Lafrentz makes deer. And 9-5 NG Diesel are looking for buyers.

The car dealership Lafrentz is working hard on the new edition of various Hirsch products. Some things are still in the pipeline, but for other products, production is already assured. Saab 9-5 NG drivers are so happy. Because there are high quality accessories.

Saab 9-5 NG Sports Suit with Hirsch rims and body kit

The Hirsch rims in 20 ″ format are reissued and produced depending on the order quantity. The price per rim is € 1.250,00, the complete set therefore costs € 5.000,00. The sold-out body kit for the 9-5 NG is also newly manufactured. It includes the Hirsch front spoiler and the two side skirts. The price: € 1.190,00.

Interested parties can e-mail ( or telephone contact with the Car dealership Lafrentz record, tape. As no or at least no large stock quantities are produced in the limited edition, a timely placement of the order makes sense.

The production of further deer accessories is planned, not only for the 9-5.

2014 9-5 NG TTID in Kiel
Red 9-5 NG TTID is looking for buyers

It's been a good 3 years since I released the Review a Saab 9-5 NG TTID on the blog. I'm not a diesel fan, but I liked the Saab alone because of its eye-catching red livery. Courage to color, in the sea of ​​gray and black cars. And the color reminded me of the red classic Saab 900. He also had the rare panoramic roof on board.

In the meantime, the 9-5 NG is looking for a buyer again. I realize that neither diesel nor manual transmission are currently very popular. The seller whose life circumstances have changed, by the way, too. But a try is worth it, because the 9-5 Vector is a very appealing car.

Meanwhile, the Saab got a reversing camera, 134.000 kilometers are on the clock. The seller's asking price is 17.900,00 €. It would be nice if this well-endowed and rare Saab found a new home in the community. A contact to the seller is the blog team with serious interest like.

Saab 9 5 NG TID. Image: Autohaus Muckelbauer
Fjord-Blue 9-5 NG TID is looking for buyers

Another 9-5 NG Diesel is for sale at the Saab Center in Bamberg - a well-known and traditional address when it comes to Saab. The fjord-blue colored 9-5 has run less than 100.000 kilometers. It rolls on the exclusive and coveted Edge rims and there is a used car guarantee.

Maybe it's a case for fans who are not looking for the ultimate collector's item, but who want to live in the here and now and have fun everyday with an individual vehicle.

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    Who actually does Hirsch's software upgrades? Wanted to upgrade my 2.3t from 185 PS to 220 PS, despite the 185000km, my FSH has not reported despite telephone call and multiple mails with complete maintenance history.
    Is this deer service no longer available? My zip code is 67582.

    Saabige greetings


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      A friend “stalked” his 2.3t last week. Everything satisfied and good.

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    These are also special rims! And they greatly enhance the 9-5. The cost of Benz or Audi even more. I think the price is fair. The sentence was at least as expensive then. And, anyone who drives such a rim, should take one to the camp.

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    The rims are the 9-5ng but also extremely good, is nice that there are alternatives, but for those who want to afford the 9-5ng aware, it's still a fine thing!

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    Nice rims, but 1.250 EUR per rim is a proud price. But small series is of course expensive. It's great that the Lafrentz car dealership is taking the initiative. For comparison, here is the offer from Oreo. there are still four types of rims available for the 9-5 NG, including the 20-inch “Star” for 4.010 kr each.

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