Better brakes. Upgrade for the Saab 9-5 NG

I was always happy with the brakes on my 2011 Saab 9-5 NG. They were not outstanding, but did not give rise to the desire for better braking performance. Good average just that brings the vehicle safely to a halt.

Better brakes for the 9-5 NG

The problems began after some time, when the brake discs literally began to bloom. No unusual problem, and above all no Saab specific, but widespread. Because garages like to install cheap brake discs. The customer is pleased with the favorable price, but the remorse is guaranteed.

So that there is no wrong impression: The said brake discs did not come from the Saab shelf and also not from Orio. But from a third party. Action was called for at the latest when the blooming brake disks began to produce grinding noises on the sheet metal.

AtePowerdisk, quality from Germany

The stuff had to go down, the question was: where is a good, powerful alternative? Orio offers as an option again and again Brembo brake systems. Certainly a cherry on top, but with a proud price tag. The recommendation of Ralf Muckelbauer, who cared for my 9-5 NG, were ATE PowerDisk discs and pads. Made in Germany, which at least suggests a certain security against cheap China products.

In the spring there was a great exchange, all around ATE PowerDisk brakes were mounted. You have an ABE for the Saab 9-5 NG. The pictures show that the change was urgently needed. From the optics, the ATE discs are handsome, and from the first driving impression too. With a price of around 1.200,00 € including assembly not the cheapest pleasure, but without alternative.

Meanwhile, a few months have passed since the changeover in Bamberg. The brakes have been able to solidify the first, good impression. They are sensitive and easy to dose. Just like a good, modern car. They harmonize with the caliber of an 9-5 NG and the higher performance class. After all, the Saab 265 Km / h is fast if necessary, as safe delay is mandatory.

AtePowerdisk: Great in wet conditions.

The real surprise is experienced on wet roads. Here, the slotted ATE PowerDisc, merciless benefits. The deceleration is better when wet around classes and surprised at first, because you still have the old brakes in mind. The 1.200,00 € are therefore well invested money. Unfortunately, and that is the little downer, the ATE PowerDisk is not in the Orio range. Not logical for me, because the high-quality products of ATE are also available as retrofit for many other Saab models.

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    I read through the areas here and come to the realization that it really makes sense to retrofit your SAAB again and again and not to buy 08/15 spare parts. Over time you have a certain “evolution” in the car and that's cool! Now one more thing needs to be clarified: you can also pimp the emission level with an “alternative emission control system” - for example to EURO 6.

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    that the blog offers tips for different SAABs again and again! ! !

    Strut bars, brakes, SAAB 9000 and 9-5 NG etc. There is something for almost everyone. Here's a hint for the model in between (9-5 I):


    All 2,0 and 2,3 turbos (2,0t + 2,3t + 2,3T) of the chrome goggles have the same flywheel and clutch bell, but not the same clutch disc. The AERO is larger in diameter and offers more friction surface.

    Due to the above requirements, the AERO coupling can also be easily installed in the 2,0t + in the 2,3t, where it should last longer than the smaller one. The flywheel should also be renewed.

    If the clutch is due anyway, this upgrade is highly recommended - especially for Hirsch and Co, who have increased torque. Also, it costs little more than the simple clutch replacement without an upgrade.

    Certainly one or the other 9-5 will soon have a clutch due by chance. You're not getting any younger ...

    Or the 9-3 or 900 II? ? ?

    Maybe there are similar upgrades possible? Maybe the topic Tom is worth a clutch article?

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    Looks good - the original SAAB brake discs on my old 9-5 also tended to bloom. Once so much that the winter tire on the steel rim could only be moved for separation with a generous amount of WD-40.

    Is there information regarding the mileage / change intervals of the ATEs? It might be something to consider upgrading for next year ...

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    Even the older 9-5er can be equipped with these very good brake discs from ATE.
    I upgraded my 2002 9-5 Aero a year ago. At least in front. Rear is still out.
    Something you should know when using slotted and / or perforated brake discs: When braking noises are heard from the discs. Not strong, but noticeable. You just hear it a little bit. The braking performance in wet or pass rides is much better.

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    I also switched to the 9-5 NG this spring. There were still the original brake discs on it. The were so festgerostet that they could be separated only with much effort from the hub. I opted for perforated Zimmermann brake discs with linings from TRW because I have already had good experiences with it.

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