At the wrong time in the wrong place. A SAAB does its job. Is the 9-7x a SAAB?

I'm not sure which headline to choose ?! But later. I drive since 1994 SAAB, which did not necessarily have to happen like that. Born in Leipzig, Mercedes, BMW but also Volvo were in my field of vision during trade fairs.

Deformed sheet metal after a serious accident. Picture: T. Forner

After the turnaround, my first car became a Golf and I was traveling professionally and sportily in half of Europe. And both brought the contact to SAAB, sports fans in Sweden with an 9000er in snow and ice in a curve off the road and land in the field, pull the SAAB out of the field and continue, the doctor sometimes with me in his 900er took to swim training and then the friend of the draftsman who exchanged his 3er BMW for a 9000er!

An incredible process for my head. But the virus was in the body, the newspaper articles on the safety, torque and the extensive standard equipment of SAAB vehicles were read intensively and 1994 was finally ready, an 900NG 2,0i as special equipment only fog lamps in front and the passenger airbag. Today, one would say an accountant but compared to the Golf an almost extensive Serienaustattung. 2 years later, followed by another 902 for my brother and business partner, 1998 then the first turbo a 9000aero, he won the comparative drive against the newly released on the market 9-5.

All SAAB were driven far beyond the 200.000km. The 9000aero is still in the garage. 2008 it was time for a new SAAB, but the 9-5 is still in the sales halls and does not have a lot, which is now in my specifications and desirable in my snowy and mountainous Vogtland home. That's how I fell in love with the 9-7x and then bought one in Kiel.

Well aware of the technology of the Trailblazer under the SAAB dress, he convinced with a comprehensive standard equipment, which offered no other SAAB at that time. Space, acceleration like the 9000aero, air suspension, all-wheel drive and much more. Only on the subject of security, I had my reservations, because SUV are in a not so good reputation and an older American construction, perhaps not anyway.

But the 9-7x became the workhorse for me, escorted us to sporting events and on vacation and ... he decelerates. With his V8 you can be fast but also enjoy the sound very comfortably. One year later he gets an 2005er Cabrio aside and 2012 another 9-5ng aero6xwd. Since the two 900ng were sold, there are now four SAABs in the family and we are actually happy and satisfied with our fleet.

Until the 01.06.2017, that day, like so many times with the 9-7x, I was on construction sites and on business appointments to drive home in the evening on the B 95. I was overtaken and still thought, well with 95km / h he can, a few minutes later I see in front of my car two horses running towards me, after the thought what is that, was the day too long?

A film? ... it cracked dull and my next memory is that I'm sitting on the side of the road in a broken SAAB, turning off the engine, turning on the hazard lights, opening the driver's door with a quick push, and shakily leaving the car. I had caught the two horses head-on and they were now in the fast lane after they had flown over the bonnet, windscreen and roof.

We wanted to secure the scene of the accident with a couple from a following car and inform the police. Even before this succeeded, drove another car in the accident site and overturned. One of the horses was hurled at the 9-7x. Unfortunately only now could the accident site be secured. Other drivers hid the car driver, I still got my medical cushion to supply him with.

Luckily he was approachable and conscious. I myself was full of blood and filth, fortunately almost all of the horses, except for two cuts on the right index and middle fingers, I had no injuries. Now also ran the program with ambulance, police, fire and full closure and we both seriously injured, according to newspaper report, were taken to the hospital. Ok, in the newspaper could have been a seriously injured Opelfahrer, the SAAB driver only gets out of his car with slight scratches.

Lucky in bad luck was the 5 broken horses only 2 run on the road. But even so I'm glad to have survived the accident well and the 9-7x has proven that he does not need to fear a moose test. With about 100km / h two full-grown horses in a frontal crash, that should at least correspond to a moose. Certainly, the older construction with frame and the solid V8 and the SUV architecture helped me to survive the accident so well.

Unfortunately, the horses and the 9-7x did not survive. The horses are dead and the SUV total loss. For me, the 9-7x has now finally ennobled to a real SAAB and the replacement 9-7x is already in the garage, Thanks SAAB and GM for the stable car that has saved my life.

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    Thank you for this post which I appreciate very much. It shows that Saab has enforced his security wishes again and that GM could not happen.

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    Yes, the replacement is again a 5,3i 9-7x, but now with sunroof and no children's cinema. What has been changed in the security architecture of the 9-7x compared to the Trailblazer is unknown. The ignition was placed in the middle and the suspension was tuned differently. Whether with or without changes, I was impressed by the stability of the A-pillars, which are only warped towards the center of the car.

    Much Sweden is not in the 9-7x, as I said, the ignition lock in the center console, the cup holder from the 9-5 old, and the exterior design. In return he has all the conveniences from the GM shelf + suppliers that were available at the time and that fit in the car. And the whole thing without a large list of surcharges, only the children's cinema and the navigation were to be found, the rest was included ... and a high level of standard equipment is again typical for SAAB.

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    SAAB ...

    ... now has a legendary reputation for having to do everything differently and more expensive. Not at the customer's expense, but at their own expense.

    On the platform of the 9000 (actually a joint development with Alfa and Lancia), SAAB is said to have continued to refine it for so long that it subsequently had nothing more in common with the Italian platform of the partners (apart from the wheelbase and the track width) ...

    What about the 9-7X? ? ?

    How much America and how much Sweden is in this car?
    Are there additional gussets in there as well?

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    With all the misfortune with the death of the horses, the injuries of the Opelfahrer and the loss of the 9-7er nevertheless a happy exit for the driver of the Saab. The day should probably be a reason to celebrate forever. In an accident of such violence, this is by no means a matter of course. The Saab has protected the driver's life. More is not possible! What serves as a replacement for the 9-7x?

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    Thanks for the article, very interesting. Luckily nobody was seriously injured - what a shame for the horses, of course. Would be interesting to hear and see more about the new 9-7X!

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