Briefly noted. Saab drives rally. Saab is fun.

Regular readers on the blog are sure to remember the Histo Monte 2017. The Saab 99 by Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer was on historic paths. The team was quite successful, had fun, and provided regular reports.

They are regular blog readers Picture: Gerd and Robert Wagenheimer

The classic Saab is now on the track again, this time driven by Robert and Gerd at the Hamburg-Berlin Klassik. The 99 with the Orio lettering was added to Heuschmid prepared for the mission, he also now also has a blog sticker. The Autobild showed the 99, an exotic in the starting field, during the technical declines in a prominent place on the Web.

20 years Saab in Lübeck

While Robert and Gerd hold up the Saab flag on the Hamburg-Berlin route and keep our fingers crossed, it has been blowing over Lübeck for many years. That's why the 20 Jahre Zielke Show starts in October. Detlef Zielke and his team are still enthusiastic about Saab and the other Swedish brand. On the 15. 10. celebrate the big anniversary. A rally and an evening event are on the agenda, the invitations to customers are in the post.

20 years Saab in Lübeck
Saab video. given

The blog is a living organism. His “life” is shaped by our readers, who always contribute ideas and articles. This is how it develops, changes from year to year. We also get packages from time to time that have a great deal of content.

Saab 900 digitizing video.

In the last few days we received an old Saab video for our digitization project. He is still from the Saab 900 era, shot in Lapland and Sweden, and promises a lot of action. The winter video will be digitized in the next few months.

It is a gift for the blog and thus also for the Saab community, who can look forward to another historical film. The team is also happy and sends two blog stickers as a small thank you to Jörg with the post!

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  • Cooool! I'm looking forward to SAAB in action!
    Wrong, where the "treasures" are stored everywhere ...
    Great, these are donated to the blog!
    Nice weekend!

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