News in brief. Saab in the GDR. Strut bar for the 9000.

The GDR was always the other German state for me. For Mark, the other state was the FRG. Before 1989, the core team of the blog would not have found each other, and things could have gone differently. From the Saab point of view, the GDR was always a no-man's-land for me.

Saab 9000 Turbo. Leipzig Fair 1986. Stock Photo: Olaf Krüger

Which is not so true, because in addition to Trabant, Wartburg, Lada and Co, there were also cars from the West. Volvo and Citroen are prominent examples, VW Golf and individual Japanese were due to compensation business.

Saab was at least sporadically represented. Two pictures from the photo archive of reader Olaf prove this. He was around the year 1985 with his ALTIX camera on the way, to document all vehicle brands in the territory of the GDR.

Saab 96 V4. To 1985 Halle / Saale. Stock Photo: Olaf Krüger

There was a considerable, historically interesting collection. Including the two Saab. An 96 V4 with Rostock registration number was documented in 1985 in Halle / Saale. For Olaf, it was the very first contact with the brand. That he would drive with enthusiasm later Saab, was not yet foreseeable at that time.

He was able to document a new Saab 9000 Turbo with Swedish approval for 1986 at the Leipzig Trade Fair. The 9000 is parked between a Ford Sierra (?) And a Trabant. The pictures bear witness to Saab's history and national past. We are happy to publish these witnesses.

Strut bar for the Saab 9000

Our Saab Youngtimer blog is still online as an archive. We have not published new articles for a long time, but he likes to read them every day. In one Post before 4 years, it was about strut braces for the Saab 9000. At that time, I had ordered from Maptun, but got nothing, because the article was no longer available.

The strut brace came later from Speedparts, I was very satisfied, and all of our 9000 Turbo have been receiving strut braces in the meantime. The handling is better, the front end stiffer, the investment is also recommended in long-term test.

The article has since been read again and again, and regularly mails come with questions about sources. Speedparts no longer has the product in the program, but Maptun can deliver again. The revised version should fit all 9000 models, not just the turbos. But we did not test that. Since the freight from Sweden to Germany is quite expensive, an order in the CardyourCar Shop offers.

11 thoughts on "News in brief. Saab in the GDR. Strut bar for the 9000."

  • To the cathedral struts:
    With the 2,3 suckers (thus without Turbo) it could be problematic with the fitting.
    I ordered a strut brace from Speedparts some time ago to install it on my 2,3i (MY 1991). Unfortunately, this did not even fit, because the oil dipstick is too high up due to the large intake bridge.
    With this experience, I wrote to Maptunes in Sweden directly and asked if their strut now fits for the 2,3 sucker.
    The answer came really fast (thanks for that): They have not tested this on the 2,3i, because the car is rare in Sweden. Thus, they could neither confirm nor deny that it fits. But they promised me to test that, if they have a suitable vehicle in the workshop.
    Because I would like to have one for my 9000 CD 2,3i

  • In my opinion, the headlights have a standard shape - they are the same on the 99 (I don't know whether they can be replaced directly), and the basic shape also looks familiar to me from other car models.
    Whoever said to me that the sunroof wind deflectors between the SAAB 900 and Wartburg 353 also came from own production - I have not yet directly compared whether there are models that fit exactly on both cars.

    Thank you for the photos!
    I've heard of 99ers who also had a GDR past - never seen paper or photo material on them, but the reports seemed credible to me.

  • Moin Tom.

    Ah, ok ... I didn't know that at all (just thought, every alternative for Saab drivers could be interesting for one or the other) .. hmmm. Sorry 😉

    Mine looked optically at that time namely (according to my amateurish feeling) to me namely “quite high quality”, was even installed by the “responsible employee” of the company personally and it also fit exactly.

    Here are the first pictures that did not work as link for some reason.

    Well, Wiechers is also not a real Saab specialist (probably does more “motorsport stuff” and the like) ... probably the direct Saab providers are therefore certainly of higher quality out of “conviction”. 🙂

    Saabige greetings “from the north” and have a nice weekend! 🙂

  • The Wichers aspirations do not fit for the 9000 CS, just for the CC. The CS has problems with the air conditioning lines. We had tried one, but then retourned. Meanwhile, Wiechers has only released them to 92. The material of the Wiechers struts is less valuable than that of Speedparts or Maptun, the processing is very simple.

  • Hello.

    Since I'm reading this article while having an espresso ...

    My former 9-5 SC 2.3 Arc once received a strut brace from Wiechers “as an opportunity and rather by chance”.
    Here are pictures of it:
    The thing has the driving behavior of the car (which I never thought so before) really very positively influenced!

    And Wichers had (at least then), by the way, probably synonymous for the 9000'er:

  • Great story, nice old pictures :)
    Thank you!

  • Thanks Tom for writing and posting the photos. I'm looking forward!
    A question that came to my mind at the first contact 1985 and still concerns me today: Have the SAAB 96V4 possibly used the headlights of the Wartburg 353? They look pretty damn similar. I once heard that the Wartburg headlights were also used in the Moskwitch (412 or 2140?). Could it be good that SAAB has used a cheap East German supplier.
    Does anyone know something about it?

  • the saab in the GDR is not witchcraft, as many Swedes in the GDR helped build luxury hotels ...

  • Yes, a Sierra Otherwise: Nice contemporary photos….

  • Madness! How great is that ... even in the GDR there were (a few) SÄÄBE! 🙂
    Thanks to Olaf for the documentation. The b / w pictures well reflect the then colorless mood. A testimonial!
    How good that today it is no longer a problem to travel to Thuringia, Saxony or to the Uckermark!

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