Fancy Saab. The final Saab design evolution.

Months later, the decision is confirmed to be correct for some things and wrong for others. Design has half-lives, and good design is very durable. Saab has a reputation for always delivering timeless elegance.

Saab Griffin design

The half-life of Saab Design

The Griffin conversion in Bamberg is now a few months back, the euphoria in the beginning was great. The Black Griffin design package gave the 9-3 what was missing in the 2008er design. Clear edge instead of rounded, bio-dynamic lines. More Saab, more clarity, more individuality.

And today, months later, the enthusiasm still lingers. The Saab looks modern, but not fashionable. The ice-blue headlights shimmer mysteriously and, depending on the incidence of light, in a different shade of blue. Front to front with other, much more recent cars from Sweden, the 9-3 looks brand new. The rear is tidier, the Saab logos are more present. The Saab shows its colors. It's just fun to look at the car and drive it.

Is that easy beyond reason? Yes, perhaps. Because you take money in your hand and still only convert an older car for additional individuality. But a good, sustainable decision because you will have more fun with your Saab. Because he does not age, but appears younger. A car that has already been produced is an environmentally friendly car, and upgrading with the Griffin Black Edition is an alternative way of more sustainability - combined with more joy.

The final Saab Design Evolution

The Griffin design is the final evolution of what the brand's design team has created. There will be no replenishment, which is a loss. Because under the current circumstances, nothing will come from Sweden that could make us happy. The owners of the old Saab factory had issued a new minimum target for us in the summer of 2016. Saab Design should live on and be found in all NEVS vehicles. After having already given up on the revitalization of the brand, this promise is now also obsolete. The NEVS 9-3 electric car originally had a Saab design, created in Trollhättan.

It was rejected, it was too Saab to the Chinese shareholders. The maximum is the continuous rear bar on the NEVS 9-3x Concept. Everything else did not originate in the Design Studios in Sweden. A Korean team working for Kia and Hyundai drew the Concept Cars.

With this background I would do it again at any time. Because you make it special for yourself and your automobile heart. And because it's the last evolutionary step from the studios of a big, old car brand.

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  • Hello Tom, the SAAB looks “first class”! Congratulations, especially under these final thoughts / circumstances.
    SAAB remains the eye-catcher among the cars!

  • I believe that if the blog did not exist, I would have given up my TX for a long time (so many expensive repairs and money as well as the consumption and annoying cost me)!

    Depending on the article I read here with how much feeling in the car is put, it reminds me of what I actually have wennschon the next time in another car climb!

    Today, the car is becoming more and more of a “throwaway” item like cell phones, putting the car together, leasing for 4 years and then getting the new model with new gadgets….

    I still have a big list of what my TX will get so everything

    Thanks to Tom and all the readers write!

  • I would be happy if it were so. Then the article would be a success and would have liked to Saab!

  • It's amazing ...

    ... how fresh the last 9-3 (or the 9-5) look.

    But the designers of other brands have not come up with anything for years, except to play around with the lights.

    Or periodically round and edged and round again.

    I have completely lost track of what each is the youngest or penultimate model.

  • Great car Tom! The design of Saab has always been special, never following the market and that's what makes the Saab drive, among other things. More being than appearance! I love my 93er I, the Aero Coupe with Viggenbody is design-wise a force. Incredibly balanced, beautiful proportions, unfussy and practical. I can not handle most of today's cars. Most Auto.Designs are only sucked out, with Audi as a prime example.
    Have fun with our great Saab, I wish all readers.

  • Hello dear Saabfahrer
    I have also just acquired the “last design stage” in the form of a convertible. I still find the Saab design appealing and timeless compared to the German mass-produced vehicles.
    Unfortunately I was right about “Saab is and will remain history”. But the question remains: Why did NEVS even acquire Saab? What if the result comes from the production in China, the design from Korea / China and the lights slowly go out in Sweden? What is this madness ??? !!! It couldn't have been Saab's Knoffhoff, otherwise China would have been producing for a long time. As a management consultant with some knowledge of the Chinese market, I am convinced that NEVS will not bring series production onto the road.
    So enjoy your Saabs and take good care of them.

  • Great cart! Looks really good!

  • Dear Tom,
    I'm also the proud owner of a 9 3 2.0t Vector Sports Suit, Bioethanol (MJ08) in the same color Jetblack Metallic with some deer gadgets. (SW, leather interior, strut brace, etc.). When I read your article and see the photos I'm very tempted to do the same!
    Thanks for the thought-provoking!
    Unfortunately we won't get anything of the same value from Sweden….

  • "... A car that has already been produced is an environmentally friendly car ..."

    Ha! This is exactly what I always tell my friends when someone talks about my Saab about “polluters” or the like. speaks.
    ... and I like to remind you how many years I can drive around with my comparatively “huge dirt slingshot” if, for example, you only go on vacation 1-2 times a year. 😉
    ... there is always something to put into perspective or put in relation.

    Very nice 9-3 SC by the way - nice pictures !!!
    Even as a new car, I wouldn't look at it as “obsolete”! Timelessly modern!
    (and I was not such a fan of the 9-3 SCs because of the long taillights)

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