Short message. Study, advertising and the best Saab workshop.

How does a blog work? Especially by the readers. The short messages come, almost without exception, from our readers. They collect messages around the brand, are eye and ear for Mark and me. And hardly anything escapes them. The entry into a new Saab week starts with short news around the brand.

Turbo. Saab 900 II in the Esso commercial. Photo: Esso

No rest in the stablebacka

Even the agreement reached for the long-term cooperation with Uber rival Didi does not allow any rest to enter Stallbacka. The crisis-ridden startup in the former Saab factory has suffered further losses. A long-time employee in trust has switched to Volvo in the last few days. And Martin de la Vega, Senior Manager for Battery Development, has now turned his back on another startup. He is now CEO of Abtery AB.

Can and does NEVS want to close the gaps? 5 jobs are currently reported as open. After a restart and a catch-up, it does not look like it.

Saab in advertising

Actually, the brand Saab mausetot be. Actually ! For other brands that went from us, it was like that. Does anyone remember Rover? Hardly, except some upright fans who seem to lead a rather lonely life. Saab, on the other hand, lives, and you can see the vehicles again and again in advertising. The last commercial comes from Esso. Saab, turbo, these are the keywords. What else !

Top workshop at Alles Auto. With: Blog supporter Saab Himberg. Source: All car.
Customer-friendly Saab workshop in Austria

The readers of All car in Austria were asked to choose the most customer-friendly workshop. In the issue 7 / 8 2017 the top workshops in our neighboring country were listed, which according to readers have the highest customer orientation. With listed in the recommendation is Saab Himberg, Which hardly bothers me personally, because in Himberg one lives Saab unconditionally. That's what customers feel, and it pays off. Congratulations to Austria to the team around Mario Milincic!

Saab study at the Autobild. Photo: Autobild
Saab study as a ray of hope.

It is strange. As long as Saab produced cars, the German auto press barely had a good hair on the brand. I could not understand that because small manufacturers like Saab were the salt in the soup of motor journalists. After individualists like Saab and Co. no longer exist, and the press has to content itself with testing Skoda against Seat against VW, the affection for the past is great.

Apparently one thinks with melancholy back to what was, and to what could have been. The view of a possible Saab study was there weeks ago at the Autobild, In the current SUV monoculture, which is nearing its peak, a new Saab would have been a bright spot.

9 thoughts too "Short message. Study, advertising and the best Saab workshop."

  • We stay faithful as long as our Saabs. And we are seen; more and more people are enthusiastic about our cars :). This weekend in Huy (Belgium) there were more than 100 Saabs present at the fourth Saab meeting and there were Saabs from Germany, France, UK, Holland, Luxembourg and of course Belgium.
    It was very successful despite the bad weather.

  • Advertising in a nutshell! Great!
    Congratulation to Austria for Fa. Himberg! This list is also an incentive for the future!
    Of course, SAAB SUV looks gorgeous again ..., but an SUV would never (!) In the carport landed.
    The information from Trollhättan I take note of thanking. It remains an exciting story ...

  • Saab Himberg has prevented the listing, they are really great. Customer satisfaction is a top priority in Himberg.

  • * should be earned, of course, you should always read first, before you submit.

  • The great advertising of the Zurich insurance with a Saab convertible was unfortunately replaced by a car of the world called VW ......

  • Even if I'm stoned here right away:
    This flickering "SAAB lives" and similar perseverance slogans I can not hear anymore!
    Sure you can still see a SAAB on the streets every now and then, even more than, for example, Rover.
    But the end of Rover is also much longer ago!
    That SAABs in the streetscape will be less frighteningly fast, much faster than I would have believed!
    900er and 9000er have completely disappeared, all others extremely rare.
    The picture on the junkyards and at the export dealers reflects this as well!
    Surely there will be some fans who are trying to save what can be saved.
    Also, I will certainly receive one or the other SAAB.
    But in my everyday life the brand change is already planned - and that will be the general development!
    I also think that the number of workshops around SAAB will continue to decline - the time will come when SAAB's many companies will not be able to live anymore.

    Do not think so for black painting, but it is not. That is reality!

    I'll ALWAYS be a SAAB fan, I'll keep at least one SAAB and my model car collection. But SORRY, that's it too ... ..

    • Oh Thorsten,

      Saab lives, of course. By the fans, the activities by the brand and maybe also by the blog. As long as we take care of the brand, it will not be dead for so long. And there it is, I experience it here every day, a great deal of heart and soul in it.
      What should I write otherwise? Everything over, I pull the plug and the last turns off the light? It really can not be that.
      In this sense ... head up!

    • That so many SAABs disappear from the streets, ...

      ... is perhaps partly because fewer and fewer people have more and more SAABs? ? ?

      After all, the enthusiasts can not all drive their SAABs at the same time. So more and more are in the garage, on farms and under carports, where they are deprived of the streetscape.

      • I really laughed heartily, Herbert Hürsch! Many Thanks.

        This is probably the most beautiful explanation for the rarity of our Saabs, and everyone I told this to, whether with or without Saab, chuckled ..!

        I drove home from Schwedenkai last summer, 600 km highway and not a single Saab ... that's how it goes, but:

        Yesterday I was in the vicinity in two hardware stores: Saab 9000 CSE and 901 four-door drove me on the way, a 931 convertible was in a parking lot, a 902 four-door on the roadside, all maintained ... in addition to my 902 CC.
        Now considering how many Saab are already in hibernation (including me) ....

        In the last few days came contribution statements of HUK, and thus closes the circle:
        The 902 CC's liability type class is falling all the way through 2 stages, 19 years after the end of production: the Saab are more and more in the hands of carefully driven enthusiasts ...

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