NEVS recruits employees in China.

Keeping an eye on developments at NEVS is becoming increasingly difficult. Public relations does not take place, press releases do not exist. In addition, activities are increasingly focused on China.

NNEV Quality System Basic Training Tianjin. Photo: NEVS

The information flows sparingly, but the blog team stays tuned. A “Quality System Basic Training” took place in Tianjin last week. It was organized by the NEVS Joint Venture National New Energy Vehicle (NNEV). It is 50% owned by the Swedish NEVS AB, four other companies hold the other half of the shares.

NEVS subsidiary NNEV builds up organizational structures in China

The NEVS subsidiary NNEV is responsible for administration, sales and marketing in Tianjin. More about the organizational structure of NEVS, and the changes in the shareholder structure, follows in a separate article. From the Swedish management team Maria Oinas was on site. Apart from that, the two-day training was a purely Chinese event.

While NEVS in Tianjin establishes and trains marketing and sales management, the site is far from complete. Apparently, those responsible do not doubt that the production of the electric car will start on Saab 9-3 based 2018. The possible entry of another shareholder is to be announced this fall.

From our point of view, the vehicles that were shown on site are of interest. The electric limousine is a test vehicle that has already been seen several times. It has nothing to do with the design of later vehicles; the electrified platform under the sheet metal is at an early stage of development. In addition, the NEVS 9-3X electric car study was shown during training. Their design is based on the Saab 9-3 station wagon. The final design, based on Asian tastes, was implemented by a team that primarily works for Kia and Hyundai. According to our information, the 9-3X SUV will not be manufactured in Tianjin. The New Long Ma plant was selected as the production site.

The activities are shifting. Way from Sweden.

NEVS continues to play the Saab card in China. In the social media of the country one refers to a supposedly long, Swedish tradition. During the training Saab history and pictures from Scandinavia were visible everywhere. Whether the bill for the Chinese will work out, is open. Saab is largely unknown in China, there has never been a strong presence of the brand in this region.

At NEVS, activities are increasingly shifting from Sweden to Asia. A picture was now on Instagram showing CEO Stefan Tilk during a triathlon in Beijing. A photo with symbolic value.

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  • That's fine. Dumbled, because the store is developing even worse than ever feared. But please stay tuned because that's interesting!

  • Hopefully NEVS will soon be history ...

  • Absolutely .. 96 even better, although this minimalist design is much easier to implement on an 900 like in the Honda (my opinion, since the 96 still has a touch too many sixties)

  • You mean the solar / electric car from TUM?
    Yes you are probably right…

  • I'm afraid you'll hit the nail on the head, Tom !!

  • There would be something to do. Alone when you think of a small electric car in the Saab 96 retro design. But NEVS has other concerns and priorities. Maybe it's just the wrong company for such ideas.

  • This is this “China-first” course from NEVS that excites me. All bad fears have come true. In more than 5 years you haven't been able to move anything, every university team can do more. They build an electric car in 2 years.

  • The Honda has a cool, reduced design, it's a shame, even a retro e-Bulli looks cool, let's see how it all works out. It is not easy when the plan has to be overturned (requirements from China) and money is tight (... as always). I think that it will be more and more difficult to generate innovations as a small manufacturer.

  • SAAB is for me so long to death until Sweden from the SAAB AB, which fortunately has the name, comes back SAAB. Pure electric and with digital turbo-whistle.
    The Asians should do what they want with the 100 year old body…. NEVS is everything, but never SAAB.
    Good night…. and until Sunday for the SAABAUSFAHRT in Saxony!

  • And I thought at the sight of the white Sportcombi: Nanu a KIA? Too bad.

  • Quote: Public relations does not take place, press releases do not exist.
    It is like it is. A Chinese company stops.
    Meanwhile bitter for the SAAB history.
    But, if possible, like to stay “all ball”. NEVS as a successor is somehow part of it ...

  • When is it possible to buy a NEV in France?

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