NEVS and DiDi seal future cooperation

There are articles, the headline is already difficult. What happened yesterday in Trollhättan, and what impact will the events have on the old Saab factory? The attempt of a summary.

NEVS and DiDi agree on cooperation. Press picture: NEVS

Wednesday, the 25. October in Trollhättan. It seems to be developing significant. NEVS has requested the press conference. On-site are founders Kai Johan Jiang, Prime Minister Löfven, Mayor Akerlund, CEO Tilk and Liu Haijiang as delegate of DiDi Chuxing. High-caliber could not be occupied the round, at least not in Trollhättan.

Signed is the strategic partnership of both companies. DiDi will buy electric cars from NEVS, they want to develop together, and they want to invest a lot of money. Everyone is happy, everyone is confident, a great day for the location Trollhättan.

NEVS publishes a following Press release. That was it.

Facts? None.

We have had the privilege of learning from NEVS in the past. About the communication culture of Chinese companies, for example. Yesterday also does not disappoint in this regard. So let us summarize: in advance, we are talking about an investment of almost half a billion euros. The sum will not show up anywhere later, and it will not be mentioned in any message. It will also remain unclear in what form and extent DiDi will participate in NEVS. As a shareholder, as a majority shareholder, or with a newly formed joint venture?

Completely in the fog remains the importance for the location Trollhättan. The first exuberance speaks of additional jobs in the stablebacka. Until striking, that no numbers are called. And that in recent months in the former Saab plant, the number of jobs of some 1.000 employees has been reduced to estimated below 700.

Another interview with Kai Johan Jiang Sveriges Radio also brings little enlightening, and certainly no hard, verifiable facts. The content: DiDi Chuxing becomes co-owner, the future cooperation will be comprehensive. DiDi will buy electric cars from NEVS, which of course will be the best in the world. The investment is substantial and divided into several steps.

After all, the first funds have already arrived, so that the liquidity crisis should be defused, at least for the moment. Presumably these are the 25 million US dollars announced by Stefan Tilk in an earlier interview. Money to survive the next few months, nothing more.

And definitely, according to Kai Johan Jiang, NEVS will build cars in Trollhättan in the future. But first in China.

Chinese State Theater yesterday in Trollhättan?

Not quite. More a touch of great politics. China expert Frédéric Cho sees the day yesterday positive. As a signal that could be well received in Beijing. The mobility giant DiDi is fully on the political line of the party, Sweden and Saab have a good reputation in Asia. The liaison of the electric car start-up from Stallbacka and the Uber rival DiDi, which started yesterday, is a first, small step. In the medium term, it could be good for all players.

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  • And if at some point again SAAB at the announced high-quality vehicles, the story would be perfect - but NEVS is synonymous (retrospectively, there are indeed some successful manufacturers who have been renamed in the course of their history - for example, DKW in Audi).

    • ... and the big old German luxury brand Horch became Trabant!
      True, not quite because the DKW base was used and some intermediate steps were necessary (F8, F9, P70). But they were then glued together at the Horch factory in Zwickau.

      What I want to say? Only the name is not!

    • DKW was not renamed Audi. The Auto Union was a corporate conglomerate consisting of DKW, Wanderer, Audi and Horch. Audi was founded by A.Horch after internal disputes at HORCH. Audi in Latin means HORCH.

  • "With DiDi actively taking part in the design and development phase, we want to make sure the vehicles are ready for the needs of our customers," says Stefan Tilk.

    China supplies design and production, Sweden the legacy of a once proud brand.

    For me, they can also produce refrigerators, which then have as much to do with SAAB.

    • ... also an idea: SAAB refrigerators for the world!
      Chic timeless design,
      strong in cold performance, because in the interior perfectly adjustable,
      naturally extremely economical in power consumption,
      As Benefit: 1 month ABSOLUT Vodka or 1 MARABOU bar per week

  • The faces in the background ... - Enthusiasm looks different!?!

    • That can be so. The appointment seems to have been scheduled at a very short notice. Löfven was independent of NEVS in the college in Trollhättan. Since NEVS seems to have used the favor of the hour.

  • Does anyone have any confidence in NEVS? After more than 5 years of constant ups and downs? It seems that one always finds someone who invests in the fortune knights. I see no plan, no goal, and no substance. Nevertheless, thanks to Tom. The drama remains at least worth reading.

  • Thanks Tom, for this latest info.
    Somehow the heart stays in Trollcity, so this info about NEVS is also important. The SAAB drama is over, but NEVS does not (yet) ... please stay tuned.
    Obviously it is easier for Chinese business managers to find funds / prospects for e-mobility than for airports ...: Haan, Lübeck, Parchim

  • Abandoned place Trollhättan ......

  • So again, a shareholder for NEVS, they are actually building cars at some point or is the company just there to make any joint ventures.
    I would also like to know where all the electricity for the world's electric cars actually come from and all the raw materials (rare earth) for the batteries?

    I want to drive a new SAAB with gas propulsion !!!

  • Encore and espoir !! La voiture électrique c'est bien, mais ça ne fait pas encore beaucoup de Km. Le gaz et l'ethanol n'intéressent malheureusement plus personne, je désespère, pourtant une Saab ou NEVS Flex fuel hybrid intéresserait beaucoup d'européens et d ' américains.

  • Thanks for the report. Something reasonable NEVS has not done yet. The only thing that can do good, to beg others for support. 3 years and what happened? NOTHING !!!

  • Very characteristic of a Chinese company. Even if it can be very positive with little words such a thing brought to the public. NEVS already has some partners and they do not come even if the company is near death. So we keep our fingers crossed and wait .......

  • According to they are now going to produce EVs earlier at the Trollhättan factory.
    Very good news

  • not that I still get an iSAAB, ... .or iNEVS ??? Well wait, at least the yucca palm will get enough water in the corner

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