Saab 9-3 Aero Cabriolet. Formula fun 324.000.

Our Saab 9000, the Anna project, has a problem. The air conditioning compressor seems to be leaking, it has to go to the workshop. As always, the yard at Saab Service Frankfurt is full of vehicles waiting to be repaired. Additional customer vehicles are parked on the street in front of the area.

Driving pleasure with 324.000 kilometers. Saab 9-3 Aero Cabriolet

Demand seems to have hit a new high. From the 9-5 NG to the 900, 9-3 and old 9-5 to the 9000 and 96, everything that Saab has ever produced has gathered here. I brought a portion of patience with me. No problem! I get a convertible for the trip home.

A 9-3 Aero Cabriolet from Gerard Ratzmann's private collection is waiting for me. The open Saab is a kind of rolling restoration for his personal pleasure - which, I suspect, should be finished someday. What I imagine as a challenge with the order situation. The front bumper in Viggen design is newly assembled and unpainted. The fog lights are still missing, but it doesn't matter. An aero stands for fun, and a Saab convertible anyway.

The mileage: 324.000 ... cars that have so much on the clock are hardly ever looked at in Germany. That much is certain. 200.000 is a lot, 300.000 stands for the end of life. A case for the diesel environmental bonus. All right?

I start and roll from Frankfurt-Fechenheim towards the Autobahn. The convertible twists happily, but that was the case when it was new. The antique Asin-Borg-Warner 4-speed automatic shifts as usual. The interior has signs of use. Clear. But none that would suggest 324.000 kilometers. The Viggen seats are tight, the leather without cracks, the dashboard too. A little leather care plus paint and everything would be almost like new. The automatic climate control display is losing its pixels, but who really cares?

This Saab is evil. A lot…

The Saab threads its way onto the highway. Behind me, an asthmatic SUV tries to simulate driving dynamics and to drive the convertible off the track. Activate sport button? What for? The gas pedal is gently caressed, the turbo presses boost pressure into the Södertälje engine. The open Saab dashes forward like a Viking ship in attack mode. The SUV dies somewhere in the rearview mirror. This Saab is evil. A lot.

205 hp? No way ! More. Much more. I don't know how many. But it will be 230 or 240 hp. Well run in or well optimized.

Flashback. When Trollhättan brought the B205R onto the market, it was the first 2.0 liter engine with more than 100 HP liter output ex works. The durability was a big topic in the trade press at the time. How long does something like this last? More than 324.000 kilometers in any case, and much longer than the super-optimized small engines in today's vehicles will do.

The maintenance condition of the Cabriolet is great, which I would not have expected otherwise. The heart beats hard, and is very healthy. I like this car. It is classic Saab style. The small, curved windscreen, the intimate narrowness, the low roof. If you like the old 900, you'll love the kind of 900 II and 9-3 I as well. The successor was another very different thing.

Formula fun 324.000

You drive, you have fun and you get a good mood. The turbocharger shovels air, the engine hung avidly on the gas. You forgot the mileage after a while. 324.000? Also only a number. The scars on the sheet? A true fighter sustains the injuries of his life and with pride. I start liking the old Swede. He has my sympathy.

So he gets an article on the blog and a photo shoot. Uncoated, unwashed, not beautified. The way he is. Cool and authentic. Thanks to Frankfurt!

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    Nice report about my favorite Saab. I have the privilege to own and drive the whole 9-3 I family. My favorite is the Aero Coupe with Maptun Stage 1 and Viggenbody. I find the 9-3 Coupe simply perfect, simple and beautiful. And still practical.

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    today it was again convertible weather ... ... albeit with the 2005 9-3 🙂

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    Such timeless classics are unfortunately not built today!
    And yes, he likes to use the Ys3d.
    Even the coupe!
    Still an old-fashioned car, whether convertible, coupe or limo. I love these 90s saabs.
    They are elegant, not pretentious, yet fast and extremely reliable when the maintenance interval is met.
    That's why I drive my year round.
    Because on an old Saab is always reliable!
    And after 200.000, the engines are then retracted. =)

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    I like these reports. Put on the rose glasses and then into the car. If it goes as described, the previous owner has invested a high 4 digit amount. If not, it will be the next owner. We have inverted 5 digit and the car then rewards with mint condition. But honestly. There is no stainless sabb unless it has been completely eliminated ubd a 2.0t engine with 300 tkm has been opened more than once. , who buys such a car has to put away a lot of money else he has in the future stress to keep the car alive. The 205 ps are nice but cost the insurance properly. I like saab ubd especially the fans with the pink glasses and the thick wallet. After all, one wants to sell his car at some point without loss

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      Sorry, but that's really not true. My 2.0t with 300tkm did not have an “opened” engine, unless the change of the ZKD is already counted as “opening the engine”. First engine, first gearbox, first chains and presumably the first turbo. Everything was inconspicuous and there were no major investments in sight. And even if, at 300tkm, one or the other can “come”. The 9-3I was not yet as qualitative a crutch as its successor.

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    "That's exactly how it works - have my open 9-3 I from the [last] last series with the Viggen Bodykit" (built 4 / 2003) last WE once again through the low mountain ranges moved .. wonderful emotional written, fits the Saab, also and especially on the incoming engine ..

    It's the mix of perceived emotional, spontaneous articles like this, and background stories like the Trollhättan 2012 manager meeting that makes up this blog. And it is not so important for me, whether working daily or 2 times a month (extreme example!) New entries appear, it is this quality that makes him worth reading!

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    That's exactly how it is - I got my open 9-3 I Aero from the last series with the Viggen Bodykit (EZ 3/2003) with 168Tkm again without defects through the TÜV! Runs great and still looks amazing!
    Today we enjoyed the beautiful weather again and brought us to our winter quarters ...
    I can fully understand your feelings ... Just a great car!

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    Hello Tom, I can understand and understand every minute of your passionately described emotions. It's no different for me, but for me the Saab 9-3 ll and especially the “deer ones” trigger exactly the same outbursts of emotion. Something can still come!

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    We also drive one from the year 2000. A 9-3 SE Limited Edition special model in black. He has just 130.000km on the clock. I think this car is so incredibly beautiful. I hope it stays with us for a very long time. It has what it takes to be a classic. For this he gets good treatment in the SAAB Service Hall. However, our model has “only” 150PS. I have been thinking for some time whether I should run the engine with Maptun or something similar. Let it do a little more steam. Can I do this to the engine? Does anyone have any experience?

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    Hi Tom,

    we also have a convertible - with the beautiful rear spoiler.

    What I don't quite understand, however, is the remark: The convertible is twisting happily, but that was already the case when it was new. Sure, there are slight Qunarzgeräusche on a bumpy road - but with 200 things the car is completely stiff and firm on the highway and the mileage is already well over 200.000.

    Is it maybe because of the tires?

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    Great! The old boxes have fun potential without end. You can feel it in the report!

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      I agree! Class report

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    Hi Tom,
    again such a beautiful, wonderfully emotional contribution….
    I've been driving a SAAB 9-3 Aero Cabrio again since July, and I'm simply thrilled with this car. It is always fun to start the engine and to jet across the country roads. The convertible top doesn't do it right now, but it doesn't matter - repair potential for the next year :)


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