Saab loyalty book action of Orio Germany

For some actions of Orio Germany, the supplier of original Saab spare parts, the blog crew is closely involved. We are invited to participate in the Saab Inside, which has been published so far every year at 2. In the spring and autumn campaigns we receive information in advance.

Saab loyalty book draft. Source: Orio

It almost never happens that I find information in the mailing list that has not yet been confirmed. A few days ago, the draft of a Saab allegiance came to my desktop. At my request, Orio said that this would be a long-standing suggestion from several Saab partners, but a timetable for release has yet to be established.

But it is clear Orio plans to launch a Saab book of allegiance. It is not confirmed whether the autumn campaign, which will start in a few days, will be affected, or whether Orio will choose a later date for it. I like the idea myself. And maybe it's long overdue. A loyalty book is a good tool for tying Saab drivers closer to their trusted workshop. After all, where is a Saab in better hands than a trained and knowledgeable staff that has been looking after the Swedish brand for years?

Saab loyalty book. Do we get an oil change for free?

The basic data available to us is simple: you receive a stamp for each workshop visit, provided that a certain minimum turnover has been made. The first field in the present draft was already pre-stamped - as motivation, as was to be read in the accompanying text. Whether that will be so in the final version is unclear.

The Saab Loyalty Book is tied to a vehicle and the issuing dealer. With the 5. Stamp you get an oil change, which will then be free. Class! As a background info, one should not forget that the last new cars left the factory more than 6 years ago. In automotive terms, this is more than a new generation of vehicles that is missing, and thus a fairly long period of time.

Saab still holds up surprisingly well. The brand loyalty is high, driving Saab is now something of lived sustainability. Since the value preservation of the vehicles should be the focus. Age and mileage become trivial if the condition is right. And that's exactly what the action would aim for with the Saab Loyalty Book. Bring the customers to the workshops, motivate them, create an incentive and strengthen the bond.

3 warranty on spare parts plus loyalty book would be a good combination

Orio is well positioned with the 3 Year Guarantee on original Saab replacement parts. A factor that is mentioned way too rarely. With the book of loyalty, please to the autumn action, there would still be an incentive to the authorized Saab partner to visit.

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  • I would not think badly about such a book of loyalty.
    And "customer ringing" can never hurt - for both sides.
    Unfortunately, other Orio campaigns have never come into question for me.

    Well, and eg my Saab-Wekstatt I'm already inevitably faithful (acquaintances of mine would almost say rather "forced")

  • I also think a Saab book of allegiance is a good idea. Insofar as the minimum turnover is in a healthy relationship to the offered oil change and the customer is satisfied with his workshop, he will certainly accept the offer. Ultimately, the service offered will determine the well-being and survival of our brand. This is true for me, because I'm not a screwdriver. I'm looking forward to more information! Will authorized dealers be updated and posted to the blog, if applicable?

    • Presumably there will be a list of participating partners, Mark and I are definitely on it!

  • The loyalty book is certainly a way Saab driver again or more often in the workshop to pilot. But why not simply lower the basic prices across the board and / or adjust the hourly wages. The accessories trade will distance themselves anyway from our aircraft, because it is less and less and the production is therefore no longer worthwhile.
    I understand that the Saab service partners have to be supported, so that for us as consumers a good quality or the corresponding know-how is available for a long time to come. But it has already been said: the healthy relationship must simply persist or be restored.
    The loyalty book is a nice touch. Maybe one or two Saabians will fall into a group fever. Nevertheless, I think that a general cost containment for spare parts would be more meaningful and sustainable. Our Saabinen are on average ten years old. I think many of us start calculating when expensive repairs are needed. Would not it be nice if our minds had decided that a new investment for "little one" would be more worthwhile than the brand exit? (especially as the way to a Saab center is almost never the next)
    Whatever happens - always good flight!

    • Most vehicles are now entering a critical age. 2008 sold Saab for the last time larger numbers and everything in the vehicle stock between 10 and 15 years old, is undergoing a difficult phase. Later, between 15 and 20 years, the survivors become youngtimers and thus lover objects. The chance of survival is increasing.

      But it is also true that Orio has massively reduced prices in recent years for many components. This is to ensure fair value maintenance and value retention. Saab driving should have become cheaper, and Orio takes the issue seriously.

      Unfortunately, it is also the case that the price reductions do not arrive everywhere at the customer. There are some partners who simply "forget" to adjust prices.

  • With or without loyalty book, driving Saab will certainly not be cheaper in the future! And with us in the CH, we at the Saab specialists at CHF 165 .- / Std. arrived! Yes, it takes a lot of enthusiasm, passion and money to keep the Saabs on the road. And a price increase in the cars is not really expected or right?
    Driving and having fun, nothing else matters!

  • Since 1983 I drive a Saab. The current one is an 9-5 SportCombi, which was first registered on 26.02.2010. He is regularly - like all his predecessors - at my Saab dealer in Berlin (by the way one of the oldest Saab dealers in Germany is or was) waited. And the car is running and running ....
    The Loyalty Booklet is a good idea, but for me it is clear even without this booklet, that I will be loyal to my Saab workshop with my Saab as long as the car (or I) can still drive.

  • I think it's a good idea, and it makes sense to reward your loyalty. Actually, such a book of loyalty is already with the service book with it, so I think the reward for the many stamps in such a book for a logical conclusion and the next step.

    However, I have to say that 5 repairs or service measures, which in themselves are not cheap (in Germany, the SAAB centers in the vicinity of both of my residences already call for hourly wages for 120 euros for mechanics) should be rewarded a little better than with an oil change. With five repairs you should quickly come to an amount around 2000 Euro, realistically considered, as a reward should be at least once a large treatment, paint care or the like in it, or a discount on the sixth repair. Not complete, but 10 - 20% should be in it.

  • Hallo,
    that loyalty book I feel as a great gesture.
    I think the prices for repairs and inspections are not overpriced. Have now paid for my Saab (9-3 convertible 1.8T, EZU 2009) at the Saab center for brakes rear (discs and pads original set) about 300 Euro. I have now driven 70.000 kilometers. Apart from the above repair, nothing has been noticed yet. That left a lot of money for other embellishments (deer ......). For other manufacturers I would have spent my money on repairs and not for tuning.
    During the inspections I use the autumn offers. Since the oil change is already included in the price.

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