Saab Film Archive. TCS in the Saab 9000 CC Turbo.

At the end of the week, a deep grip on the Saab film archive. Saab 9000 CC Turbo without TCS, versus CC with TCS system. Saab tests traction control on snowy, wintry roads. And makes the turbo needle shake ...

TCS system in the Saab 9000
TCS system in the Saab 9000

Electronic traction control for the first time in the Saab 9000 CC Turbo

The innovation of electronic traction control 1986 was introduced by Mercedes for the first time in the W126 series. In the late 80er years, the electronic helper then moved into a broad front at other brands. High-powered sedans driven on the front wheels had problems with traction. So does the Saab 9000 Turbo. Although Saab had a lot of front-wheel drive expertise and was superior to some other manufacturers, the turbo's high torque took its toll.

Especially on wet or snowy roads, the front wheels like to spin at full power. The only thing that helped was a sensitive accelerator pedal - or the TCS. The film shown is a commissioned production by Saab Germany. The video is undated and comes from an agency in Offenbach. It is believed to date from 1989. At that time, Saab launched the 2.3 liter, and the agency's production for this engine can be found on the same tape.

The advantages of TCS on snowy roads are demonstrated impressively. While the turbo needle deflects violently on the 9000 CC Turbo without TCS, the Saab drives with TCS completely relaxed and with low boost pressure. No wheels spin, the steering wheel remains calm. Saab TCS was a sensible innovation for powerful turbos.

The TCS system is aging and causing problems

In the meantime, the system is getting old. It is one of the few electronic components that can cause problems in this series. Anyone traveling with a 9000 usually deliberately buys a model that does not have a TCS. The video was provided to us by Saab Service Frankfurt for digitization, for which we thank you!

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    Amazing that the TCS is obviously not in the best of shouts. I owned a 9000 2.3 turbo S with TCS many years ago. Two things are still in my memory, the bum the car revealed as soon as it was let off the leash and secondly the TCS. The latter because it was just great in the winter to be able to drive uphill on a steep, slippery-smooth road like a string. No problems with gas, clutch, surface, etc., but simply accelerate, steer - ready.

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    These old films from the last millennium are always a nice time travel, no matter what is being advertised. Here is a first example, which often useless electronic helpers are to be made palatable to us, without which it will not work later.
    Luckily, the TCS in the 9000 remains a marginal phenomenon

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    Since they have really worked hard to make the car look really bad without TCS. Impressive.
    Are there really people who have so little feeling in the gas foot?

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      That's right ... You might have to say that the 9000 is extremely suitable for winter, even without TCS. It's just a commercial 😉

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