Saab 9-5 NG Production Report

It was only 11.320 copies of the last Saab that rolled out of the factory buildings in Trollhättan. Then the gates closed forever. But Saab lives on, and the latest 9-5 generation is high on the fans of the brand.

Saab 9-5 NG production. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Production Statistics of the 9-5 NG

The Swedish Saab fan Henrik Zaar, with the support of employees of Orio AB and many other Saab enthusiasts, took the trouble and prepared the production figures. A very exciting chapter in recent Saab history was secured through his work.

Production figures were up today released. Michèl Annink, who runs the page devoted to the 9-5 NG sports car, has graphically prepared the numbers.

The 9-5 NG Production Report provides many answers. How many vehicles were made with the panorama roof? Which engines were popular? Which colors and equipment levels were in demand?

You will discover some surprises. For example, laser red is a particularly rare color. Exact 163 pieces are available worldwide. One of them is currently available in Germany Sales, Unexpected could be that the majority of the 9-5 with the equipment level Linear left the factory. The report provides the appropriate explanation: In the US, the vector level was not. The customer only had the choice between Aero and Linear.

In addition, a breakdown of the vehicle specification by country can be found. And it is being clarified how many Saab 9-5 NGs were built in the pre-production in Rüsselsheim.

Model maintenance for January 2012

Hardly known is the facelift that would have existed for January 2012. The report reveals details. In the Production Report the 100 KW Diesel will be listed as model year 2012,25. Many previously unanswered fans' questions about the 9-5 NG will be answered in this way. A great work, and a guide through the history of the last, great Saab. The statistics will be maintained and supplemented. is the best possible home for that. Many thanks to Henrik Zaar and to all other participants for the great commitment!

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  • Thank you and hope for a quick reunion :)

  • Share Linear Models: Tom, is it possible that linear orders are also due to country-specific taxation? I noticed many 9-3II / III models in some countries, which were ordered as linear, but then equipped with all the extras. It's not uncommon to find Linear Convertibles with a full cabin abroad.

  • Hi Hans,

    Just wanted to let you know that I am a happy owner of a 9-5NG 2.0 Turbo with Hirsch upgrade. Here in the small canton of Glarus, there are 3 of them (with around 40 inhabitants). Rather, it means that we have a high density :-).

    Many thanks to all who made this report possible.

  • C'est bien beau ces commentaires, mais quand aura t on des nouvelles de SAAB ou de NEV?

  • Hi to Belgium, yes it's fine. The 95s belong on the street and not in the garage! And not only in Switzerland….
    I practically never see one on our streets. 277 pcs are in relation to other countries actually a lot.
    Good time with your beautiful 95 NG!

  • Hi Hans, hope you are fine.
    You know that Switzerland has the most old timer in the garage from all over Europe and that you might also have some hundreds of 9-5 NG there?
    To greet!!

  • Great work! I have been hoping for that for a long time. As a proud owner of a 95NG TiD (may one be proud of that ??) I always wanted to know more statistics about these great vehicles. And with us in Switzerland, 277 units are supposed to be running new 95ers! Where are they all? I practically never see one on the street! Anyway, the report makes me very happy! Many thanks to all who worked there!

  • Very beautiful. I had been interested for a long time. Put a hell of a lot of work in it. Thank you

  • The Dutchman has the only super diesel available, for 39. At the auction, he shot him for 17.
    Maybe you can tell him that he is pushing him out for a fair price?

  • Detlef, Tom is absolutely right. I simply had my car windows replaced with the car glass and what was paid for by my insurance for 100%. And I have a HUD in my 9-5NG and it still works well.
    Until now no shortage of spare parts invented. So we remain optimistic that this dream car can drive a very long time.

  • Very interesting. Many thanks for this work and even better that you wil keep this aktuel.
    Henrik and Michel; We thank you very much.

  • I do not think so. Orio has been investing in reproductions for a long time. Slices are always produced new, the tendency is a slight increase in prices due to small quantities.

  • With regard to the longer-term supply of spare parts (especially body parts) for the last 9-5, I have the great fear that in a number of about 11.000 vehicles component reproductions are not lucrative and thus largely absent.

    Special reproductions of headlights or car windows, for example, are likely to be a huge problem with the 9-5 II and also quite expensive in the next few years - I don't see this problem with the 9-5 I or the 9-3 II, because there are quite a lot more vehicles on the road .

  • Thank you for the great compilation. It is really interesting. The 9-5 NG are really great and timeless cars. Wish everyone a lot of fun.

  • Good work! Thanks to the initiators!

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