Saab 99 Team Wagenheimer at the HBK

The Hamburg-Berlin Klassik (HBK) also took place this year with Saab participation. The rally went over 3 days. The Saab 99 by Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer is already an old acquaintance on the blog. In the winter he was on the AvD Histo Monte, and we were allowed to report about it.
HBK 2017. Image: Gerd & Robert Wagenheimer

The route of the 10. HBK of the Auto-Bild Klassik had its start and end point this year in Hamburg. The distance:
  • Day 1: From Hamburg to Bispingen, to the "Snow Dome", in the afternoon to the Autostadt in Wolfsburg
  • Day 2: From Wolfsburg to Vielank (Vielanker Brauhaus), then to Lübeck.
  • Day 3: Lübeck direction Gut Sierhagen for lunch, then to Hamburg.
  • Start and finish were at the fish action hall Hamburg.
180 classics and youngtimers, more than 25 different brands from 1929 onwards, were launched from August 24th to 26.08.2017th, 99. Automobile diversity was in demand, and a Saab fits in well. Besides “our” 900 this time there was also a red XNUMX convertible. Works teams from BMW with Kati Witt and Leopold (Poldi) von Bayern, a Mazda Cosmo with Cyndie Allemann and Det Müller, the Sonax and the Autostadt team completed the starting field.
The HBK is fundamentally different and not as sporty as the Histo Monte. There is an average speed, at HBK approx. 10 distances per day between 10m and 1,5km have to be covered in a given time. Measurements are taken using a light barrier or a hose. The HBK is a sporty pleasure trip! But here, too, professionals ride, it is measured to the 100th of a second and with 0,10sec you will quickly find yourself in 20th place.
Stamp controls were always in busy places such as Celle, Grömitz, in Lübeck. Always with presentation of the 180 vehicles and in front of a large audience. Because of the 99 with the striking stickers, Gerd and Robert were often addressed in Swedish. Embarrassing, writes Robert, because he does not understand it ...
Some special tests were very special, for example a combined time test on Ralf Schumacher's kart track in Bispingen. If you wanted, you could do a small round in the snow dome on snow beforehand. Robert and Gerd were not long in asking. Snow and Saab. It's logical…
Conspicuously many waving, friendly and celebrating people greeted the rally on the roadside in the "new federal states". Often our team could hear through the open window "oh, a Saab".
Yes, and how did it work for the 99 and Team Wagenheimer?
The Saab ran 2.500km perfectly. The oil consumption: zero. The team, the human component, delivered a staggering performance. In the end it was enough for place 81 of in the end 175 cars.
Robert and Gerd made, as they say, two "hammers". They cost the same 30 seats, the dream of a good rating was gone.
In sum, it was a beautiful pleasure trip in the best weather and beautiful roads. Perfectly selected by the sporty director Peter Göbel and his team, and objectively organized by Auto-Bild Klassik. Both the lunch breaks in interesting places with "P" for 180 cars, as well as the evening events.
Addendum: Who wants to be there in the future: A beautiful Saab and 2 stopwatches are enough to compete and have a chance of a commitment.
Addendum 2: After Robert and Gerd delivered their report to the blog, the next email came. How do we make the 99 even more rally-ready? The ideas are bubbling, things are evolving. We will hear again from Team Wagenheimer.

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