10 years of SAAB friends Saxony - autumn trip

On Sunday, it's time again! The SFS - SAAB Friends of Saxony - invite you to their autumn trip. The anniversary trip starts on September 17.09th. from 10 a.m. on the parking lot of the Fischerschänke in Sachsenburg, An der Zschopau 00 in 1 Frankenberg.


Route of the autumn exit

It starts in Frankenberg ...
True to our motto Saxony has many rivers and bridges we start at the beautiful Zschopau. Our journey leads through the picturesque Zschopautal through Mittweida.

Here we leave the Zschopau and "jump" to the Chemnitz around these after kilometers through floodplains turn to the Zwickauer Mulde to leave. We have planned the lunch in Rochsburg.

Then again along the Mulde through Wechselburg and Rochlitz.
Quiet and secluded back roads and a little surprise to finish off at the trough.

Look forward to a great day with plenty of water and even more bridges, lots of forest and fields off the Hecktisch Treibens on the main roads.

We left the track last Sunday for the last time. Some construction sites have been added, but the track promises a lot of joy !!!

Alfa and Saab on a discovery tour ...

For better planning of the restaurant, I would ask everyone to let us know your meal requests at mark (ät) saabblog.net. We look forward to you all!!! Until Sunday ...

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Extract from the menu


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    we will come too

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      That's good ... I'm happy and have something in my luggage 😉

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    10 years SAAB friends Saxony and every exit was certainly an experience. Let's hope for nice weather, we bring good mood with !!! Here the wind whistles just around the corner ... ..

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    I'm looking forward to Sunday!

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