Briefly reported. Sweden - good bye and hello!

In the past few days, an exciting lesson on Saab has been learned - what cars can be worth when the brand no longer exists. And what can move the Saab community. Everything had started quite harmlessly. With an article on

Off to Sweden! 9-5 NG SC 2012 by Saab collector Zabel. Photo Credit:

Michèl Annink provides the latest content on the unique archive pages of the Saab 9-5 NG sportswear. His sales announcement of the extremely rare station wagon of Saab collector Josef Zabel got the ball rolling. The social media and the international motor press, especially the Swedes, turned it into an avalanche. The brand Saab was once again on everyone's lips. The Zabel wagon became the most expensive Saab used car of all time in a very short time.

A Saab 9-5 NG SC 2012 for Sweden

For more than 75.000 € he is now rolling to a new owner and back to Sweden. Some readers may still remember the prizes paid on KvD Actions 2012. The added value beats all sorts of speculation and stands for the cult factor of the brand. The last Saab series is in great demand, even the limousines are in high demand. As long as they do not have a diesel engine under the bonnet, prices rise or at least remain stable.

Germany thus has a unique Saab less, Sweden for one more. But the balance remained balanced this week. While the Zabel-Kombi is being shipped home via the Schwedenkai in Kiel, another Saab arrives there.

Exclusive Saab 9000 CD 7-Seater. Picture of 2012.
Saab 9000 CD 7-Seater for Germany

It is even more exclusive and comes from the Saab Bil Museum. In Trollhättan you have permanent space problems, and so the decision was made to hand over 4 vehicles. Including the 1 millionth Saab 99, one of the two Saab 9-3 ePower, and a Saab 9000 CD with a long wheelbase.

The 9000 CD was rebuilt in England specifically for the Saab Automobile Division and thus got 3 rows of seats. It comes from the year 1989, an 160 PS Turbo with automatic provides the drive. Saab used the 7 Seater for representation purposes on the management floor. A unique piece of contemporary history that is now finding its way to Germany.

From the museum collection to Kiel. Archive photo of 2012.

Markus Lafrentz, Managing Director of the same name Saab dealership in Kiel, has acquired the 9000 CD. There is a lot of work waiting for him, the need for restoration is high. Allegedly in the magazine of the Saab Bil Museum a second 9000 with a long wheelbase stand. He can not be found in the inventory lists, nor did I see him during my visits. So it will be interesting to see if one day two 9000 CD with 3 rows will meet in Trollhättan.

In 2018 the super rare 7-seater should be back on the road, possibly as a surprise and highlight at “Pilots wanted 2018” in Kiel. A cool piece of Saab history!

12 thoughts on "Briefly reported. Sweden - good bye and hello!"

  • What a dream vehicle. It's a shame that this vehicle was never allowed to come onto the market. Michel Annink's 9-5er SC was once in Kiel - of course I took a close look at this white stag.

  • Does one know where he went? I would love to have come to SAAB AB, or Combitech. Thus, SAAB AB would for the second time declare its automobile culture and would have a representation combination more in its fleet.

    • A private collector. Michèl is in contact with him. I could imagine that there could be a story to it.

  • Great car of the 9-5NG SC! Too bad it never came to mass production.

  • It's a shame that this vehicle is leaving the JZ collection ... the new owner still enjoys it! 🙂
    So this SAAB has reached its then called (horrendous) sales price after 3 years ...
    Fun and (!) Investment have obviously paid off!
    Generous is those who can also let go ...

  • Just a dream car, I also see it live. Unfortunately not won in the lottery, otherwise I would have brought me.

  • On the subject of rare SAABs on the way to Sweden: one of the rare Independence convertibles has also started the "journey home" to Sweden this spring.

  • The SC is a real dream car (also a "Drömbil")….
    (I don't even know if it was the one from the Opel dealer with the football sticker ... I always liked to look at it on the internet)
    But I would never have been brave enough to buy such an SC NG (because it is far too rare and more of a “pre-series”).
    It's a pity he's going north, but it's good that he's safe in the right hands.

    • Exactly, it was the one from the Opel dealer. I should have kept it a little longer

      • : )
        ... was probably a small increase in value ...

        • That's how it looks. A Saab is always a good investment.

          • Jo, I sign that!
            (and that's what my Saab workshop will probably think next week after the usual annual inspection)

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