Short message. Saab lives 1-2-3.

Our success is very successful Saab blog sticker Action. The stickers are spread between Norway and Italy, but logistics are not that easy. Because the branch of the German post office on the spot accepts neither foreign stamps nor European tokens. Sticker V 2.0
1. Saab lives - blog sticker at Saab Himberg

Poor Europe can be said when it just fails on the little things of everyday life. We have now found a solution for our readers from Austria. A big pack of stickers went to the post office Saab Himberg.

There you live daily and unconditionally Saab, and on my request you were immediately ready to act as an issuing office. Saab fans from Austria can stop by in Himberg, pick up a blog sticker and of course get a taste of Saab air. If you can combine it with a workshop visit, or looking for a new Saab, then of course the situation is even better. Thanks to the team in Himberg for the cooperation! Of course, if the stickers are out of print, we will deliver.

2. Saab lives - Saab Leasing in the Netherlands

At the beginning of the year I had a list of things that I wanted to work through. Among them was a visit to Saab Youngtimer Lease in Meppel. Unfortunately it did not happen, but hopefully 2018. Anyway, the concept of Dirk Koppen and Bas Smit is very exciting and has to be described in detail on the blog someday.

The Saab Youngtimer Lease team buys older Saabs, refurbishes them and equips them with modern accessories. In leasing, the vehicles are offered with different packages and at very interesting prices. If you want to travel in style with an understatement classic and don't feel like off-the-shelf clothing, you could be happy. Although Saab driving is generally known to make you happy ...

The leasing of vehicles that are at least 15 years old is tax-interesting in the Netherlands. The government is thus promoting, I am afraid, the concept of sustainability. Because there are fears that the benefits could disappear if there is too much demand. An article about Dirk Koppen and Bas Smit now has the Dagblad Noorden published.

3. Saab lives. Rising from the Ruins.

Our time is hectic, short lived, sometimes a bit hysterical. The G20 summit in Hamburg was felt a long time ago. A wild mob moved through the Hanseatic city, which actually stands for tolerance and cosmopolitanism. The senseless destructiveness randomly hit cars parked along the roadside, including Swedish cultural assets.

The fact that a Saab 900 - a brand that was historically popular with the left - was torched, speaks for the incredible stupidity of this action. The fact that this Saab becomes a memorial stands for the brand, the community and their environment.

Markus Kollwitz of Scandic Ferrum has accepted with Saab and Volvo fans of the 900. The work is progressing, the media interest is great. Sat 1 reported locally, RTL is also shooting, several magazines wrote about it or will do it.

The brand is alive, no question about it. Saab is a special, because it is also a dramatic story that is not often found in the automotive industry. A good reason to continue maintaining the brand and vehicles.

6 thoughts on "Short message. Saab lives 1-2-3."

  • Thanks for this post Tom and I have seen thanks to you today for the first time since 20 years again Sat1
    Small correction proposal:
    …..was torched speaks for the incredible stupidity of this action – I would replace action with “mobster”.

  • A wonderfully emotionally written report, with actually quite positive news. Driving a Saab is also a way of life, which makes our community so unique. I have also experienced this recently in the Eifel, as we drove a Saab driver while driving past the Saab jacket to the side window in greeting. Immediately the smile came to her face and we drove together for a few more kilometers. When our ways parted, we said goodbye to each other with flashers and hazard lights. Saab lives as you say and is also a pleasure. The youngtimer leasing I find a cool idea and I am also very interested. I am looking forward to your report Tom.

  • To 1: The “problem” with the post can be found everywhere (?) In Europe: German postage stamps stuck in DK and coated in DK creates “stress” for the recipient…, in Spain and Sweden as well. 🙂 The post office does not accept the card with the “wrong” brand. If you put it in the box, the recipient has the problem.
    2: fantastic! Probably only possible because there is no decisive car lobby ... 😉 Sustainability is so practically lived. In D, sustainable means z. At the moment it is more of a “scrapping premium” ... More information, please!
    3: I am still curious to see where I can see the memorial in HH ... Furthermore BRAVO for the private initiative! 🙂

    • Yes, that's how Europe fails. On such trifles. Luckily there are dedicated Saab partners in Austria like Himberg.

  • Already exciting that the brand can not be killed. The Youngtimer leasing concept of the Dutch would interest me. Please more info about it Tom! Thank you!

  • Thanks for the exciting news Tom.
    The Saab lease of the Dutch I find phenomenal.
    Somehow those in the northwest are smarter than us in many ways.

    And I hope that the media for the memorial of 900 also leave a little money there.
    Elsewhere, meaningless art objects are being sponsored by millions, since it would actually be the duty of the City of Hamburg to give financial help to the people who have started their own initiative.
    After all, it's not just about the Saab, but a sign against senseless destructiveness and vandalism that just did not stop in front of such an important cultural asset as an 900 Coupe.

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