Paul on the road and Paul makes a bitch

A few days ago we planned a trip to really good SAAB friends to Kamenz. We wanted to see each other shortly before the holiday and tell a little ... Only which car should we take?

A photoshoot in the summer

The Saab convertible had a puncture and thus failed. The 9-3 sedan or the service BMW? The BMW, as a third-party make, was eliminated by itself. He wouldn't have had a chance against Paul anyway. Because whenever our children have a choice, the Bavarian stays in the carport and the good old Saab is allowed out on the street. Almost 20-year-old Saab beats new BMW. Always and reliably.

So Paul was allowed on the street !!! The roughly 100 kilometers we rolled off in just 1,25 hours ... You can not travel more comfortable ... relaxing seats, quiet ride. Always a great car! That makes you happy, but also thoughtful. Many Saab 9-5 who are Paul's age are currently disposed of. They disappear forever, although there is so much potential in these vehicles. That's not sustainable.

Paul makes a bitch

On arrival I noticed a certain restlessness. The idling speed fluctuated from 750 to 1500 and back again ... A cause for concern? Paul has been very reliable so far, and after 5 minutes he was back to normal.

Picked up our friends with the Saab and then off to the photo shoot! Subject: "Paul with Sunflowers". Then very tasty with the Italian. Everything is perfect, but on the way home the engine runs unevenly and the oscillation ...

Meanwhile, I really thought, because Paul had actually received the large all-inclusive package and was thanks to the blog donations and the godfather durchrepariert. Purely by logic, it should be good for many, many 1.000 kilometers and many years without major problems.

Remote Diagnosis: Turbo hose off.

For this reason, Tobias Kaboth was called from the mobile forum the next morning and the problem was explained to him on the phone. Tobias knows Saab technology like no other, even if his car dealer Group the money today for the most part with other makes earned. Nevertheless, the heart still beats for the Swedes, and he is one of Paul's godparents.

His remote diagnosis: Turbo hose defective ... all-clear? The following Monday, I drove Paul to the Mobile Forum. Lo and behold: after 5 minutes came from the workshop confirmation: Turbo hose down ... After another 5 minutes Paul was allowed to roll back from the yard. Since then, the Saab 9-5 sports car runs smoothly, Saab driving is fun. And so is service .. Many thanks to Dresden!

8 thoughts on "Paul on the road and Paul makes a bitch"

  • Paul is a top car. I hope that all owners who drive such a car with dream seats, get him lovingly.
    My Paul is from 2000. 3,0 v6T. We brought him a Saab convertible in winter with ice and snow. Our third Saab. My wife does not want to ride long distances in her Jaguar anymore. She loves her convertible that was built in Finland.

  • Paul is a brand ambassador and eye-catcher at the same time. Small bitches should forgive him on the basis of his past. His 18 years you do not look at him and with the 18 "Inka rims, as well as the cool stickers of his godparents and sponsors, he leaves a sporty and elegant impression at the same time. You are always well dressed with Paul. We have welcomed you in Kamenz and are looking forward to seeing you again.

    PS: We can only understand the affection of your children for Paul ......!

  • Yes, I know this "heart head" only too well ... a SAAB that runs out of round, not good at all. 🙁
    That it was just the turbo hose, so much the better!
    Now, the driving pleasure is nothing more! PAUL looks great! The photo shoot succeeded! Bravo!
    Thanks for the nice impressions and relaxing days!

  • I mean, this mistake, like the disappearing rear bumper, shouldn't be blamed on Paul: The turbo was changed (if I remember correctly), the car was repainted ...
    For me, any criticism of the workshops involved, and that's what I mean (!!!), it's just the small and almost inevitable aftermath of almost every comprehensive revival, which now come to light.
    Paul looks great there! and because of your trips he is a perfect endurance runner in the end! I'm already looking forward to the sequels ...

    PS Nice holiday, Tom !!!

  • Very nice that Paul only pests little things. The commitment was worth it

  • A Saab has something really wrong, right? Mostly it is a small matter, as well as here. Paul looks very good in there between these sunflowers.

    • Yes, fortunately, a SAAB usually has only little things!

      But unfortunately these also pile up the older a SAAB gets ...

      Hoses and plastic parts age. And “completely repaired” seldom means that everything that's really new that hangs on the metal under the hood. My 9-5 (only half as old as Paul) firstly needs (chrome) glasses (is probably a bit far-sighted with its bi-xenon) and secondly has already spun several times. It was always broken plastic parts that prevented the engine from running correctly and made the lamp in the cockpit glow ...

  • We hope that those Saab specialists, who can make a correct diagnosis and provide excellent service for a long time ...

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