A break must be ...

During the last 7 years, recurring blog breaks have become established annually. Once in the summer and then at Christmas I allow myself a short period to regenerate. These time-outs have to be if you want to maintain a certain level of creativity.

There has to be a break ... Image: Saab Automobile / Archive saabblog.net

That year everything was different. The summer blog break was omitted, which happened more by accident than planned. But the non-stop writing takes its toll. On the one hand, because it is becoming more and more challenging to blog about Saab, on the other hand, because there was no vacation.

If it becomes difficult to formulate sentences, if your own articles no longer please, then these are cautionary notes. It is time for a break, which must be now. I say goodbye to the readers today. Not for long, but for the rest of this week and the first week of October. Then it goes on until the Christmas break. And then? Then we will discuss together whether we want to continue in 2018 and whether that makes sense at all. But that's a completely different topic.

Fill the blog with life! Write us your Saab story!

Whether the blog really makes a complete break now, that's up to the readers. Our action with the great, exclusive Saab boarding files is still running. However, the writing passion of the community has decreased dramatically in recent weeks, which is a pity.

Maybe some readers are motivated and would like to tell a Saab story? To fill the blog with content, to keep the brand alive is now up to the Saab community. I say goodbye to the blog project for a short time. Recharge the battery, that must be and it does good. With some positive and interesting news about our favorite brand, I'll get back to you sometime in the second week of October.

14 thoughts on "A break must be ..."

  • Hi there

    Have you ever thought about publishing a post every two weeks?
    I really like your posts and I always get to know something new from the SAAB world!
    But to be honest, say that there are too many posts for me and unfortunately I can only read a fraction!
    In addition, I can well imagine that the motivation, quality, etc. is easier to maintain in the long run.

    What do you think about it? (But please answer only after the break. Airing without a head, nothing works!)

    Greetings Romeo

    • blank

      Weekly would be great. 1 or 2x maybe? Maybe win an additional author? I think the bloggers are also heavily involved in their professional lives. Maybe some relief would be helpful. The main thing is the blog lives on!

  • blank

    You can also see it this way: Seven years have passed before the resurrection of the SAAB brand. the Chinese have run out of money and so far have had an “unlucky hand” (with the exception of Volvo) when it comes to cars. Now let's wait a little longer and see what happens ... 😉

    • blank

      Have recently seen again a new - more precisely, the latest - Volvo (V90) in reality.

      Unfortunately you can see the owner of the vehicle, I think. The bling-bling factor of the front of the vehicle was enormous. A too big and pompous Volvo emblem, here a chrome insert and there another on top ...

      As I said, you can see the owner of the brand on the vehicle. And unfortunately that says a lot.

  • blank

    Wish you all a happy holiday !!!

  • blank

    Good holiday! Let the mind u. regenerate the body well so that the time until Christmas becomes creative again ... 😉
    Of course, the question about the “survival” of the blog can be asked ..., the answer is just as clear: the day without a blog has significantly less interest! So: please also 2018 information from SAABbog.net. 🙂
    Greetings from the autumnally cool north!

  • blank

    I can only agree with the previous speakers! Good rest and hopefully it will continue soon. Driving SAAB without a blog is not possible at all!

  • blank

    Then a hard time begins for me. The best car reading of the nation may of course take a break. But she should never go offline. What would the world be without? Surely you would live on, but have less joy.

  • blank

    Dear Tom,

    7 years of blog work deserves first of all a due recognition of what I would like to do for our name. The desire for a break for the entire team is therefore understandable. However, I think that the lack of writing passion of the community not necessarily with decreasing interest, but rather vacation, other private errands or eg. could also have something to do with the election. Many things are on the move, so sometimes an impetus is needed for the finer things in life. At least that's the way I am. We hope that the blog lives on in 2018 and that we will hear from you after the break in October. Saab passion without the blog is not a nice idea for me!

    Best wishes from Kamenz and hopefully see you soon ...

  • blank

    Dear Tom! Many thanks for everything! Get well. I am looking forward to your return and a new thirst for action!

  • blank

    Relax well - we are looking forward to the sequel 🙂

  • blank

    Hi Tom,
    We wish you a relaxing holiday, come back safe and sound. We can certainly live with a break until the end of October, albeit difficult, but please, yes please ... what's the point of this thing with 2018 and the blog? It doesn't work without it ... even if NEVS and the likes don't interest me, there is so much more to SAAB! And when there is the new pure E-SAAB from Trollstadt from fer SAAB-AB in 2-3 years, you have done everything right and are the first tester for us! 🙂
    So then, let the turbos whistle….
    Greetings from Saxony….

    PS: YES, I'm ashamed of the result !!!!
    PS 2: Where is the article about the autumn departure?

    • blank

      The article about the autumn trip does not appear on the blog this time. It will be content of the new Saab Inside, which will be released in October.
      And as for the blog: Mark and I “renew” (as known) annually. There is no life sentence even in the Saab world, because at some point you just finished talking. It only goes on as long as it is fun!

  • blank

    Hello Tom, I am a regular reader of the Saabblog and also a frequent writer ... Your posts are always well written and we look forward to the next one every time 🙂
    So off on the holidays to the battery refueling and we look forward to a return with new ideas and exciting articles for Saab fans!
    Best regards from Berlin

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