My SAAB story

It was 1992, I was 17 back then. A good friend was two years older than me and had just got his driver's license. His family had three cars. A Volvo 240 station wagon and a Volvo 940 station wagon. Both cars were at his leisure and together with other friends we took various trips and enjoyed the mobile freedom.

Saab 9-5 meets 9-5

The third car was a brand new, silver SAAB 9000 AERO. This car he was allowed to drive only in the company of his father. I found the 9000 to be visually appealing at the time and very special, because in the small town I used to live in, there was no other 9000. My friend raved about the SAAB. In particular, of its performance. One evening I visited him and he opened the door with a big grin and waved the SAAB key. The parents were gone, the SAAB was standing in front of the door and he wanted to take a small jaunt with me.

Actually, it should only be a short overland trip on rural roads. On the way he decided then for a short drive on the free highway. I've never forgotten the acceleration and tickling in my stomach that the 9000 conjured us to our faces.

Unfortunately, the trip had not ended so well for him, as we were already expected by our parents on our return ...

For many years, cars played a subordinate role in my life. I was a convinced public transport user. 2009 then got the birth of my first daughter. A car was needed. My first own car was a Volvo V70 bi-fuel station wagon. A reliable contemporary until I lost the confidence in the car by a larger (and unfortunately also very expensive) repair 2012. SAAB was in the headlines with the bankruptcy at that time. A neighbor from the road drove a 9-3 1,8t estate in black with facelift for a long time. When he parked next to my Volvo, I compared both cars, the SAAB simply had the better, timeless design. Apart from that, I remembered my then jaunt with the 9000 he. Since I definitely wanted to part with the V 70, it was clear what would follow. It had to be an 9-3. In my environment, this purchase intention triggered to a large extent incomprehension. Tenor: They are broke and you buy such a car ...

After a long search I found a pasende 9-3 in the great color "Snow Silver". He had the "Scandic" features and was a "Bio Power" model. In addition great, rare 18 inch rims "Claw". The purchase took place in the SAAB center Osnabrück and the Volvo was gladly taken in payment. From that point on, I was infected with the SAAB virus. I followed the well-known Swedish business crime blog on the blog and was sure that it would somehow continue for SAAB. Unfortunately, as we all know, that is not the case. At least there are no new cars from Trollhättan anymore. Still, there was no question about me remaining true to the brand. 2016 I sold the 9-3.

Meanwhile, I drive a 9-5 estate car AERO 2007 and am also very satisfied with this car. The claw rims of the 9-3 are now mounted on the 9-5 and they like the 9-5 even better. Fortunately, the 9-3 stayed in the family. My parents bought it immediately when they heard that I was getting a new SAABine. Here and there are always nice encounters with other SAAB drivers or ex-SAAB pilots. The captured in the photo meeting has rarity value. Besides us both 9-5 drivers, the gas station attendant was also amazed.

This year I was with my big daughter at the IntSAAB in Dinslaken. Despite partly bad weather we had a very nice day. The SAAB virus has now finally arrived in the next generation ...

Here in the Ruhr area I see a daily SAAB. Often maintained and in the hands of fans, more and more often but also down-managed 902 and 9000er.

Our SAABine has reliably brought us back to France for the summer holiday this year. The qualities of the 9-5 as a travel vehicle are almost unbeatable. My SAAB passion will continue as long as it somehow goes. In the next few years I would like to fulfill my personal dream and drive with my SAABine to Trollhättan. Maybe it will work for the next SAAB festival.

Thanks to Sebastian for his Saab Story! This is one of our exclusive Saab boarding files on the journey. Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday trip, a restoration or another event in life with the cult brand from Trollhättan?

Whatever it is, write us. We are looking forward to it!

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    Nice to read such stories from Hettlingen and good time

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    It is always nice to read how people have (have) succumbed to the Saab virus. Such stories can probably only tell Saab drivers.
    All Saab drivers a nice and accident-free time.

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    Thanks for this dose SAAB. A beautiful couple, the two chrome glasses on the tank!

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    Nice story Sebastian! That's exactly how it is and that's why we drive Saab, with joy and passion!
    Continue good drive and greetings from the CH

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    Bonjour. Avez vous des nouvelles de Saab ou de NEVS? J'espère que ma Saab de 2010 qui a un peu plus de 100 000 Km va durer longtemps car je ne trouve pas actuellement de voiture me plaisant.

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      Bonjour, non, malheureusement, aucune nouvelle de NEVS. Prenez soin de votre Saab et continuez!

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