Fancy Saab. Saab 9-3 Griffin Black Edition.

When Saab 2011 announced the 9-3 Griffin series, it was far more than just another revision of the series. New engines, a refined interior, and a streamlined exterior design helped make the 9-3 even more attractive.

Saab 9-3 Griffin Design

Fancy Griffin Design?

The 9-3 Griffin was only available for a short period of time, which is unfortunate. Then the tapes stood still forever. But the last 9-3 edition never let me go completely, and last winter I wanted to convert a normal Vector station wagon to a Griffin exterior design.

Coincidence or not, because Orio was bringing a conversion kit onto the market under the name "Griffin Black Edition" at the time. With the active support of Orio Germany and the Saab center in Bamberg it goes spontaneously to the implementation. The Black Edition set from Sweden is delivered promptly, the painter commissioned. Only a few days later, the new front is already painted in jet-black metallic and I'm on my way to Upper Franconia.

The surprise in the package

The dismantling of the front end and the polystyrene impact protection is done quickly, we experience the surprise when opening the Orio package. The Griffin Kit consists of more parts than the Vector from model year 2008. In addition, there is an insert for the lower radiator grille, behind which a 2-part air guide box is attached. Fine-tuning for the 2011 model year for the direct-injection turbo engines, which receive better cooling and thus work more effectively. In addition, all parts are very valuable.

In addition to the Griffin Black Edition Kit, the ice-blue headlights and the Griffin grill are installed. At the rear, the griffin has to say goodbye, a new strip in the Griffin design comes instead, the lettering has been replaced. The result is impressive. The Saab looks more modern, more concise and more like Saab than before. Both me and Ralf Muckelbauer's workshop team like what is ahead of us extremely well.

The black inserts around the fog lights, the alternative to the silver Aero Trim, make the design appear discreet. Operation succeeded, we all like the Griffin look. The mood is good, the enthusiasm great. Good design, however, is characterized by durability. How will I rate the Saab in a few months? The pros and cons, and my thoughts on the definitive final design evolution of Saab, I will describe tomorrow on the blog.

Which 9-3 can be converted to Griffin Design?

For all vehicles from model year 2008 conversion is possible without great effort. Pre-facelift vehicles can only be retrofitted with great effort, because parts of the body like hood and fender are not compatible.

Costs for parts and working hours:

Design Kit for vehicles without headlight cleaning system

  • 32019874 - € 583,73

Design kit for vehicles with headlight cleaning system

  • 32019875 - 604,03 €

Three-part grille:

  • 12824618 - 184,18 €
  • 12829566 - € 95,93
  • 12829567 - € 90,12

Rear bar 4-door with Saab lettering:

  • 12845238 - 146,19 €

Rear bar 5-door with Saab lettering:

  • 12845239 - 311,91 €

Headlight left, H7

  • 12846268 - 253,80 €

Headlight right, H7

  • 12846269 - 253,80 €

Headlight, left, xenon

  • 12829584 - 639,58 €

Headlight right, xenon

  • 12829585 - 639,58 €

Headlight, left, Xenon Adaptive

  • 12829590 - 1.015,43 €

Headlight right, Xenon Adaptive

  • 12829591 - 1.015,43 €

All prices are recommended retail prices of Orio Deutschland GmbH including VAT. All information is provided without warranty. authorized Saab partner like to make an individual offer.

Mounting kit Griffin Black Edition, without further accessories:

  • approx. 90 - 120 minutes

Cost of painting, depending on color and regional pricing:

  •  about 300,00 to 500,00 €


6 thoughts on "Fancy Saab. Saab 9-3 Griffin Black Edition."

  • Hallo,

    I also think that the Griffin design package looks very good. Have already converted some.

    But it really only comes into its own if you replace the headlights with the ice block headlights.

    What I noticed here but that some prices do not fit.

    Headlamp H7 left and right is the same price (253,80 €)

    Headlight xenon adaptive (994,02 €)

    Personally, I like the Aero Griffin package better. The Black Edition as she calls Orio is not my case.


    • There was an error with the H7 headlights, which is corrected. Otherwise the prices come from Orio, maybe there was adaptive for xenon a price reduction?

  • Looks noble in the "color". I had it done a good 2 years ago at a similar Orio campaign in silver and have not regretted it. Only at the back does the bar look boring due to the lack of contrast, so I left the blue splash of color.
    I had previously had seats converted from linear to Griffin part leather. Also very good, but the parts will not exist anymore.

  • Of course, makes you want to ... 🙂 A great feature by the way

  • I like it. Who has the money left should do it.

  • I'm always surprised how timelessly elegant the 9-3 is. Operation successful, looks very fut I would say!

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