Beautiful steering. New steering wheel for the Saab 9-5 I.

In the beginning was the discussion. Both in the blog team, as well as in the wider Saab environment. Can and should you install such a modern-looking steering wheel in a Saab 9-5 I? Which is almost an upcoming classic?

New steering wheel in deer design in the 9-5 Arc.

Originally we wanted the steering wheel, the Prototypes a new series from CardyourCar, built into our Paul project. But the 9-5 had already received a new original Saab steering wheel. As an alternative, we chose an 2001 9-5 Arc sedan, which is moved daily.

New steering wheel for the 9-5 I under test

The installation was of course no problem, because an original hub of Saab is used as a template in the new production. The leather steering wheel itself adapts better to the classic Arc environment than first suspected. Of course, it remains a matter of taste, and one could at this point forever discussing whether you prefer to buy an old steering wheel, or change to another design.

The steering wheel itself is good and handy in the hand and is not too thick padded. For some months now, the 9-5 has been outfitted with the new equipment, and the result is consistently positive. Although some seams are not quite as it should be. This is most likely due to the prototype stage, because generally everything is clean and sewed routinely.

Wear can not be detected so far, especially the engraved pages always remain very well palpable in summer even at high temperatures. The recessed grips are practical, and only the upper, smooth leather cover gives reason for criticism in very hot temperatures.

He then feels as if he sweats easily, which could possibly be due to the adhesive used. Maybe an isolated case. The satisfaction factor is high anyway. A return to the old Arc steering wheel will not exist in this case, the CardyourCar steering wheel in the deer design remains in the 9-5.

Buy or not? A decision that depends solely on the taste. Nothing compares objectively, and the market unfortunately does not provide many alternatives. As mentioned, the blog team is and remains divided. Even if the steering wheel in Natura makes a better figure than in the pictures. A tempting alternative is definitely, and the price is reasonable.

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  • Looks better than expected! I had some doubts in the presentation, but the ARC is doing extremely well!

  • Och ... thing is pretty chic.
    I could have imagined that in my previous 9-5 SC Arc.

  • Sorry, but that has nothing to do with taste ... this "pinched" steering wheel works in conjunction with the classic and reduced design language of the cockpit just embarrassing and cheeky. Especially since wood in the interior of a certain sportiness counteracts. Not for nothing most 9k and 9-5 Eros have not been delivered with wood. In a ridden down 3er BMW, yes maybe.

    • But, it has to do with taste .. otherwise I fully agree with this optical classification: reduced clear cockpit, pseudo-sporty "crush" steering wheel.
      (with perhaps one caveat: older Englishmen excel in the combination of wood and sportiness, but that's a completely different story)

  • Looks tip top! Fits in the cockpit.
    Continue to enjoy the use.

  • The most beautiful cockpit I've ever seen. Every time I look at it, I have doubts as to whether I should have kept my 99 SC at the time. With this steering wheel, however, it looks, let's get used to ...

  • The steering wheel looks great!
    However, I have to agree with Daniel.
    The beautiful wood decor from the "Arc" does not really fit with the sporty, curved steering wheel. This is about as a red exterior paint with wood applications in the interior. Actually, such a combination of orders should not even be possible.
    But of course you can not argue about taste or do you?
    The new steering wheel looks very appealing.
    May I ask for the price at this point?

    • Tastes are different, which is good. Opinions also differ within the blog crew.

      CardyourCar sells the steering wheel for 510,51 €, a piece is still in stock.

      • Of course it is good that tastes are different, otherwise we would probably all drive identical Saab. In my opinion, we do not judge here whether the Hirsch honeycomb grill looks better on the 9-3 or the series. Both fit harmoniously into the overall picture and it is really a matter of taste. The steering wheel is about a harmony of design. No one would ask a LeCourbusier villa for an oak wall unit. That just does not fit
        Nevertheless, have fun with it.

    • Mine was red and with wood application. It looked, not only in my opinion, great! But as you mentioned, "About taste ...."

    • Such a steering wheel, preferably without multi-functi buttons, I'm looking for the 931: three spokes, plain (he). If someone from the revered blog has an idea, I would be happy ... Thanks in advance

      • No chance. Unfortunately. There are no "small" airbags with matching hub for the 9-3 I and therefore no simple solution with 3 spokes. Incidentally, I find the original Aero steering wheel in the 9-3 I very suitable.

        • Would that not fit from the 902? They are exactly as you are looking for and have the right airbag.

  • Personally, I do not like it at all, a before-and-after picture would have been helpful as well. In this cockpit is my opinion the right wood / Lederlenrad. Sorry, but I think it looks cheap, just in front of the beautiful wood decoration ... Appearance rather plastic than leather, like a 80er Japanese ...

    • As already written ... tastes are different ...

      I really like nice wood decor in older cars! That looks just great and noble in many cars!

      I also had a nice 2014-9 SC Arc with "matte" wood until the end of 5.
      But just with the 9-5 I always found wood (unfortunately) not!

      Because the (unfortunately) rather cheap fitting components of the Saabs (switches, buttons, Navi, audio, air conditioning, ventilation, etc.) I always found rather inappropriate wood.
      I would therefore prefer in my former Saab similar or "painted" Kunsstoff or carbon or similar. desired.

    • I also had a 9-5 (I) in the Brabus equipment. The steering wheel I found, although ergonomic, actually almost inappropriate petite for a vehicle of this size and after 17 years in the service, it was also quite worn and the leather covers firmly. A "restoration" then made a final accident a stroke through the bill. In principle, I prefer - especially as a frequent driver - rather stronger steering wheels with a not too soft padding, so I think the above shown actually a very good solution, especially in a daily moving vehicle.

      Are similar copies actually planned for the 9-5 (II)? Only so out of interest

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