Short break. If the blog (ger) has a runny nose

The brief blog break was associated with a simultaneous catching up on the blogger's cold, perhaps symbolic of the blog and its future. Whether, figuratively speaking, it will only stay with a morning cold, will show.

Saab 9-3x Concept. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive

The quote about the “morning cold” is borrowed from Victor Muller, by the way. That was the description of the production stop at the plant in 2011. Which wouldn't be such a good omen ... Of course I used the break and looked around. Saab once had a unique, international blog culture. For years it has made up part of the brand's charm. With no manufacturer, the customers were closer, brands and fan culture were one.

That seems over. Quite a few pages have not been maintained for a long time, others only write sporadically. The days of Saab blogs seem to be over, which is hardly surprising. A friend I spoke to about my blog problem over the past few days showed understanding. Everything would be easier if something with a future happened in Trollhättan. Oh Trollhättan .... A currently very sensitive point that I will take up again at the end of the text.

A blog is a living organism. It's always changing, which is good. The Saab blog project was and is constantly on the move. From the big drama of business news to a page that is more focused on cars, youngtimers and classics - which has successes and which also has to take setbacks. The COC archive, the Saab sticker campaign and the fact that we brought Project Saab Paul onto the street, albeit with difficulties, are some successes. The fact that we had to practice failure with other ideas, the involvement of the Saab clubs would be an example, is not a drama.

You can and must live with that. I have no problem with that. The question is how it goes on. Bloggers and blogs have colds. That much is clear. As the community shrinks, Saab becomes more and more of a smaller, but fine and sworn community. That it has to go on (!) Is clear. I live Saab, still, and I like the cars. Especially the older ones, and our first H-plate project is slowly rolling towards the final sprint.

You can design a blog in many ways. For example, you can fill it with Youtube videos of crashed Saabs and Tuning objects. This 5 lines of text, and in 10 minutes, the work of the day is done. It's also a kind of entertainment. But not my style.

The future. Less article. But maybe better articles.

The articles of the future will take more time and more work. It will take longer to go online, which is due to the external circumstances. Because nothing more happens to the brand, unless a prince comes and kisses the factory in Trollhättan. Unfortunately that is rare in Norse mythology. So the blog has to focus on what exists.

Specifically, it will be so that there will be fewer articles. I free myself from the pressure of daily publishing. Because sometimes it takes longer for a text to mature. But it will be a better text. There will be days without content in the future, the morning coffee or tea will have to do without Saab reading.

In return, the blog tries to deliver a certain quality in the future that can do justice to the brand. Maybe there will be a new project car when our Paul celebrates its final in 2018. Such are the future prospects for the moment. In November, like every year, we will ask for blog donations. And I hope that as many blog supporters as possible will join us in 2018 as well. But that's another chapter.

Back to Trollhättan again ...

While the blog has only cold, the flu broke out in Trollhättan. The events are so dramatic that we will change the subject for the next few days and turn our gaze to Sweden.

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    Hey blogger,

    Now I've finally registered, where I've been reading here for quite some time. The cold was the drop that kicked off

    Please don't let anyone think that the death knell should slowly be rung six years after the end of a unique car brand. I myself have been driving a car for 16 years from the brand that went bankrupt in Bremen in 1961, albeit without justification. And I have to say, this scene is more alive today than ever before. And certainly not just since the attempt to label a Chinese SUV with a rhombus.

    If, against all expectations, there are never any vehicles with the Saab label again, that's a similar story for the Saab scene. Presumably, the community will erode quantitatively, but what does it matter? As long as, let's say, 100 people are interested in the brand, a blog is the nectar that fuels the passion.

    Whereby a blog is under no obligation to present daily news. Nobody should expect that. I know how binding a job is, which the Saab bloggers are doing so captivatingly and at a high level. Take away gas and enjoy what goes, so my opinion.

    Greetings from the fjord

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    I still hope for the prince who will probably be a troll in Scandinavia ...

    The rich Scandinavians unfortunately see the undeniable risk more. The equally undisputed chances are rated higher.
    However, I am firmly convinced that SAAB will eventually come again, at worst only as a name.

    Thanks for the blog and full understanding for a certain "tiredness". If the opportunities are visible, adrenaline comes back very quickly!



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    Get well Tom!

    Please stick with your blog. Last but not least, all the great contributions from you and the sometimes passionate comments from other Saab fans have moved me to "save" another special Saab. From next Friday 6 Saab will populate my garage. Will it be the last? Take a look.

    Incidentally, the special Saab is a 9-3 2.0T Performance, one that was sold through Saab dealers as "Saab Performance by Hirsch". Because the cars were very expensive, there aren't really many of them! I am definitely looking forward to it.

    Good trip to all

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    Get well Tom! And hopefully, you'll also get rid of the blog cold, because it would be really a shame, if you could not warm the Saab-heart in the future on your contributions.

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    I have a great understanding of the cold ...
    I think we have to come to terms with the fact that we love, cherish and look after vehicles of a unique but extinct species. This doesn't get any easier over time ...
    It is all the better to be able to share this passion with like-minded people and to have a home next to the various forums in this extraordinary blog.
    Tom - cure the cold and - stick with it - we do that too and are happy!
    Keep on Saabin '

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    Hello everyone and get well soon to all of those who suffer from sickness,

    According to the motto "now more than ever", I recently expanded my SAAB fleet. As a winter car that will be well maintained in the future, a 9-5 3.0t V6 petrol engine that has not always suffered will be added. The convertible gets its well-deserved winter break. The Aero Kombi continues to run all year round, of course.

    To improve the overall mood, I am specifically thinking about holding a SAAB meeting in our town. Hotels, pensions and a really good meeting location (I tested it on the occasion of my 60th). for 50 to 100 people are available. Everything in close proximity to each other and mostly with a view of the Havel. In the second smallest "Hanseatic town" of Germany there are unfortunately only two SAAB drivers, so that from the greater Berlin, Magdeburg, Hamburg, Schwerin and and and much more would have to be added.

    To organize a possible meeting, I would need a bit of support from experienced bloggers. For the location itself, a professional event management is available. So from 50 people that could be interesting.

    I'd need a basic feedback

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      We support whatever works ... Both with the registration, which can be done online via the blog, as well as with the announcement, program etc ...

      The appointment would be crucial. Mark is involved in the Saab friends Saxony, the Easter and September 2018 plan an exit. In June, most likely, Pilots wanted 2018 will take place in Kiel, as well as the Hamburg meeting.

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    Hello Tom
    In my opinion, you have always made this blog exciting. It is understandable that you now want to take it easy. What should there be "daily news" about Saab? Nothing. We should all be happy about the "old stories" and our cars with our Saabs. I will also write a sequel to my Saab story soon. So I'll introduce the 3 missing Saabs to the blog. I think we should only deal with Saab. What happened in Trollhättan is just sad and shameful. As sorry as I am about the people in Sweden, I am not interested in NEVS and all the nonsense with and about NEVS. The blog is also called Saab blog. net and not NEVS blog. net.
    I wish all Saab drivers a lot of fun with their vehicles, which they will keep for a long time.

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    It's the style that makes up the blog. Good for the heart, well-being, and for the SAAB drive anyway. He has become part of my life, even though I do not know Tom and Mark personally. And I certainly do not want to miss him.

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    From me too, get well soon!

    I can only agree with you about the blog, Tom.
    I also follow the news about Saab on two international blog sites.
    But these reports have more to do with a message announcement than posts.
    It lacks the emotions and personal impressions that make this blog so interesting for a reader.
    Especially since there is also a lot of information about irrelevant tuning for racing purposes, which is possible with any vehicle.

    Therefore. Please carry on in the quality we love, even if there is no longer a new Saab story to read with every coffee in the morning.

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    Get well soon also from the north of the Federal Republic!

    The last paragraph - with regard to such dramatic events in Trollhättan - naturally gives you additional thought. Did Jiang throw it down completely after all? No matter what comes (we are used to a lot) - but please don't be too long on the torture.

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      The article is almost finished, it just has to be read by the editor. I think he goes online tomorrow!

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    Hello Tom! I wish you and the blog a "good recovery".

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    GOOD IDEA ! ! !

    If I understand correctly, the blog is evolving towards a more static website. So a (reference) work in which you can still pick up your daily dose of Saab ...

    But not anymore, by constantly finding new articles, but by rummaging in the archive and the rubrics. Unfortunately, Saab is history. But in this and Saab stories you can just browse, can look at pictures and read. Such (re) alignment is only consistent.

    It relieves the blogger (get well soon!!) And is the only way to deal with a brand, which unfortunately will not give any new news.

    If I could wish for something, then that would be it. So a Saab page on which the brand is conserved. You can look at photos of the historic (and that's all of them) vehicles and read technical data, learn about the evolutions and revolutions, supplemented by new tips on events or for repairs, retrofits and conversions etc.

    The community will not get any good news from Trollhättan anymore. All the more she needs something that consistently revolves around existing Saabs and Saab history.

    It makes it a little sad when the clubs haven't seen this as an opportunity so far. A cooperation with THE central German Saab site seems to me to be a promising win-win strategy. True to the motto "SAABS UNITED", people should inform and help each other in all Saab matters across Germany and local clubs. And it should come together in one place.

    Well, at least that's my thoughts ...

    Thanks to the blogger for everything here.

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      I can join Herbert in all points.
      I would also like to add that I have met very nice people from near and far through the blog and its great events and with some also a friendly contact. All this must not fall asleep, even if we shrink over time to a hard core.
      It is good to look outside the box of his daily life

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    A real stab in the Saab heart, this picture of the Saab 9-3X Concept, which in its time already anticipated today's medium SUV trend (Alfa, Audi, BMW, Volvo ……….). What foresight!
    The temporary slackening of the blog is somehow human, it's easier to open and read the latest blog with quite joyous expectation than to sit down and write something even when you're full of ideas. Also, I am one, I promise improvement, actually not so difficult with now 6 Saabs, about which there would be a lot to report (Last project: 900 2,1-16 convertible saved from the butcher and put back into circulation).

    So Tom, please hold on, you prepare a larger number of interested good and exciting times.

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      I am pleased about a contribution from your side! 6 Saab are a lot of interesting narrative material!

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    Moin, Tom!
    Schupfen comes and goes ... :-), but sometimes makes "strange thoughts" ... which would be more than a shame. 🙁 🙁
    Not always daily, for that at all (!) Information about and about SAAB, that is indeed a possibility.
    Could make friends with me and of course support!
    Otherwise Trollhättan gets completely out of focus. Does not work!

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    Good if it only stays with a cold! Everything else would be a pity! Thanks for the blog!

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