News in brief. 7.000.000 readers and some future.

A few days ago, the blog welcomed the 7 millionth reader. As so often, the event passed the blog crew a bit. Time is precious - family, work and blog leave little freedom. You can overlook something…

Project Saab Paul with Mark on the way

More than 7 million readers in 7 years is a lot. Especially for a small cult brand that is not traveling in the best of circumstances. You felt the potential in Saab. The interest continues unabated, although in future the number of readers will decline. It will take longer than before until the milestone of 8 Milionen.

More than 7.000.000 readers and 23.000 comments in 7 years ago
The future 1.0. Borg Ward.

Let's talk about the future. It is IAA - and almost in front of my office door. I didn't fancy the show, and the big sensation doesn't seem to have taken place in Frankfurt either. There is still a message. The Chinese company Borgward was represented at the fair with a study. It was beyond all series opportunities, but another detail is more interesting. Borgward wants to be present in Germany from December. The sales should take place via Sixt, the service presumably via the workshop chain with the 3 letters.

The Borgward BX7 comes as gasoline to Germany. Since he is related to the BAIC X65, something unbelievable could happen. The X65 carries under the hood a Saab turbo engine. An 2.0 liter, which is known from the old Saab 9-5, and the current Euro standard 6 met. He could come to Germany in the BX7. Maybe you should book a test drive?

The price for the BX7 edition model at market launch is (unconfirmed) 45.000,00 €. Actually, the Foton daughter only wanted to score electric cars in Germany. They should be assembled in Bremen, but that is delayed. Like NEVS, Foton does not get the foreign investment funds released by the authorities as needed.

The future 2.0. Volvo.

Yesterday Volvo introduced the new XC40. A compact SUV, which is very handsome, but I would not really worth a line on the Saab blog. But there is Care by Volvo. A new subscription model, with which you can rent cars by flat rate. To start for 24 months including taxes, insurance and service. If necessary, you can switch to a larger Volvo for a limited period of time, and after 24 months you swap the old Volvo for a new model. As it is usual with the smartphone.

Anyone who reads blogs regularly knows this scheme. Exactly the same procedure was planned in Trollhättan. Volvo is now taking this step into the future. I would have liked the idea to have become reality in the old Saab factory.

The future 3.0. Saab.

What do you do if you can not get cars of your favorite brand anymore? You restore your dream car or just build a Saab. A radical idea and very helpful if you want to finally drive a Saab 9-5 NG sports car. You take a limousine, the rear of an Opel Insiginia, and the Saab is done.

The result is convincing, you could admire it in Trollhättan at the Saab Festival. Maybe the future for people who are resistant to the temptations of other brands. Read on, Michèl describes the complete story.

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    I already thought with the 9-5NG that there has to be a way to make a combo yourself with the help of the insignia.

  • blank

    At Volvo they have done a lot right in recent years, in contrast to NEVS / SAAB ...

  • blank

    Well that's relative.
    The cars remain as used on the market.
    Just like the phones
    Buy only used cell phones and then the circle closes again who wants to new gives the used on and others are happy about the saved.

  • blank

    Wow, 3.0 is really positively crazy! ! !

    To 2.0 I can only remember that Volvo was advertising with how long you could drive the cars cheap and reliable. What does the environmental record of a car look like that is exchanged every 24 month?

    To 1.0: The workshop with the 3 letters is likely to be an exclusion criterion for many. You don't even have to look for other exclusion criteria for a Borgward ...

    Congratulations to 7.000.000 readers and thanks for the great blog!

    • blank

      To 2.0: Of course that's not sustainable. On the contrary, we see the problem of the old mobile phones, which are disposed of after 24 months for no real reason.

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    Cool story with the "Kombi-Bau"!

    Saab drivers are often a bit crazy ... sympathetically crazy !!! 🙂

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    Tom, I have to see what comes out with other manufacturers. But first I will keep my Saabs in good condition and drive as long as possible. Because I still have very little confidence in NEVS and have no desire for other brands this is the only way. At least the brand Saab comes alive with this blog, with or without a new car :).

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      My opinion, Good Breitrag ..

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