bad weather.

  • 26. July 2017 at 5: 01 PM

    I am a class II driver. Use my 9-5 every day and will do this until he can not drive at all.
    My classics are taking over because a 9-5 NG will never be a real old timer in my opinion. There is too much electronics in the car.

  • 26. July 2017 at 5: 45 PM

    I have my 2010er Aero deer of 04-10 with season marks at the start. In addition there is the 2002er Aero Cabrio in the sun. Winters they are sleeping in the thermal hall and the 9-3 Wintersaab is tuned ...
    So you can enjoy the "old" Sweden for a long time every day. Short oil change intervals and the good Super Plus do the rest ...
    Healing and grooming yes - but also have fun and drive special cars ...

  • 26. July 2017 at 7: 16 PM

    I would use it as an everyday car if I had one. We in Austria are so lucky with the Wechsekennzeichen, where you can register for up to three cars on a license plate and you only taxed the PS strongest car and insured, the others go with it. I would therefore use the 9-5NG already as an everyday car, but it from harder missions as well as it is easy to spare and use for harder missions another car, ideally Saab.

  • 27. July 2017 at 11: 16 AM

    Well, opinions differ.
    Maybe you should actually see it.
    The less it is moved, the less it wears and the less it repairs. This would mean that within a short time, fast spare parts will no longer be produced.

    I do not drive a current 95, but the predecessor.
    I think the current 95er, the most beautiful
    "Everyday limousine" that you can drive.
    I do not think that when he gets better.
    And you would see even less Saab 's, if everyone moves only his in the summer.
    My two (95 chrome glasses) and 9000er are moved and maintained almost every day. As long as possible.
    And at some point we all have to look around for everyday life for a compromise. That is unfortunately the case.
    Interestingly, I think that's the 95er
    Chrome glasses, still timeless and super fits into the streetscape. What you did not think at the beginning.

    That's why - Saab has to be moved!

  • 27. July 2017 at 11: 18 AM

    You should drive and show SAABs as often as possible. Otherwise, the brand will be forgotten, which would be sad. The 9-5 NG is a very good ambassador for SAAB!

    • 27. July 2017 at 11: 59 AM

      Yes franc troll; well said. And to make it even better, I've done these great stickers on my 9 5ers; "Saab Pure Saab passion"

  • 27. July 2017 at 6: 45 PM

    I understand both arguments, but I stick with my opinion, which I once said in my article: He's out, on the street. The big suit and the garage space you can treat him, even if he goes to the 15 years - I still have 9 years ...

  • 28. July 2017 at 10: 05 AM

    Collect or use?
    I come back to the picture that precedes the article. For me there is a beautiful work of art. In the best Scandinavian tradition. The quiet areas flatter the eye. The proportion balanced, refined refractions. Jack Lenor Larsen, poul cadovius, but also Dieter Rams, to name only a few, understood how to create timelessness in the stream of the arbitrary. This is also the NG.

    Why am I driving him? Because he was created for it and Vergang is part of his destiny.
    So that people who have an eye for it, enjoy it. His gallery is the street. Vernissage in the parking lot. Probably experience the NG Fahrende again and again. As well as owners of other Saab bodies that have the same claim for me.

    Because I can always rejoice in him. Like a sculpture, a sculpture, a picture. Not to mention his inner values. But about this has been said enough right here.
    That's why I drive him.

    My 2011er Aero, once almost complete, is home on long journeys.

  • 1. August 2017 at 10: 39 PM

    Almost all year long only for long distance, and I'm now the only 95 NG .... at least that's what it seems to me. Have not seen any other 95 NG this year in DE, FR, AT, LU, NL and my home country BE?

    Too bad for burning but he should roll it regularly! Since the voting does not offer this choice, I decide for driving

  • 3. August 2017 at 7: 04 AM

    I always have to think of Peter Bäckström in such matters, who never tires of saying: "Remember, your Saab is built to be driven" ... he is right!

  • 3. August 2017 at 10: 18 PM

    Only 11.280 Expl.? ? ?

    How sad. The car is a big hit. The development time and costs were more likely for hundreds of thousands of 9 5 NG thought ...

    Dear 9 5 NG owners,

    please, please drive and show. And park in public! You make it a pleasure to others.

    Too bad that more and more SAABs are in the hands of fewer and fewer enthusiasts. If everyone had only one, they would be more often on the streets!

    • 3. August 2017 at 10: 27 PM

      Yes - who has not yet, who wants again - once again a reason to look at the Blocket offer (small replacement for the no longer available configurator on the Saab website). At the moment 23 vehicles in Sweden (unfortunately 17 models are affected by the "diesel issue")! Price range 85.000 kr - 164.000 kr. Occasionally come copies with prizes over 200.000 kr. Have a look on the street again today, in Kista north of Stockholm.

  • 4. August 2017 at 6: 23 AM

    Well, in the hands of enthusiasts they are probably not in bad hands. And who really wants one, should also find one.

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