Saab 9000 Anna Project. Everything will be fine.

If there is general advice on how to deal with youngtimers and classics, then this: never give up! Anna came to us as a nursing case in April 2013. Then stood in the hangar for almost 2 years until we tackled the restoration.

Saab 9000 Anna Project

The conditions were not good, the care problem was felt and felt everywhere. Since the summer 2015 the Saab is back on the road. After this Winter Test With cheap tires, the 9000 now rolls with Michelin tires on Super Aero rims through the summer. And it feels a lot better.

Because things develop promising, despite individual frustration attacks. The reviewer certifies the 9000 a condition of 2 - 3, which is quite neat for an almost 20 year old everyday car. And the TÜV in the spring of the Anniversary was straightaway without complaint.

Small defects. But nothing serious.

A trifle can be reported as a lack on the edge. The EDU sometimes had no function at startup. Not always, but always. The disassembly of the dashboard cover to check the speedometer unit promoted an incorrectly attached plug to light. Since then, the old Saab works as reliably as expected.

Old cars make it easy to solve small problems yourself. You drive through your car, get to know it, and in the case of the Saab 9000, it's fun because you learn a lot about the philosophy behind the brand. The 9000 is high quality processed. Everything is designed for a long life and a high repair friendliness. Connectors are made as you would expect in an airplane. Likewise, the wiring harnesses, which are thicker than in modern cars. Screws and other components did not come from the Far East back then; they do not flinch when touched with a screwdriver.

Who has the pleasure and has several Saab 9000 years of construction, can follow the continuous evolution of the series. Many improvements, several changes and from the 9000 CC to the last years of construction, the Saab was increasingly transformed into a mobile high-security cage. If you go for the 9000 yourself, then you should treat yourself to one of these fabulous original Saab workshop manuals, which are offered again and again in the known portals.

The project has been running for longer than 2 years. The Saab matured in this time to the good car and is getting better. It's worth having stamina. He is being serviced by Saab Service Frankfurt, and Gerard Ratzmann has a keen eye on the Saab. Of course, things are still, or again, things to do. The second hand acquired air conditioning compressor must be replaced. And there's the thing with the suspension. By the previous owner shock absorbers were installed, which do their service, but do not really fit the Saab. The 9000 rolls off inharmonious, there is further need for action.

New rear cover, new radio.

In between there was still time for a few little things. Most Saab 9000 drive with rear covers through the everyday life, which are faded by 20 or more years of sun. Not nice ! At some point I was tired of the faded part, it did not fit the rest of the car. A new cover made by our saddler, with an anthracite-colored fabric also used elsewhere by Saab, eliminated the defect.

Unfortunately, the good Blaupunkt radio had to be replaced after a defect. Since Blaupunkt no longer exists, the spare parts are scarce or, as in our case, no longer available. The optically acceptable alternative was a DAB + radio from Continental in the 9000. Its appearance corresponds to the Becker models that Saab offered for a while as an accessory on the 9-5. Whether it remains permanent, or is replaced by another 90er years radio will show the coming months. In any case, the sound and reception performance are right, and it blends harmoniously into the cockpit of the 9000.

All good? Yes, the Saab is on a good way. And I, too, feel good about it. Maybe in recent years my perspective on cars has changed in general. But it can also be due to the current emissions and mobility discussion. You can see classic cars and classics with different eyes.

The Saab 9000 Anna project had delivered the most massive CO2 emission around 20 years ago during production. It is well maintained and in good condition. The Saab consumes more fuel between 1 and 2 liters than a current, comparable vehicle would do. In the current state, he holds 20 years again. At least! How long would it take to move a new car until its eco-balance is better than that of old Saab?

Moving youngtimer calls from time to time one or the other compromise - but is lived, sustainable reality. No matter what you want to tell us about the future of mobility.

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  • Yes, you can make a few meaningless compromises when moving a classic car. But the driving experience, the good seats, the simple, but (mostly) functioning technology more than compensate in my view.

    Last week air pressure test after an error message on the BMW 2er ActivTourer my wife: 20 minutes duration, many error messages, a calibration ... and a lot of creeps of two people ... I do not see the advantage of the whole technology, I just do not see him ... I'm curious what the 2er displays everything in 5 years ...

  • Great statement Tom, I agree with 100%. Also with the screws I made the same findings, everything is massive and eternally "carved from the solid"

    Patrick, the great technology is not installed to your advantage, but first for the service industry. If the then says it's not worth it, you should quickly buy new. We now with the diesels, many of which were retrofitted with hardware - is not wanted ..

  • Hello Tom, again a nice article about the 9000er. Meets, as an avowed 9000 driver, of course, to 100% approval. The car is hard to beat in its entirety. And of course, the eco-aspect plays a big role. I just hope those leave up there and drive these vehicles for a long time. Yes, and with the little things you learn to live well ....

  • I can only agree with Tomm, there is no better feeling than driving a long-term car like the SAAB 9000. Built for eternity and intended as a general-purpose weapon (intended as a work, family, long-distance, bad and noble business car). Although man has to make small compromises now and then, but the feeling, the noise (the sound of a REAL turn signal ralais), the comfort of seats instead of optics (and back pain) designed seats, the smell of almost lavishly thick leather, that's like one addiction!

    As a Proud 18 year old 9000 rider I had (unfortunately) a golf 7 gtd as a driving school car. Is a real nice car but it all felt so synthetic. Zero live in the car. You get in, drive, get out again and do not want to drive longer. Perfectly lifeless.

    And also economically it is an aspect to drive a Youngtimer:

    Comparison: man buys a new car for eg 30000 €

    If you buy instead a Youngtimer for about 5000 € would man 25000 € (!) For the receipt of the car.

    And the pollutant emissions in the production of a new car (especially in hybrid, and electric cars) is much higher than the receipt of a Youngtimers (technically good condition assumed!). And man really does not want to support today's money-hungry managers.

    Man knows also with a Youngtimer that he runs to 100% and only after the 250000km retracted first. With a new car, there are many manufacturers already at low mileage and maintained service and gentle driving style already have problems. You just do not know what you're buying (I do not want to scissors all over the place, there are also really great and reliable new cars).

    And above all: IT HAS STYLE

  • Am always amazed how well I like the 9000 in silver, a color that I would otherwise make a big bow. Nice that this copy is entrusted so much patience and heart. On a long car life! If the previous owner would now see the car like that ...

    • Anna is not really silver. In the COC, the birth certificate, stands gray as a color. Incidentally synonymous with my 9-3 I Aero, which is also (silver) gray.
      The previous owner is now driving a VW folding roof convertible. For her, Anna was just a vehicle to consume. At Volkswagen, I guess it will be similar.

      • Interesting. But the color code is 247 silver, right? The 9000 has been replaced by an EOS? Of course that says a lot ... ;-( Nice that he has now found a real home.

        • Color code is 268, a silver color that was used as of 1997 but appears to be consistently gray in the papers.

          Yes, the former owner, a not so young lady, is now driving EOS. I think she could not do anything with the 9000 her husband bought as a new car. Glad that he landed with us.

          • Interesting. I'm happy to teach you a better one, but for me these are two different color codes for the same color. With the introduction of the 9-5, Saab has redefined 247 for reasons unknown to me, the Silver Metallic, which was previously marketed under the code 268. Until MY97 there was the 9000 and the 900NG in 247 silver. In the last model year 98 there was then the 9000 and the 900NG in 268 silver. However, the color must still be identical, since the paint pen 12799108 is marketed for both color codes, even if the packaging is only 268. Swedish parts, Skandix, etc. give both color codes as a reference.

          • The color may not be identical because there are different Dupont codes for the painter. Code 247 = Dupont Code F0911 and was used from 1995 to 1997. Code 268 = Dupont Code F5025 and existed from 1998 to 2007.

          • As I said, funny, that the above paint pen is then marketed for both silver color codes ...

  • A very nice 9k. Every € is well spent money! Quality like this will never be there, and 9k in this condition are hard to find. Maybe they are inherited in the family and not sold?

  • I can only agree with that. Now drive the second 9k after stupidly selling my first one years ago.
    (See driving report here in the blog scarab green !!)
    The 95er continued to run as my main vehicle, but I missed the all-round visibility and great workmanship.

    Last year, I saved Anny 97er from the recycler.
    Is a great car. For real.
    The comfort beats while sitting the 95er
    Around worlds.
    And everyone who drives is enthusiastic about the course.
    There is also a disassembled cabinet fits in easily.

    Unfortunately, I have to say that mine tends to rust despite regular maintenance.
    Although he is five years younger than my old former 92er. Even under the rear seat.
    Will have to do a lot there.

    I can only recommend the 9000er - even as a 2.3 liter vacuum cleaner. Drives super and economical.
    Absolute buy recommendation !!!!

  • Thanks for the nice article. The car looks really fantastic. This of course arouses the interest in me to someday buy me an 9000. However, even in Sweden not so easy to get a vehicle in good condition. Or ... restoration!

    • In Sweden, some 9000 CC are currently being restored. In the usual FB groups you can see what has survived in barns. Very fascinating!

      • That would be worth an article, especially for those who can not do anything with FB ...

  • Great article! I love the Saab 9000 and I'm the proud owner of 5 vehicles (2 Aero, Anni, CD, CC) It's like a positive addiction, which always brings joy and passion! This car really combines everything you need and I find the power delivery as much more impressive than with newer vehicles (it only matters to me)
    Thank you Tom! greetings from Switzerland

    • The good feeling.

      Oh yes, the feeling counts. I do not think the market will see any cars in the future that make you feel as good as in a SAAB or a nice vintage car.

      • There will surely be an assistance system soon. The chassis gets a "vintage key" and it is at the same time the scent of old leather sprayed. Of course it is TÜV-relevant and after expiry of the guarantee a knock-out criterion more for the premium product.

        • The idea is funny ...

          Especially the vintage button in an SUV. Suddenly, 125 slows down and the steering is so spongy that you need at least the entire track from 100. And in the crosswind, head off to the guardrail!

  • One of the finest Saabs I know.
    Oh, why did not I keep the 9000 Anniversary?
    Why does one see this 9000-he so little on the street?
    That's why, Tom, well done !!

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