End of the season. Youngtimer and classic right over winter.

The season has gone, many classic cars and classics disappear in dry halls. An annual ritual that is gaining importance in Saab circles. Because many vehicles of the small cult brand have become lovers' objects over the last few years.

Saab 9000. Preparing for hibernation.

If you pay attention to a few tips, you will get your old Swedes well through the rest phase. Before parking in a garage or hall, it makes sense to carry out a thorough exterior cleaning. Soiling that remains on the paintwork for months leaves traces. A thorough wash is mandatory, even the cheapest car wash is better than parking the Saab unwashed.

A basic cleaning at the end of the season

The ritual should include a thorough care of the door and tailgate rubbers; Often neglected would be the right time for it. Clean and treat with one of the usual care products. The seals thank it. They stay supple and durable.

A must is the vacuum cleaner. Thoroughly suck, because who wants to deal with the dirt of the last year already at the start of the season 2018? During the winter months the car windows should be closed. Even the nicest garage does not protect against rodents and other critters who rate the Saab interior as at least as attractive as us. Anyone who has ever seen a leather outfit destroyed by mice will agree with me.

So that it remains dry even when windows are closed in the interior, you resort to a proven home remedy. A pack of salt from the supermarket, for a few cents, replaces the dehumidifier and keeps dry in a shell, the passenger compartment guaranteed.

Sunroof. Does the water drain?

For classic cars and classics that have to winter in the open air, the control of the water flow of the sunroof is mandatory. A quick test done with a watering can provides clarity. If the water runs as planned, everything is fine. If nothing comes, then there is an urgent need for action! A long wire or a compressed air device often helps and opens the channels. In principle, this should be done annually. Clogged processes can lead to moisture and mold in the car. I saw a few cases this year. And then you have a real problem.

In the best case you change to other tires during the winter months. Steel rims and worn rubbers are enough. This prevents damage to the ground. As an alternative, you can jack up his classic. Or, if both are not feasible, increase the air pressure and move the vehicle half a meter every few weeks, which is just as effective.

At the end the car pallet is missing. The protective covers or car pajamas are available in every size, price range and quality. From lined and high-quality for quite a few € 100 to cheap offers from China. What you invest depends on your taste and budget. Even a cheap cover is better than none at all, the paint is thankful for it.

We still have the battery. Optimal is the expansion or at least the disconnection. Chargers will take care of the condition in the coming months, almost all have a winter program. This simulates everyday use and keeps the battery fit.

Attention convertible driver!

While vehicles with a fixed roof are now fit for the rest phase, convertible drivers still have to take care of their car. Before the final parking, the convertible top compartment should remain half open. One day is enough for the moisture to evaporate. This applies in principle all convertibles, but especially 9-3 II driver. Rust damage due to moisture in the top compartment is not uncommon and can be avoided.

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    Thanks Tom for the hint with the top compartment. I would not have come to that. Tomorrow the convertible hibernates in the garage of friends.

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    There is also another option: seal the car well and just drive on. So you have fun in the winter with his Saab Young / Oldtimer.

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      Sure, of course. Can you do that? The Anna Project stays on the street all year round.

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    Hello Tom and thanks for the tips

    must namely also "store" two SAAB for the winter. I wouldn't have thought of the salt for the interior and the brief opening of the convertible top compartment.

    Now winter can come.

    • blank

      With pleasure! The top compartment is always happy to forget. Rust is no exception!

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    Very good advice. Did not sleep on the closed Fenstrer because you always hear that the better a bit geoefnet stay.
    But there's this idea with the salt so good.
    Thanks, Tom.

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