My Saab Story - Endless Saab Love

For a couple of months now, I've been reading regularly, it seems to me, one of the few women on this blog. The latest summer stories were also written by Saab's enthusiastic and in part very automotive-savvy men. Time that here once a woman writes - unreasonable Saab crazy - technically a total failure.

Saab 9-5 sports car in the capital

My story begins in the middle of the 90iger years in Berlin. As a student, I met my first husband, lawyer and Saab driver! I fall in love with the man and the car: A black 900 convertible, a few years old, wooden steering wheel, burl wood, leather seats - just totally cool. We made the most beautiful tours across the Republic. Open in this special car, the headscarf stylishly wrapped, sunglasses - so went driving car. I learned that special people drive a Saab - especially all architects and lawyers in my environment. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that they all probably belonged to the variety for which style was about economy. Somehow we all had mishaps with our trolls all the time.

At some point there was the diagnosis engine damage and we gave up. The car was a re-import from the US and had such a special engine, of which probably only a few had been built, so that there would have been no parts or an exchange at an adequate price. With heavy heart, the convertible was in payment and we - now married - gave us a new car: Of course, again a Saab, a dark 93 dark blue and totally solid. In retrospect, the most uncomplicated car I've ever had.

We stayed true to our brand, the car did not do anything, and we were very relaxed that we only had to visit the workshop for 3 years for the inspections. The 93 was economically reasonable and a reliable companion, but our heart to hop brought only the black 95 station wagon, which we allowed ourselves in the summer 2001. The family had grown and needed space for strollers, travel cots and diaper packages. This car we have configured ourselves, once complete the list of accessories completely. Recently it was written here about the special features of the old 95, such as double sunshade covers, trunk switch and fuel filler flap - all in this car. For a few years we had a great time with the big one. Only very shortly after the warranty expired, the first major repairs came. I forgot what it was then, just remember that it was easy about € 3.000,00 we murmured and growling to the Saab contract workshop wore. At the same time, the man and I parted ways. I left the Saab to him with the agreement that I could "borrow" him regularly for travel.

I remember some nice trips to Sweden to the cottage of friends. There is nothing better than relaxing in the Saab with leisurely 100 but swiftly gliding over Swedish country roads. In the following years I used the car less and less and watched how his owner regularly invested a fortune in the car. There were constant breakdowns, which alternately caused panic attacks or merrymaking. So my son experiences on one of these trips on the review of the ski holiday the failure of the heating. All inmates froze on their way to Berlin in their ski suits and with numb fingers.

I drove several compromises myself for a few years - most recently I had an inherited old Volvo who was at least a Swedish car. Last spring, the end of the troll seemed sealed - a broken timing chain ended a trip to the Baltic Sea on the Müritz - and his owner gave up. At the same time my Volvo said goodbye and I offered to save our old Saab 95.

I summarize briefly: In the last 1,5 years about € 8.000 have flowed into the renovation. After a brief but intense experience with a small old-timer workshop, which probably had everything to do with everything except Saab, I landed in Berlin with the Saab brothers of my confidence and have only had "real" parts installed. Oh yes, and after a big break in Bavaria, I have wonderful saabige experiences with Taubenberger senior allowed to do. He showed real enthusiasm for my old troll, that was like balm on my soul, after many taler had flowed. Taubenberger also helped me not to be too desperate about the high costs, to acquire a comparable other car would be much more expensive. That's right, if at some point I had the certainty that everything was ready now.

Although there are an incredible number of new parts in it, unfortunately we have never come to the point where we would have done without a visit to the workshop for a few months. I think the longest period without a "check engine" was 8 weeks. Even if the mobile phone, the golden ADAC card and the concern always go with us, we were with the Saab 2 summer in Austria and have undertaken various longer trips.

Our Saab is now over 16 years old and I still love this car. I even go so far as to say that I do not like any other car - except for the matching 93 convertible - that's what my sister has. The leather seats are still very comfortable, the interior looks nostalgic, but totally noble. I get along without a built-in navigation system and listen to my old CD's. The other day someone wrote that Saab drivers are always looking around for their car as they leave - that's what I know! However, recently a friend of mine from our old Saab community said: Saab drive is the bad money to throw the good behind. And when do you stop? Or give up? These questions have been asked many times.

For a while I have a new job to which also a company car belongs. With a heavy heart, I have now ordered a new car. This is the comment of my 8-year-old daughter: "We will never again have such a nice car as our Saabi. We can not give it up, after all we've been through so much. "Yes, that's true, but since this afternoon" check engine "lights up again and the car always shuts off when idling. I'm afraid I have to give up.

I start now with the search for a customer: "to give Saab in loving hands only to a genuine fan".

Thanks to Natascha for her Saab Story! This is one of our exclusive Saab boarding files on the journey. Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday trip, a restoration or another event in life with the cult brand from Trollhättan?

Whatever it is, write us. We are looking forward to it!

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  • 10. November 2017 at 11: 38 AM

    Oh yes, another such poignant SAAB story (sigh). I know all this too well. Giving up is not an option for me, but the constellation is different too. Natasha, think again! An almost completely repaired 9-5 he can then shine occasionally, something is becoming increasingly rare! And make you happy! You then have it for special rides and if it just pinches you again and you have to drive SAAB!

    I was in Kiel yesterday, you already know who. The prices are rising. And it's always refreshing to see how SAAB just keeps living. Of course, I could have bought you all again

    Saabige greetings from Erik

  • 10. November 2017 at 11: 55 AM

    ORIO take over!

    The story is too good to end this way ....

    Do not give up, Natasha!

  • 10. November 2017 at 12: 05 PM

    I am also pleased to read a comment about the deficiencies. Since we drive a 9-3 convertible, year 2004, I'm convinced that these models have nothing at all to do with Saab - there is more GM in it, which has accordingly short life.
    For me, who is already 30 years Saab driver, so it is not surprising that Saab had no survival with these models!

    LG - burkhard.

  • 10. November 2017 at 12: 06 PM

    I gave up my 9-5 station wagon with almost 300000km - "check engine" has not even lit up during the entire runtime of 10 years and reparations have overall quite manageable in the lower 4 digit area played. So different can be at SAAB the "CVs".

  • 10. November 2017 at 12: 24 PM

    Do not give up, just keep going! yes, sometimes that hurts in the portemonaise, right. But then back in and enjoy the relaxed ride on the highway is priceless.
    I also have something like that through. I had to give up my 9-5 for half a year, because time and money for repairs and TüV were not available. Now it's finally done, I'm allowed to drive it again and I'm glad about it. Although after two days now also the CE has lit up, but now it does not itch anymore. Now I'm going through. Will be just a little something ...

    • 10. November 2017 at 12: 29 PM

      Is it often. For a friend's 9-5, it was a small break in the harness. Saab Service Frankfurt has set a bypass. Since then, calm has returned reliably.

  • 10. November 2017 at 12: 54 PM

    I am also one of the "unreasonable SAAB crazy" women and am a regular blog reader. It's true, a woman who loves cars encounters largely incomprehension and even if they are interested in the engines and want to know how they work even more. I have 2 SAAB's, a beautiful, 16 year 9 3 convertible for the summer and my beautiful black 9-5 NG as a winter car. I love both! The little one is currently getting a new cylinder head gasket in the SAAB garage in Kirchberg. Otherwise I had no significant repairs. I'll drive the two as long as possible, even if the 9-5er sometimes annoys, but just because it's so big, hardly fits in the garage and needs a lot of space everywhere. Dear Natascha keep your SAAB he is worth it!

  • 10. November 2017 at 12: 54 PM

    Saab or not, if I read the list of flaws, I ask myself: Why do you do this? Such a breakdown frequency is not normal for a Saab or any other make. Breaking out (if you want) and the rest very quickly when Schrotti around the corner in the press.

  • 10. November 2017 at 1: 24 PM

    Ha, got my SAAB 9-5 kombi 2002 last year from Mr. Johann Taubenberger with a new engine.
    Should not be a surreptitious advertising, because for me best SAAB workshop in the south.
    Have new Bilstein inserted and the car runs like a new car.
    Thanks to the Tech2 diagnostic device I am well informed about the electronics and can estimate what to do in the event of a fault. This is my 4ter SAAB, which will accompany me for a long time. Except for SAAB, there are no usable cars for me anymore.

    • 10. November 2017 at 3: 02 PM

      Is not surreptitious advertising! We from the blog are happy about positive feedback! For years, the Taubenberger family has been one of the supporters of the blog project, of which there are far too few. Without this commitment the Saab blog would not be realized.

      • 10. November 2017 at 7: 00 PM

        Then a big THANK YOU to the Taubenberger family !!!

        • 13. November 2017 at 12: 07 PM

          We like to support the blog. We read the story with a laughing and a crying eye.
          Once again, it's clear to us: as long as there's Saabs on the road, we'll take care of it. If you can not count, you have to do it with passion! Saab drivers, like the author of this tragic-comic story, are just worth it!

  • 10. November 2017 at 3: 38 PM

    Addendum: My Saab specialists in Berlin have repaired the damage within 5 minutes free of charge: A clip on the throttle chamber valve (it means so?) Had solved. Then, as always, I went for a damage repair: reinsetzen, feel good, drive off, feel good ... Thanks a lot for the encouraging words. I just do not like to think about the already announced repairs: Exhaust silencer, parts of the underbody sheets, brake lines .... My technical understanding is unfortunately so low that I can judge the overall condition so badly. The car has a big engine in it and used to drive over 200 - probably today too. Unfortunately, I have not checked this longer - do not dare. So, if someone among you who lives in Berlin and would give me his automotive, especially saabschen expertise available to make me with a little trip, look at all the bills and gives me an assessment, I would be very happy ,

    • 10. November 2017 at 4: 43 PM

      The older a SAAB gets, the more you have to know it. You should also be able to do smaller things yourself. There is plenty of literature on the 9-5. Read in or let an acquaintance explain what works.
      I would like to help you, but I live a bit far away from Berlin.

    • 12. November 2017 at 10: 42 PM

      Yes, Natascha - the black 9-5 (the nicest combination I can imagine for this model) will always put you to the test.
      When I'm back in Berlin, I would like to come and talk to you well. That will be fine.
      Give me a chance to contact you and I'll contact you on occasion.

      • 15. November 2017 at 9: 00 PM

        Thank you, very much. Tom has my contact information, I asked him to give it to you on request.

        • 27. November 2017 at 5: 03 AM

          @ Tom:
          Can you send me the contact details for Natascha to my e-mail address? Then I'll visit her on occasion.
          Thank you!

  • 10. November 2017 at 3: 46 PM

    Hello Natascha,
    Exhaust silencer is normal wear part, underbody sheets / brake lines can every workshop.
    With my 15 years old used 9-5er had the rear wheel arches completely for 500, - perfect weld.
    Other cars are recycled as scrap, SAAB can be judged and drive forever.

  • 10. November 2017 at 3: 54 PM

    By the way, the "Check Engine" lamp I had suddenly suddenly during a highway ride.
    After that, she was gone again, reappeared, without power loss of the engine. For example, problems could destroy the catalyst. Just changed the black ignition cartridge and solved the problem.

  • 10. November 2017 at 5: 54 PM

    Hello Natasha, very nice report. A beautiful Saab 95, I once had, in black, Aero. I loved him, bought from the Saab Brothers in Berlin when he was 1 year old from a GF from Saab Germany. A black station wagon, like yours. I loved him, but then had at about 150000 km a gearbox damage. He went to Poland. Mann had recommended that I prefer to order a new one. I did that too. Was then a black 93 station wagon. Today I would have decided differently and waited for the transmission. For example, have my new 93 convertible year 99 new engine, new gearbox and turbocharger installed. Had to perform with my girlfriend long persuasion. Saab is passion. Only Saab drivers understand that. You have to decide. I'd love to take the 95 for you, but there are already 2 museum pieces in the garage. I would probably get a lot of stress. So you have to drive him probably. Greetings from the outskirts of Berlin Carsten

  • 11. November 2017 at 10: 41 AM

    Very nice car! My wife and I also have 3 9³er and drive as long as possible.

  • 11. November 2017 at 11: 34 AM

    you hear the hope that other cars will work fine, but you pay 4-digit amounts for maintenance and warranty to the authorized workshop, paid for oil and filters and spark plugs the necessary workshop visit and may look forward then, if after 2-3 years the manufacturer involved in the repair costs for alternator or water pump, oh yes they were too late for precaution, then, of course, our warranty does not fully apply. Saab like all other cars are made of parts that are mostly in other cars, and these parts are subject to wear and tear, some annoyingly different normal. Check engine is most of a problem with the ignition cartridge, which is attached with a plug and 4 screws, the change takes max. 5 minutes and the problem is solved, the prices fluctuate between 100 and 300 Euro and probably occur in the long life of a Saab. The gasoline pumps do not last as long as the Saab, annoying work but also manageable cost, a similar model is as good as in all other cars of the market with similar problems. Petrol lumens do not like it when the tank is almost empty, oh yes, there are still the pixel errors in the additional displays SID and climate.
    Can be explained as with Audi BMW and other models as an aging phenomenon and can be made on their own for little money and little time or in exchange (1h to 10Minutes), brakes, suspension, shock absorbers, windscreen wipers, oil and wash water are subordinated to natural consumption. Apart from that, take care of it or contact a nice village workshop with a passion for cars and continue driving smoothly. Alternatively, we buy your Saab for little money and you buy such an Audi BMW Passat make your new dealer happy and pay high inspection costs and then you can always guess in the parking lot, which of the 20 to 30 cars in the same color is theirs , PS Whatever brand you choose, even the others cook only with water and PS 2, you do not have to be an architect or lawyer to drive Saab, that's a prejudice, as well as that such professions have no idea about cars and drive them until everything is rocked in the ground. Many do not know that the physics for all cars is the same and after the end of the traction the departure comes.
    If you like these cars, they will listen to their daughter and stay with the brand and take care of their car a bit, so they do not notice on the trip that certain things have to be checked from time to time.
    I've been driving cars for 37 years and landed in Audi, BMW, VW, Volvo near Saab and I think why this detour.
    Except for the 240er Volvo I have not experienced anything more reliable and can quite well with the cars of my colleagues (German Premium compare) ... I wear the words of my prescriptions to continue ... enjoy driving, caring and looking forward. Christian

  • 11. November 2017 at 3: 48 PM

    Hello Natascha
    My wife and I drive two 9 5 og (old generation, as we do). We do not want other cars.
    On my 9 5 Jg. 2004, 152'000 km, the check engine light illuminates 2016 several times in summer. The problem was always the waste gate valve. It was repaired for little money. Throughout the 2017, the ce light never shone.
    I would also listen to your little daughter. The important things in life can only be seen with the heart. Kurt, in the middle of Switzerland

  • 11. November 2017 at 9: 10 PM

    Hello Natascha

    As an everyday car, I drive a 95 station wagon myself, which I also granted some renovations two years ago. Two negative experiences with even relatively expensive audis have shown that Summa Summarum, a SAAB, is the better investment for a long time. Everything you need, yes you have. And I have never really had anything more reliable than a SAAB. And I enjoy parking with an "old car" on occasions next to the luxury cars. Because I am at least as comfortable and even safer.

    My second oldest SAAB is from 1990. Except a drive shaft was still not broken. Now after so 270 'km, the gearbox has to go out because of the reverse gear, but I was too careless myself. The first major investment, except the normal wear parts. Yes, a new soft top was needed before 10 years.

    Stop your daughter ... and keep your SAAB.

    Greetings from Switzerland.


  • 11. November 2017 at 10: 18 PM

    It is understandable, everyone (including me) has already considered whether he wants to sell his Saab yet. But again and again you notice that a Saab has something that no manufacturer in the world has: flair!
    Stand up from the crowd, sit on the (outrageously) comfortable seats, launch the engine and cruise around the world and do not even think about stopping. A Saab is powerful, safe, comfortable, versatile, reliable (rather few things than overpriced and self-indulgent lifestyle cars), well equipped and unique. In my eyes, I see no reason to switch.

    Keep it !!!

    Mfg, Besmir

  • 12. November 2017 at 2: 43 PM

    Hello Natasha, who are these Saab brothers in Berlin?
    Best regards, Uwe

    • 12. November 2017 at 3: 50 PM

      I anticipate the answer: Bredlow. Germany's oldest Saab dealer.

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